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In the ship of Captain Zabuza, Sub-Capatin Haku was steering the ship while Zabuza was amking a call to Chancellor Sarutobi, requesting Hyperspace clearance. "Chancellor, we have the abomi-, err, experiment in tow, Requesting clearance for Hyperspace."

Outside in the compartment, Sasuke was sitting down watching the earth drift further and further away. He glanced down and saw the burnt photo that Naruto had handed him. He picked it up and pressed it to his chest with a shaky "Damn.." Suddenly, from beneath the clouds, a red wing that looked a bit off to be from an airplane rose up. Slowly but surely, the whole red spacecraft broke through the clouds. As Sasuke looked on, the windows of the strange craft changed from silver to clear and a familiar blonde alien walked up to it. Naruto smiled a bit and placed a clawed hand on the window. Sasuke wiped his eyes and mirrored the action. The red spacecraft slowly followed behind the black until an alarm sounded on the smaller spacecraft. Haku pressed a couple of buttons and a live video-feed from behind the ship popped up.

"Captain, we're being followed." Zabuza asked,

"What?" But as he saw the other ship, he stated, "Evasive action, now!" Haku obeyed and turned the ship to the left, dipping into the clouds. On the red ship, Yondaime was steering and called back to his son,

"Are you ready?" Naruto nodded as he pressed a button and opened a door, the rushing air made everyone thankful that they had eventually put on seatbelts. Yondaime then stated, "Alright, I can get you above them, but after that it is up to you." Naruto looked outside and stated,

"Let's go." Yondaime nodded and pulled back the wheel causing the ship to rise. When they up to a certain height, Naruto jumped out, screaming "Cowabunga!" The little blonde alien free-dived for a while until landed on the compartment that Sasuke was in. Sasuke winced as Naruto made a harsh landing. But when Naruto got his balance, he stated,

"I didn't think you would come back, Dobe." Naruto smirked as he extended his claws. He then started clawing the case while replying,

"Well then, you must not think much of me, Teme." In the bridge of the black ship, Zabuza saw the blonde alien land and growled,

"You have to be shittng me!" Haku sensed his Captain's distress and gave the ship a barrel-roll, causing Naruto to slip off with a yell.

"NARUTO!" Sasuke screamed as he saw his friend fall. On the red ship, both Itachi and Iruka screamed as they saw Naruto fall. Yondaime reassured,

"He will be alright!" But mentally he added, "I hope..." Meanwhile, Naruto landed on the ground, with a skiddy landing. After a couple of seconds, he arose from the ground with a groan of

"Me and the ground are seeing way too much of each other..." He then saw a very familiar looking frog. He whispered, "Oh hey, its you. Sorry about the gun-thing...", as he picked it up. Just then, he heard Sasuke scream,

"DOBE!! Don't you dare abandon me!!" Naruto looked with a shaky

"Okay... Okay..." He then felt the vibrations of a gasoline-tanker coming. The blonde then gave a frustrated growl of "Okay..." before he sat the frog down and shooed it away. He then stood still in an enduring-stance right before the truck made impact with the small alien. The driver was lurched forward in his seat as the truck made an abrupt stop. Naruto then walked to the driver's door, opened it, and said, "Hi there!"


"Where is he? WHERE IS HE?!" Zabuza yelled at his sub-captain. Haku looked through the information on the screens frantically, saying,

"Please give me a minute..! Ah, there he is!" He then turned the ship in the direction which the computer indicated. In the red ship, Itachi whispered to Iruka,

"Do you think that he's okay?" Iruka responded, rubbung his arm,

"He's a resistant little monster, I'm sure he'll be fine." Suddenly, the ship jostled a bit, causing Iruka to yell, "Yondaime! Watch what you're doing!" Yondaime replied,

"Last time I was checking, 'Backseat-Driver' was not one of the things I needed to drive! Now quiet!" He then muttered, "Worse than my ex-wife, I swear..."


In a quiet field near a park of lava pits, A gasoline tanker abruptly rushes through the scenery, scattering tourists everywhere. Naruto was driving the truck the best he could until he crashed into a pit of lava. He crawled out from the front and on top of the tank. He then just sat there, waiting.

The black spacecraft broke through the clouds and was rushing towards Nauto's location. Yet, the blonde didn't even flinch. Haku was in the ship steering towarsd the blonde alien. He then muttered, "Abomination..." Naruto then muttered,

"Stupid bitch..." Before clawing the tank and ripping it open, allowing some gasoline to leak out. As soon as the gas reached the lava. Flames licked along the way of the liquid and caused a massive explosion. But instead of just staying in one spot, there was some smoke rising up like a rocket. Upon further inspection, when the smoke cleared it was Naruto shooting towards the ship at full speed. Without warning he broke through the front window of the black ship, putting Zabuza and Haku in a bit of a shock before Zabuza growled and brought out a space-aged sword. He began swinging at Naruto while saying things like,

"You are evil... You are flawed... You are foul!" Naruto had dodged each swing but at the last swing, he grabbed the sword and said,

"Also cute, and ukeish!" He then swung the sword and Zabuza out the window. Naruto then crawled to the back of the ship and when he arrived at the compartment he gave a headbutt to the container. It shattered and Naruto gave Sasuke his hand in order to climb out. When the navy-blunette was out, Naruto beamed a bit before Sasuke hugged him and said quietly,

"I didn't think you would come back..." Naruto whispered back,

"'Through good and bad; Through thick and thin'..." The two looked at each other for a while before the ship halted for a second. After a few more stops and stutters, the black ship blew up in a flurry of smoke and flames. When they saw the scene Yondaime and Itachi screamed,


"KYUUBI!!" A minute or so passed while the smoke was clearing. When the gray was gone from the sky...

"Good job, Dobe!" Sasuke called to the blonde. The navy blunette was holding the unconscious Haku. He, in turn, was being held by Naruto who was also holding Zabuza with his teeth and onto the ship with his other hand. Itachi and Iruka cheered and hugged each other in joy. Yondaime even sighed in relief as he then tried to find a safe place to land.

"Uh oh." Iruka jumped up when he heard. He asked,

"'Uh oh'? What's uh-oh? I don't like the sound of that!" Yondaime just smirked and stated,

"Relax, all I'm saying is that the landing will be a little... wet."


"So... You haven't seen him... at all?" Kakashi asked the shark-like teenager who was currently waxing a black and red surfboard in front of him. Kisame replied,

"Nope. Haven't seen Iruka since that night at the restaurant." He looked at the board and then asked, "You think Itachi will be in the mood to go out with me tonight?" Kakashi replied,

"If everything went okay today..." Just then there was a monstrous splash from the nearby ocean. Both men ran over to the water when they saw the spacecraft. They looked on questioningly until Sasuke appeared from an open door and called over,

"You guys just gonna stand there gaping or are you going to help us get to shore?" Kakashi and Kisame just looked at each other and then laughed for a bit.


It was sunset when everything had calmed down. "Sorry about the yelling, Naruto..." Kisame started as he was carrying Naruto back to shore on his blue surfboard, "I was just trying to look out for Itachi. You'l understand when you have someone special in your life." Naruto looked towards Sasuke who was already on the shore. He then stated,

"I think I do..." When the two got to the shore, the reunion was short-lived as two individuals in red jumpsuits grabbed Naruto and forced him to the ground and restrained him. Sasuke screamed,

"Naruto!", As they were blocked from each other. Suddenly,

"A simple task got turned into a fiasco of all sorts..." There, on the beach, was Chancellor Sarutobi himself. He sighed, readjusting his hat, "Really, Yondaime, Iruka, Zabuza, Haku, I'm so disappointed in all of you." Iruka tried to speak,

"But... But Chancellor, we.."

"Oh, don't start, Iruka! I should have you and Yondaime rot in jail for the rest of your days." Iruka yelped as he stood down. "And you two..." Haku was trembling while Zabuza was growling in frustration. "I don't know why I trusted you two in the first place. I ought to..." Suddenly, with a toothy grin, Kisame jumped onto the old man with an,

"Uncle Sarutobi! I almost didn't recognize you with all those wrinkles! How are you?" During the commotion, who should drive up but Tsunade the social-worker. She called out,

"Are you guys okay?" Before she saw Kakashi, Kisame, and the Chancellor. She then sighed with a smile as she took off her shades, "So... It's all unravled, isn't it?" Sarutobi was confused until Kisame got off of him and he looked at the other three. He then sighed,

"Oh no... It is you, Prince Kisame..." He looked to Kakashi, "Agent Hatake...", and finally, "Chief Agent Tsunade." Everyone had various reactions:

"You're a prince?" (Itachi)

"Chancellor Sarutobi, you know this weird human?!" (Iruka)

"Chief Agent?" (Sasuke)

Tsunade walked over and said, "It's a pleasure to see you again, Old man, but um..." She lowered her voice, "Didn't we agree that you wouldn't come back to earth unless it was to pick up him?" She pointed to Kisame, who was still smiling. Sarutobi gulped but then stated,

"Well I wouldn't have had to come to Earth if these imbeciles hadn't screwed things up so much." He then walked a few steps, clicked high-tech beeper (which revealed a ship from invisible cloaking) and continued, "And if it weren't for Experiment 'Kyuubi'..." A small voice interrupted,

"Naruto." Everyone looked towards the source of the voice: the young handcuffed blonde alien. Sarutobi asked,

"What was that?" Naruto then stated,

"My name is Naruto." Everyone was still silent. Naruto then asked, "Do I have to go in the ship?" Sarutobi answered,

"Yes..." Naruto asked,

"Can I say good-bye first?" Sarutobi nodded and Naruto walked over to Sasuke and Itachi. He sniffled a bit and then said, "I'm really sorry for all the trouble I caused you guys... *sniff* And I'm really thankful for the fact that you guys gave me a... a..." Kisame interjected,

"The word's 'family'." Naruto nodded,

"A family. I'll miss you guys so, so much." The two jumpsuited aliens then grabbed Naruto and made their way to the ship. Tsunade looked on for a minute before asking,

"I know that I'll kick myself in the morning for this, but don't you guys have some paper-work about Naruto that could remedy this situation?" Sasuke thought for a second and then smiled as he dug into Itachi's pocket and got out his wallet.

"Hey! What the hell?" Itachi yelped. Sasuke replied,

"I know what I'm doing!" Sasuke then pulled out the papers from the orphanage and ran over to Sarutobi, stating, "Here! These are offical adoption documents that state that Naruto is a part of the Uchiha family." Sarutobi took said documents and read them over. He then looked at the group of people and said, "It is an official documentation... But I..." Kisame then interrupted,

"Think about it, Uncle, If you take Naruto, I'll come along..." Kakashi continued,

"And if he comes along, you'll have to explain to his father where has his wife and son been all these years." Sarutobi was sweating buckets before he stated,

"Now here this: I hereby decree that Experiment 'Kyuubi will be required to serve out a sentence of exile on the planet Earth. He will also be kept under the supervision of the Uchiha famliy." He unlocked Naruto's handcuffs and called off the two aliens that were holding the blonde. Once freed, Naruto ran over to Sasuke and hugged him. Sarutobi then stated to his soldiers and Zabuza and Haku, "Let's go home."

"Um..." Iruka started. Sarutobi answered agitatedly,

"You two get near my ship and I'll kill you." Iruka meeped,

"Understood." It was quite a sight watching the Imperial Rocket fly into space. But when it was gone, the questions resumed,

"So... Prince Kisame?" Itachi asked. Kisame shook his head and laughed,

"Yeah, well, Yondaime, Naruto, and Iruka aren't the only aliens around here. Actually, My Dad's the king of a planet not to far away from where Iruka's from." Itachi nodded, a lot more accpeting of this than he thought he would be. He then asked,

"So your mother..?"

"Queen Mizuko. My dad would be crushed if he found out what happened. We all decided that I'd crash around here until the right time." Kisame was talking for a while before he saw that Itachi was looking him over like a panther would a plate of meat. "Can't it wait?" Kisame smirked.

"I guess.." Itachi pouted before he kissed Kisame on the cheek.


"So... When did you know? About my being an alien?" Iruka asked Kakashi as they had their own talk.

"Maa, after you ran out of the apartment screaming for your friend." Iruka turned a bit purple and yelled,

"Alright! I've had it! You are the strangest human that I have ever known. What do you want from me?" As soon as he had said that, the silver-haired man lowered his head and touched Iruka's lips with his own. Kakshi pulled away and smiled at the purplish blush that Iruka was sporting. He then asked,

"Iruka how much do you know about the mating process?" Iruka meeped again.

"Wait! You don't mean..? Were you... Courting me?" Kakashi nodded and smiled a somewhat perverted smile.


Naruto looked on as the silver-haired man-Kakashi- touched his lips to Iruka's again. The blonde alien transformed into human-form and tilted his head questioningly. "What's up, Dobe?" Sasuke walked up behind his blonde companion and sat down. Naruto asked,

"What does it mean... When two people let their lips touch?" Sasuke looked over in the direction Naruto was and saw Kakashi and Iruka making out.

"Oh. Well, um... It means, um..." Sasuke was feeling a blush com on as he tried to explain the seemingly simple action, but Naruto was more of an action type person and jumped onto Sasuke. They both landed on the sand before Naruto asked,

"Show me?" Sasuke grinned,

"With pleasure.", before he placed his lips on Naruto's. For Naruto, it was like a meteor shower inside him when the navy-blunette touched his lips with his own. And for Sasuke, well, after this it was going to be pretty hard not to show affection for the blonde now. When both of them broke apart for air, Naruto breathed,

"It... It feels weird. Sasuke, what is this?" Sasuke replied,

"It's called 'love', Naruto." Naruto smiled,

"Love, huh? I like it." He then pressed his lips to his Teme's again. The two boys didn't know but while they were makin gout, Kisame, Itachi, Kakashi, Iruka, Yondaime, and Tsunade all walked over. Tsunade sighed, letting the boys know that they were being watched. They broke apart, and a blush graced Naruto's face as he crawled off of Sasuke and hid behind him. The social-worker then said,

"Well, we can't just stay here." Sasuke then asked,

"So, I guess you do a lot more than just social-work, huh?" The blonde woman chuckled and then stated,

"Well... I may have saved the Earth by convincing some invaders that the mosquito was an endangered species." Kakashi smirked,

"That was you?" Tsunade nodded. Sasuke simply stood and stated,

"Let's go home. It's been a long day." Everyone agreed and started walking before Itachi yelled,

"Wait a minute! If we haven't forgotten, the Uchiha household is in ruins!!" Itachi was still fuming until Yondaime placed a hand on the young man's shoulder.

"We may be able to help. On certain conditions of course."

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