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Summary: It's Lilo and... Wait a minute.. Sasuke and Naruto?! What will happen when the last two members of the broken Uchiha clan find a hyperactive, almost alien teenager in an orphanage an decide to take him in? There's major OOC-ness so don't flame on me for that. In fact, just don't flame on me. I will take advice and helpful criticism, but no flames.

Pairings: As of right now, future SasukexNaruto and future ItachixKisame.

Disclaimer: Aaahh! I hate this part! I don't own Naruto, nor do I own Lilo and Stitch.


Onboard a massive spacecraft in the midst of space, There is a massive commotion between beings of various species. Among the various noises, there were comments such as, "Punish the doctor!", "Execute him and his creation!", "Where is that failure scientist anyway?!". Just then, An elder man with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a mischevious grin that still seemed to say, "I'm innocent" entered. He was wearing a white lab-coat but the two guards on either side of him had his hands forced to his sides with a pair of high-tech handcuffs. When they had come to the center of the room, the two guards unlocked the handcuffs and left the man in the center of the stage. Just then, an old man with a white and red hat on his head stood and spoke,

"Doctor Yondaime, It has been rumored that you have conducting genetic experiments, although we've told you timt and time again to stop. Is this true?" Doctor Yondaime thought for a second and then looked up with a,

"Chancellor Sarutobi, You of all people should know that I would never do such a thing." Sarutobi looked at a couple of documents handed to him. He then stated,

"According to investigations, This time you..." Sarutobi gasped at the words on the paper. "You turned your own son into a creature that would be, and I quote, 'The perfect weapon'. Is this true?" Yodaime looked around the room and thought,

"Wow, if I don't choose my words carefully, I am screwed." He then replied aloud, "Chancellor, I love and care for my son and I love and care for the citizens of our galaxy..." As he was trying to talk his way out of his predicament, Yondaime didn't notice the large covered cage that was raised up besides him. "I could, nay, I would never..." The cage was uncovered. Yodaime looked over to his side at his son and concluded, "...Make more than one?". The young man had blonde, spiky, orange-streaked hair. His blood-red eyes looked around the room as if he was counting how many people he would have to kill in order to get out of here. His nine orange tails shifted from left to right behind him. As Chancellor Sarutobi continued, his ears twitched towards his direction.

"What is that... That thing?!" Yodaime replied with a smirk as he stated,

" He is quicker than any rocket, agile, can lift 10,000 times his own weight, and he's smarter than any known super computer." As the blonde scientist spoke on, The young man was scratching around at the cage, trying to get out. "I call him, Experiment "Kyuubi". Cute, isn't it?" The council just groaned and glared at the scientist and his creature.

"So, you're saying that he's just a monster that can never be anything but evil and destructive?" Sarutobi asked. Doctor Yondaime gasped and quickly replied,

"I did not say that. "Kyuubi" is incredibly calm and docile to members of authority." Sarutobi stood and asked, with a little bit of hope,

"Experiment "Kyuubi"..." The young man's ears perked up and turned towards the direction that his name came from. "Your father says that you're not a blood-thirsty monster. Can you prove him right? Please, Show us that you have some good inside of you." "Kyuubi" stood up, very formally, straightened his hair, cleared his throat, and finally replied,

"Aw, stick it up your ass, you old bastard!" He then laughed a huge laugh and fell over in joy. The council, however, did not share in his excitement. Yondaime was even surprised by what his son had said.

"I DID NOT TEACH HIM THAT!" He yelled in protest. The whole council was in an uproar of comments and murmurs. Chancellor Sarutobi raised his hand and gestured for them to cease their talking of stupid things.

"So... crude, So.. naughty! Obviously, this creature takes far too much after his creator. Throw him in jail..." He stated as he pointed towards Yondaime and two guards came, handcuffed him again, and dragged him away. "And as for that... thing..." He started as he saw "Kyuubi" scratching all over the cage. He then turned to his side and called over, "Captain Zabuza!" The captain stood up, walked over, and replied,


"You and Sub-Captain Haku find a place for that... that..."


"Please. I have a headache now and I need him as far away from me as possible."

"Yes sir. Come on, Haku!" The very feminine-looking sub-captain followed Zabuza and after a while, wrapped his arms around one of the spiky haired man's arms. Later on Zabuza's ship, There was a huge commotion as ten guards were trying, and for the most part, failing, to get "Kyuubi" restrained in an upside-down prisoner-carrier. After half an hour of struggle, They finally succeeded and strapped him in to the that only his head was visible. One of the guards then took a giant syringe, stuck it into the blonde's neck. After he drew a sufficient amount of blood, the guard placed the syringe into a near-by machine that was connected to two giant, high-tech gattling guns. When all the blood drained into the machine, the guns then aimed themselves at the, now-snarling, young man. As he was struggling to get out of the trap, Zabuza walked in. "Hmmph, try all that you want, but those guns are locked onto your genetic signature. So if you try to escape, they'll fire at you and only you." At these last words, Zabuza made the mistake of putting his arm in front of the blond. In mere seconds, "Kyuubi" sunk his fangs into the captains skin. "Aaahh, you little bastard!" He yelled in pain as he ripped his arm away from the blonde's grasp. "Let's hope that we can find a little, deserted asteroid for you." Zabuza growled as he rubbed his arm. In a few minutes everyone had cleared the room, and left "Kyuubi" alone. Once back in the piloting room, Zabuza asked Haku as he showed him his arm, "Does this look infected to you?". Haku looked at the arm and gave nervous smile as his answer.

Meanwhile, back in the room, "Kyuubi" was growling at the guns with anger. His red-eyes scanned the room. When he didn't find anything, He gave a big, bored yawn, not noticing the drool coming from his mouth and that the guns followed the drool. When he did notice he quickly sucked the drool back in his mouth. "Hey..." He cooed as he figured out how he could use this to his advantage. He then gathered up some more drool and once again let it fall to the ground, and once again the guns followed until "Kyuubi" swallowed it up again. " A guard that walked by the area saw what the blonde was doing and quickly ran into the room. Big mistake. As soon as the guard yelled,

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?!". "Kyuubi" instantly replied by gathering a large amount of saliva and spat it onto the guard's head. The guns instantly armed themselves in the guards direction. The guard could only shudder in fear as the guns shot at him. "Kyuubi" took his chance and ran out the room. Just then, the ship's alarm went off. Zabuza called over to his friend,

"Haku, What the hell is going on?!". The younger man answered, with fear in his voice,

"The prisoner escaped his cage and is now somewhere aboard the ship!" The scratching of claws could be heard from the air-vents. Zabuza quickly yelled to everyone,

"He's in the air-vents, quick! Get him before..." All of a sudden, the lights went out aboard the ship. "...He gets to the power-room." Zabuza groaned as he sat back down in the chair. There was a huge explosion in the back of the ship. "What the... All available guards to the docking bay!" Suddenly, A large, red, and orange space-shuttle rushed out of the dock.

"Ha ha, I told you that you can't hold me!" Zabuza, Haku, and the other guards just stared at the departing shuttle.

"Yes, he, uh, took the red and orange one." Haku stated. Zabuza yelled into the intercom,

"Everyone after that abomination, NOW!!!" All of the blue space shuttles went after "Kyuubi"s. The blonde just laughed as he looked around the cockpit of the shuttle and saw the "Hyper-drive" switch. He quickly burst his hand through the case. And pulled out the switch.

"He's not about to..?" Zabuza started.

"Please wait for the hyper-drive computer to choose..." The shuttle's hyperdrive computer was interrupted by the blonde immediately pressing the switch back down. The ship immediately disappeared into hyper-space. Thanks to the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) that the hyperdrive unleashed, all the other ships were knocked out of commission. Zabuza just sighed very angrily at Haku,

"Get Chancellor Sarutobi on the line."

Chancellor Sarutobi was on the grand meeting sattelite where he asked his group of scientists who were covering "Kyuubi"s path, "Where is he landing?" The young female scientist with purple hair in a pony-tail, Anko, quickly typed in the information and replied,

"On a small planet called Earth." Sarutobi sighed in relief,

"That planet is mostly water, he's too dense, he won't survive." Suddenly, the computer closed in on the picture of earth until it showed the ship landing on a small island.

"OH, JUST FUCK ME!!!" Everyone seemed to yell as they the images.

"It's no use," Sarutobi started with a sigh, "We'll have to gas the planet..." Just then,

"YOU WILL NOT!!" A young man from the back of the room yelled. As he stomped foward. His brown hair was in a pony-tail and he had a scar across his face.

"What is it now, Professor Iruka?" The already-tense Chancellor groaned.

"I heard what you were about to do and you can't!" He than pulled out a disc and put it into the main-computer. An image of a very familiar insect appeared on the main screen, with a picture of an average human family next to it. "The planet Earth is officially a mosquito natural-habitat. This is mostly because it holds the mosquito's main food staple, The blood of human beings." Sarytobi then asked,

"Hmm, I see. Are these humans, intelligent?"

"Oh, no, no, no! Everytime a meteor strikes their planet, they have to start life over! It's really fascinating, though." Sarutobi then stated,

"If that's the case, I assign you and one expert on this creature to a secret mission to retrieve Experiment "Kyuubi". You're dismissed." Sarutboi then walked towards Iruka and asked, "Do you know who you want to come with you?" Iruka thought for a minute. Then asked,

"Does he have a brother?"

Ann hour later, Both him and Sarutobi were in a Galactic Prison. All the time Iruka asking and the Chancellor answering, "A sister?"


"A nephew?"


"A grandfather?" Finally after a long ride on an elevator to Docter Yodaime's cell, Sarutobi answered,

"We're here." Meanwhile in the cell, Yondaime was reading a newspaper that read, "Idiot scientist prisoned for evil, idiotic creation!" He then groaned aloud as he ripped the paper into small pieces and threw them around the room. He then saw the scientist and the Chancellor coming his way.

"Ah, What do I owe this wonderful visit?"

"Your creation escaped, and now you're going to help Professor Iruka find and capture him." Iruka stood besides him, subconciously nodding but then exclaimed,

"WAIT, WHAT?!" Chancellor Sarutobi opened the cell and the blonde scientist walked out. "But, but, but..."

"Oh, and if you two fail," Sarutobi started as he walked away, "You'll both be locked up for the remainder of your lives. Good luck, gentlemen." Iruka gulped in fear. Then, Doctor Yondaime walked besides him and asked, maliciously,

"So tell me, Iruka, was it? On what pitiful planet has my creation been unleashed?"

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