"Sean." called his boss and Jay's Uncle, Johnny. He peaked out of his office to the garage where Sean was working on a car and put his tools down, walking over.

Jay gave a curious look but let it go, getting back to work.

"Whats up?" Sean asked, coming and thought it was also weird when Johnny closed the door behind him

"Just got off a phone call." Johnny said with sigh, sitting in his chair and Sean across.


"Well, the good news?" Johnny said and Sean nodded, leaning back, "Tony McKay was convicted for fraud, breaking and enterting, murder and much more."

Sean snickered, not knowing this was what they were going to talk about, "Well thats great, that means he's in their for life."

Johnny nodded, but he still didn't look happy.

"Johnny.." drifted Sean, getting a bit worried and angry.

Johnny finally explained, "Tony has a son, and he got up just a week after Tony got put in."

Sean took a deep inhale and slowly exhaled, thinking this through, "So, this is where you tell meTony's son was probably away in jail for murder?"

"Second degree." shrugged Johnny, "But still a pretty scary guy... he hasn't been caught for his other crimes." he got up, walking to a fax machine and picked up the photo, "his name is Rex."

Sean gazed at it, hard, if he had to watch out for this guy. He seemed like an addict of some sort, the way his eyes looked, like he was paranoid. He had a snake tattoo on his neck and one arm was fully tattood... he was slightly muscular but no more than Sean. Lastly, his hair was slightly brown and wavy, short, and he had a nose peircing, a ring.

"He won't be too hard to see in a crowd." Johnny said, looking at the plus side.

"You think he's going to try and avenge daddy?" Sean bittered and Johnny grabbed a cigar, and passed one to Sean who denied it.

Johnny lit it and shrugged, "Maybe." he admitted, "You're not going to like this.." he grabbed something from the back of his pants.

A gun

"But you need it, and you know it."

Sean stared at it and he shut his eyes slowly. Emma was going to kill him...but if he didn't take it, Rex could seriously kill him.

He nodded at Johnny and stood up, putting the gun into the back of his pants and covered it with his jacket.

Well... heres goodbye to that sweet innocent life he was trying to have. Guess he just didn't fit the profile as a 'good boy'. Emma would have to understand.

Sean decided to tell Jay, I mean, who else could he go talk to about this?

Jay bursted into his Uncles office, "Unfair!" he snapped, shutting the door, "How come I don't get a gun?!"

Johnny gave a small joking pout and opened his desks drawer, reaching in for something and pulled out another for Jay, "I'd never leave you out, pumpkin." teased Johnny.

Jay smirked and chuckled, picking it up and looked it over.

Sean decided he needed to be alone that day.. I mean, being told you might be murdered really gets to you, specailly when you had a girl like Emma in your life.

Manny shrieked, being thrown into the pool by Jay as Emma tanned on a towel and kept checking her phone the next day.

Where the hell had Sean been? Wasn't even replying to her texts.

"Jay." Emma said, before he jumped in and he stopped laughing at Manny and turned to Emma, "Where's Sean?" she asks and he coughs scratching the back of his neck. Emma gave him a look "Jay" she warns and he huffs.

"He's busy today. He's got his own life too.. deal with it, baby." taunted Jay

Nobody, but Sean, called her baby.

"Baby?" she mocked with a fake smile "Deal with this" she pushed him into the pool and Manny laughs, Emma joined in. Jay swam up and laughed, splashing her and she rolled her eyes.

"Nice one" he said and swam by Manny.

"Hey guys." Jane smiled, coming into the yard and they smiled or waved. She passed Emma a thankful look, "Thanks for doing this, since Spin and me broke up, it's been hectic."

Emma noticed another guy come in. Pretty cute, for Jane's type I mean. The tattooes and nose piercing... Snake on his throat. If you couldn't piece this together, I'll help you. This is Rex McKay... and he knew who Emma was, only she didn't know who he was...or that she was in danger.

"You seem to be doing okay." teased Emma, as the guy stopped by Jane and put an arm around her.

Jane plastered a smile on, "Yeah well, what can I say. This is .. Matt." she gave him a fake name.

Jay, who unfortunately was never shown the picture of Rex, just waved and moved on.

"Hey Emma" Rex smiled, offering his hand and eyed her quite closely. This, was the girlfriend, he was sure of it. He'd been following Sean around for weeks.

The wasn't good.

Emma shook his head, not noticing she never told him her name..