It was pitch black outside, the streets empty and everybody in bed. It had been, anyways, 3am. Some street lights were still on, but barely lit the road up.. which was good for the figure that kept looking around him for the coast to be clear. He walked by small boutiques and then restaurants, until he got to his destination, a car sales shop.

The figure wore a black ski mask, and grey hoody and he looked around as he had one hand in his sweater and when he pulled it out, he held a crow bar.

What you thought was just one robber, turned out to be three more when this figure smashed the crow bar into the car sales glass door, and it smashed to pieces. The other theives came out of an alley, and joined the figure as the he ran into the shop, and the alarm sounded loudly.

"GO! GO!" yelled one of the criminals.

The one with the grey hoody ran to what looked like a small cabinet, that was locked up and he smacked his crowbar into that, and opened it up, revealing a bunch of keys, for the cars parked around the shop.

"Give me the bentley!" one figure behind him said, putting his hands out as the grey hooded figure looked for the bentley keys and threw the keys to him. This other figure, had bright grey eyes.

Two of the robbers skipped the keys, when they heard the cop sirens come, and smashed the windows of the cars they wanted, and hot wired it. The grey hooded robber smirked as he found he car he wanted.. the newest dodge car of 2014.

"Lets go man!" shouted the robber with the bright grey eyes, already in his car and the other theives that hot wired the car, suddenly slammed on their gas pedals and drove the cars right out of the building, breaking the big wide window that showed the cars off from outside and the cars shrieked when they landed on the road from the store and then turned quickly, speeding off before the cops got them.

The grey hooded theif ran to his dodge and the other robber nodded, starting his vehicle up and did the same thing of the other former cars and the grey hooded theifs Dodge, followed the Bently.

The cop sirens were getting louder, but their cars out raced them, and the next day, it's all the tv reporters could talk about, The Car shop that had not one, nor two, but infact FOUR cars stolen from them.

Manny groaned, aiming her remote at the tv to shut it off and turned on her bed to face Emma, "God the news won't shut up about that robbery, I mean it's been two weeks! Catch the guys already or move on."

Emma giggled madly, painting her toe nails on her bed as she glanced at her best friend who also lived with her. Long story short, Manny's father was basically an abusive asshole.. Manny's been living with them for a year now.

"I don't think the owner of Carols Car shop would agree with you." Emma teased, "Snake said those cars were worth major money."

Snake was Emmas step dad, who they loved dearly! But sadly, Emma's family had their flaws too.. recently, her mom had left... and Emma wasn't so sure if she was coming back. It's been 4 months..

"Sucks to be him." Manny admitted, raising her eyebrows impressed that the robbers got away with it then switched the subject, getting bored, "SO!" She beamed, "I heard Peter asked you to prom."

The two were seniors, and Peter was like, totally, the coolest-guy-in school. Yet Emma was so bored with him and the old cliches around them, she couldn't wait to graduate in a month.

"You're going with him right?" Manny questions, tilting her head and eyeing Emma's slightly undecided look, "You are dating the guy."

"For a year, I know." Emma said playfully, "i don't need a reminder."

"You never told me." smirked Manny, hugging her pillows now, "is he, you know? Good in bed?"

Emma sighed heavily, ofcourse this is what Manny wanted to talk about, "he's..fiine." she rolled her eyes slowly.

"Just, fine?" repeated Manny, sitting up, "Uh oh, that's not good."

"Girls! School!" called Snake from upstairs and they got up.

"Can we talk about this later?" Emma asked, flushing and grabbed her school bag. She wore jean shorts for the sunny weather outside, and then a yellow tank top. Her long blonde hair bounced as she skipped up the stairs with Manny, who was a bit more wild of a girl, wearing tight black leggings and a tight dark green jersey like t-shirt, that stopped just above her belly botton, showing off her piercing.

"Manny." Snake said sternly, opening the car door for the girls outside, "Are you sure that's allowed with schools dress code?"

The girls bursted into giggles, climbing into the car.

When they got to Degrassi high, Manny was just a locker away from Emma's and opened hers, leaning on it, "So it's later. Now talk to me, is Peter bad in bed or what?"

Emma scowled her, looking at people passing by between them that thankfully didn't hear and she then gave up, "He's just so boring." she admitted sadly, reaching in her locker for her books.

"Ok I knew that." joked Manny, "But do you mean he's also boring in bed?" she wrinkled her nose, "Cause that sucks, especially when he was your first. You can't even compare him to anyone else and you still even know he's lousy."

They heard a snicker to the left of Emma, who whipped her head around a bit mortified. Sean Cameron stood there, but eyes set forward, scanning his locker, shuffling around. Emma barely talked to him, no one did if not part of his 'crew', he was the schools ... how cliche would it be to say bad boy? He was more than that though, Emma could tell.

Sean glanced back over to catch Emma's eye, and she decided to pretend he didn't hear any part of that conversation, "So is Sean Cameron actually gracing us with his presence today?"

Manny half grinned, impressed, Emma had never talked to Sean directly really, but it's a give in that like every girl in school wanted to...yet Emma did it with such ease and he was actually smirking right back at her.

He shrugged his shoulder, and while we're bringing up a part of his body, you should see the rest! Sean Cameron was a babe, with strong arms, the biceps and the buff body.. Hair was a light brown color and was pushed back and wavy, medium length, and sometimes he use to wear the cutest beanie hats but now, he didn't anymore and he looked much older. He was a year older than them, but had failed a few courses so was stuck with them! He barely came to school but when he did, he was noticed.

Emma noticed his friend, Jay Hogart, come up and stand in between them and probably didn't notice Sean talking to her. Well, guess she couldn't say that, all he did was snicker and then shrug a shoulder. She tossed a look back to Manny who raised an eyebrow.

"Cam, Tony wants us to be at his garage in 5, or else." Emma heard Jay say. Jay was a different type of badboy, the not so silent type, the smart ass, the player. Everybody had an encounter with him atleast once, he loved to stir trouble, but Sean? He kept to his own.

Jay must of felt the wierd vibe and looked over his shoulder, noticing Emma was turned toward them and Sean had been glancing away from Jay at her the whole time he was talking.

"Oh, were we in conversation?" Jay taunted playfully, turning and leaning on the locker, eyeing the two hottest girls in school.. in his opinion. Though, he'd take Manny over Emma, she was more his style, his humor, but she'd never give him the time of day.. he tried before.

Emma gave Jay an annoyed look, grabbing another book, and Sean spoke up, huskily teasing Emma as he replied to Jay, "we were talking about Peter Stone being a lousy lay."

Jay lifted his eyebrows, pretty amused but not shocked by that. Emma's mouth fell and Manny laughed beside her, shutting her locker and coming closer. Emma stiffed a laugh and tried to glare her bestest at Sean Cameron, "you...were not in that conversation." she blushed, totally embarrassed and didn't know what else to say since she couldn't deny it.

That is what they said.

Sean's smirk turned into a crooked grin, his eyes twinkling a little in delight that he had made Emma Nelson blush. He never really knew if she saw that he exsisted.. they were from separate worlds.

"Sean." came another voice, and a red head came over.

Ellie Nash. These two seemed to be on and off and as Emma noticed her hand go on his arm, over his grey hoody sweater, Emma guessed they were back on and her shoulders fell a bit.

Sean ripped his eyes off of Emma and looked down to Ellie and muttered, "What do you want?" his eyes could barely look at her as he slammed his locker shut.

Manny and Emma shared a look, and they tried to look busy as Emma ruffled through her locker and Manny pulled out her cellphone as the school bell rang.

"I know Craig told you about us" Ellie said in a whisper, glaring at the passing students and stepped closer to him, giving him a desperate look to forgive her or something, "I was drunk and once again you left me with one of your crook friends, to go run some errand. He gave me more attention in one night then you have in months! I forgave you once for sleeping with Amy behind my back before-"

"We weren't dating or serious back then Ellie." he sneered back, stepping closer to her and he looked pretty angry, and showed how much he didn't want to talk about this here but would if she really wanted to, "You're the one who kept begging to make it 'official'." he sneered the word.

He knew he should of never agreed to it, she just kept smothering him about it

Jay chuckled, leaning on Sean's locker who looked over and shot him a glare and so did Ellie. Jay rolled his bright grey eyes.

Ellie scoffed and looked at Sean, "Yea I did. I didn't want to be just another girl you were screwing around with, a slut."

"Could of fooled me since that's exactly what you are. An attention seeking slut" Sean shot back and went to turn, to whirl back around to her, "Go get your shit out of my apartment." with that, him and Jay stalked off, leaving the redhead standing there with shock and hurt crossing over her face.

Emma and Manny tried to quiet, shutting Emma's locker as silently as they could and looked up to notice Ellie glaring at them. Ok, seemed they weren't quiet enough. The girl stormed off and Manny turned to Emma, and began to walk to class.

"Wow, somebody cheating on a guy like that?" Manny shook her head, not understand, "Now Sean Cameron looks like a guy who could hold up his side in the bed"

Emma laughed, "Manny, do you think about anything else?" they sat down in their seats in class, next to another and Manny pretended to think about it.

"No." she said and giggled and then smacked Emma's shoulder, "You've never thought about it? Or atleast noticed Sean Cameron is a heart throbber."

Emma went a little pink, sure she did. You were blinde if you didn't notice that. She decided to change the subject, "Jay Hogart was staring at you again."

Manny rolled her eyes but smiled with a tad bit of a blush she thought she could hide, "He's such a scumbag."

Emma gave her a look and laughed. Emma insisted deep down, Manny did want Jay as badly as he wanted her and Manny fooled around a lot with other guys, yet not Jay, even though she liked him and in a weird twisted way, thats Manny sayng she REALLY liked him. . she just didn't want to get hurt.

"hey baby." greeted Peter, sitting on the other side of Emma and pecked her cheek and the girls snuck a glance at another

The teacher finally stood up, "Alright class, open your books to page 87."

Also, if you hadn't noticed earlier.. Sean had been wearing the same grey type of hoody that robber was wearing. And the bright grey eyes of the other robber that night, really matched the pair of eyes on Jay Hogart.

Are you putting the pieces together?

After school Manny and Emma met up again, and decided to go over to the city's little cafe nearby where it was either always crowded or no one around at all. This time is was crowded, all with seniors from school. The cafe had coffee tables to sit at, and played loud rock and roll music, and on the second floor, you could play pool. It was a cool hangout, called the BRICK.

"I'm starving." Manny told Emma, getting into line.

Emma looked around to then notice somebody who always caught her eye, just like this morning. It was shame he actually came to school, but had to end up skipping again..


He was on the second floor, playing pool with a few guys who seemed to have a dangerous vibe coming off of them, but..they did seem like they were all just having fun. Jay was up there too.

"Oh la laaa" Manny sang into Emma's ear, catching her staring. She felt some tension between these two..could be the classic bad boy/good girl, but there seemed to be another twist about it.

"Who's he with?" Emma asks looking at the older guys Sean and Jay were with. They were all buffer looking, covered in tattoos, one covered in piercings and most of them were chain smoking cigarettes. Emma noticed Sean really focusing on the game of pool while the others spoke to another like they were in a serious conversation and he was in his own world. She softened, tilting her head and smiled a little when he shot the ball he wanted in, into the net.

"You fixen!" Manny knew it, slapping Emma's arm who went pitch red, being caught. Manny laughed again and turned, getting their order at the counter. Before Emma could turn around as well, Sean had leaned off the table from shooting the ball in, and twisted the pool stick in his hand, glancing around and then caught her eye and stood up straighter, staring back curiously at her


Emma got lost in his eyes even though he was at least 12 feet away. But you just had to see them. They were amazing. Emma turns and smiled to Manny "what?" Manny laughs not knowing why she was so happy all of a sudden. Emma just shakes her head smiling and follows her out. Sean had turned back to his friends, but he couldn't help but glance back one more time and watch Emma Nelson go, until out of site