Hey everyone! Listen up, cause I really need your help on this. THE HEAT IN CALIFORNIA IS INSANE!!! However, thanks to my brain getting cooked by the heat, I have come up with four fanfic ideas. I will put all four story pilots on the site (They're all Naruto fanfics, so they'll be easy to find) and the one to get the most reviews by May 31st will be continued ASAP. The others will get continued... Whenever I feel like it. So, without anymore blab and filler, here's the third story!

Summary: The four Hatake children; Kisame, Itachi, Sasuke, and Naruto have just lost their adoptive parents, Kakashi and Iruka Hatake in a horrible fire in their mansion. Now they have to deal with their new guardians, The eccentric Kabuto and the insane Count Orochimaru. Read on to see just how unfortunate their lives get.

Warning: Yes, it is based on the movie, A Series of Unfortunate Events, so if the scenario seems familiar to some, that's the reason.

Pairings: ItachixKisame and SasukexNaruto.

Note: This fanfic is based on the movie, A Series of Unfortunate Events, not the novels. If I had based it on the novels, this fanfic would have been a lot longer.

Now, on to the story!

Disclaimer: I... hate... disclaimers... But I do not want to get sued so, I don't own Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto does. I don't own A Series of Unfortunate Events in any way whatsoever, It belongs to one Lemony Snicket (That isn't his real name, I know, I forgot his real one...)

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Tra la la, Tra la la, singing a tune..!

The scene is a happy little forest, filled with happy woodland creatures.

La la la la la la la la...

A little fox jumped out of a little house in a little tree, and giggles.

Here comes the sun to clear away the fog...

The little fox walks around and says hello to all of his friends, who grin and smile back.

Shining and shining and shining and shining to bring joy to the world..

A butterfly lands on his nose and he giggles again. He then jumps from his tree to a slide and slides down happily.

Because we're happy here, because we're happy he... (the happy, cheery music stops)

TG- I am sorry to say that this is not the story that you will be reading. The story that you are about to read is extremely... unpleasant. If you want to read a story about a happy little fox, I'm sure sure that there are a couple of fanfics about that kind of thing... somewhere. However, If you like stories about clever and very attractive young orphans, suspicious spies, carnivorous leeches, italian food, and secret oraganizations, please, read on. As I retrace each of the Hatake children's woeful steps. My name is Tyranno's girl, and it is my sad duty to document this tale.

Kisame Hatake, the eldest Hatake child was a very unusual specimen of a young man. He loved water and all the inhabitants of the sea. He also loved music, especially since his adoptive father, One Mr. Kakashi Hatake had taught him how to play six of them (violin, guitar, piano, flute, drums, harp) and when he wasn't spending hours underwater, he was spending time with the second adopted Hatake child...

Itachi Hatake, the second Hatake child, was one of the best teenage inventors of his era. Anyone who knew Itachi, knew that he was busy when his long, black hair was put in a pony-tail and his eyes would glow red. In a world with millions of discarded objects, Itachi knew that there was always something. Something new to invent and change, And who better to try out his inventions rather than the third Hatake child...

Sasuke Hatake, the third Hatake child, loved books. Or rather, the things that he learned from books. Iruka Hatake built a library in their mansion on his birthday, a room filled with thousands of books on nearly every subject, and nothing pleased Sasuke more than spending time in that room, memorizing everything that he read. Well... Nothing more than the compny of the youngest Hatake child...

Naruto Hatake, the youngest Hatake child, Had a different interest. He loved fighting and military-strategy. He had memorized every strategy by every famous military general by age twelve and loved playing them out with his giant chess-set. Also, He didn't speak English (which is kind of important when you're living in England). Not that he was dumb or anything, He had gotten more than decent grades in every language course Kakashi and Iruka had enrolled him in. He was just more comfortable listening and understanding English and responding in his native Japanese.


For instance, Naruto's words will be italicized to show that he's not talking in English, like,

"Look at that mysterious figure marching through the fog!" Or maybe it was, "What's that weird bank-teller, Asuma, doing here?" The four Hatake children were spending a day at Briney beach, the gloomiest beach in the world, when the cigarette-smoking bank-teller walked up to them.

"Children, I have some very unfortunate news to tell you. Both of your parents have died in a fire that destroyed your entire home, I'm sorry."

Tyranno's girl: Waahh... They lost both of their parents, Kakashi and Iruka are dead!!!

Kakashi's girl: No they're not, Shut up.

Tyranno's girl: They're dead, takes a deep breath DEEEEEAAAAAD...!!!

Kakashi's girl: Oh please, Ignore this person's random antics and Vote and Review, Please.

Tyranno's girl: PLEASE REVIEW! If this story wins the contest, I'll try my best to draw and post pictures of how everyone in this fanfic looks on