Hey everyone! Listen up, cause I really need your help on this. THE HEAT IN CALIFORNIA IS INSANE!!! However, thanks to my brain getting cooked by the heat, I have come up with four fanfic ideas. I will put all four story pilots on the site (They're all Naruto fanfics, so they'll be easy to find) and the one to get the most reviews by May 31st will be continued ASAP. The others will get continued... Whenever I feel like it. So, without anymore blab and filler, here's the fourth story!

Summary: The sunny beach city of The Konoha was a haven for surfers who wanted more than to surf everyday... That was until the leaders of Uchiha Industries, Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha, Decide to build their next factory right on the thing that matters to everyone in that city the most... Their ocean. Will the brothers continue with their plans or will the charms of a certain blonde and a certain shark-dude change their minds? Read on to find out!

Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN NARUTO!!! Nor do I own the OC. Although I hate that show and I would never want to own it.

Pairings: Future NaruSasu, NejiGaara, ItachiKisame, and ShikaTema.

Warnings: Surfer-slang ahead, dudes and dudettes!

It was a normal morning in The Konoha, The sun was shining, seagulls were flying, the sand was as golden as ever, the sea was as blue as could be, and no one wason the beach.

"Cowabunga!(1)" A voice yelled as a young man with a surfboard with doggy-pawprints all over it jumped into the water. After a few minutes, a young man with spiky brown hair popped his head out of the water. He grinned a huge grin as he looked around. Then his smile faded as he franticly looked around, yelling "Akamaru? Hey, Akamaru, where are you?!" There was then a bark a couple of feet away from where he was. On a surfboard, along with a chubby young man eating a bag of chips, (A/N: Isn't eating while swimming a huge health-risk..?) was Akamaru, cell-phone tied around his neck and wagging his tail happily. "Dude, you totally had me going bangbroek(2) over you!" He stated as he swam over to the butterfly-speckled board.

"Geez man...no biggie(3). He was... with me... the whole time." Choji said, eating at the same time. Just then, on a board with clouds all over it, Shikamaru floated by.

"You guys seriously need to chillax(4)." He said as he was watching the sky.

"Aw, you're still probably boxed(5) from last night, I mean you're starting to sound like a total FOG(6)." Kiba retaliated. Shikamaru simply shrugged as he turned onto his side and asked,

"Hey, are they dunzo(7) yet?" Choji answered for Kiba when he saw an up-coming wave,

"Naw, Naruto and Shark-Dude are still acing it out(8)." All three young men turned to the new giant wave to see a blonde young man in orange swim-shorts on an orange surfboard riding a massive wave. He was smiling and completely in his own world until an elder teenager on a gray-colored board passed him by.

"Kisame..?" He thought as he focused on the gray-skinned elder teenager. He was so ace(9), Naruto had envied him for that all the time he had known him and seen him surf. However, today was not the day to focus on another surfer. He totally wiped-out and disappeared from the other three boys's view.

"Oh man, he was totally rag-dolled(10)!!" Kiba exclaimed as he looked around for any signs of the blonde. Suddenly, Naruto's head popped out of the water between the three.

"Hm? Oh, hey Naruto, so you're not surfing the big swell in the sky(11)?" Shikamaru half-heartedly asked. Naruto growled and replied,

"Yeah, no thanks to you barnwallers(12)!" He then went back under the water to get his board. When he came back up, he was upset,

"Aw man, my board-tether!" The cord that connected the orange board to the blonde boy's ankle had snapped. Choji whistled and said,

"Wow, you really messed up. At least board-cords don't cost much wampum(13)." Naruto just sighed as he climbed on top of his board.

"Hey what time is it?" Naruto asked Kiba. Kiba barked back,

"Ag(14), I don't know. Akamaru has my boladex(15), Hey Akamaru, swim over here!" The dog barked as he jumped into the water, quickly surfaced, and then swam over to Kiba. "Thanks boy." He said to the dog as he took the cellphone and checked the time. "6:30! Aw man, we totally have to go or Kakashi's going to give us massive detentions for being late again!" Kiba and Choji started to paddle in(16), when Naruto smiled and calmly said, while looking at the ocean horizon,

"Chill(17) you guys, we'll ride the next wave in." Shikamaru sat up, looked around and asked,

"What wave?" He was answered when a medium-sized swell appeared behind them. All four young men stood on their boards and rode the wave into the shoreline. As they grabbed their stuff from the beach, Naruto looked out to the beach and thought,

"So much for the dawn patrol(18), but I'll be back in the arvo(19)." All four boys then went to go wait by Kisame's car to see if the shark-dude would give them a ride to school.


"Naruto... WAKE UP!!!" Kakashi yelled at the sleeping blonde.

"Huh? Wha?" Everyone in the 11th grade class laughed at the little scene. The gray-haired teacher then sighed aloud,

"Maybe I should talk to Iruka about him giving you a surf-limit(20)..."

"No!! I'll stay up, I swear!" Kakashi grinned (A/N: At least I think that that's what he was doing through his mask) and went back to his English lesson.

"Now, when writing an essay or a short story, we..."

"KISAME, WAKE UP!!!!" A yell was heard from down the hall. Kakashi groaned,

"Iruka, that T.A. is so not worth the $25 a week you pay him." Everyone in the classroom, hell, everyone in the hall laughed at this. The school-day for Naruto and the gang continued as normal:

Per. 1- English 3 with Kakashi

Per. 2- Algebra 2 with Asuma

Per. 3- Chemistry with Kurenai

Per. 4- U.S. History with Iruka (who also teaches AP Literature)

Lunch (A/N: Whoo! Lunch! Sorry about that.)

Per. 5- Ancient Oceanic Language with Mr. Hyuuga (A/N: Sorry about that, I forgot Hinata's father's name)

Per. 6- Study Hall with Gai (who also teaches P.E.)

Finally, after the whole school-day was done, school was dismissed. Naruto, Kiba, Choji, Shikamaru, Sakura, Lee, Ino, and Hinata all climbed into Kisame's van (He had no problem giving them rides, as long as no one acted stupid while he was driving or else he would throw them all out.) and went to the beach. However, when they all got there, surfboards and all, they found something very disturbing. There, on a chain-wire gate blocking the beach, was a a huge metal sign that stated, "Closed by order of Uchiha Enterprises."

"What the hell is this?!" Kiba exclaimed as he saw the gate blocking the beach. Choji stated,

"They couldn't have... Not our beach..." Shikamaru replied,

"Well, they did. These Uchiha Enterprises assmunches(21) closed off our beach." Kisame and Naruto said nothing as they both looked around the gate for a way in. Suddenly, a black limo pulled up behind all of them. Inside the limo, there were two young men who appeared to be brothers. The eldest one, Itachi Uchiha said to his younger brother as he looked out the window,

"It looks like we have some obstacles in the way of our next factory." Sasuke simply glanced out the window and replied,

"Can't we just call the police or something?"

Defintition time! And boy, were there a lot of them!

(1)- Cowabunga- Exclamation to exhibit extreme happiness or to describe the act of being overjoyed.

(2)- Bangbroek- South African for being wigged-out or generally scared over surf conditions.

(3)- No Biggie- No problem; don't worry

(4)- Chillax- More than just Chilling/Relaxing. There's an attitude involved; typically that of a surf bum.

(5)- Boxed- To be in an inebriated state. Modernized expression of bagged, or packaged. Example: "I left that party totally boxed."

(6)- FOG- Frikin' Old Guy.

(7)- Dunzo- Done; finished

(8)- Acing it out- Doing your best until you can't anymore.

(9)- Ace- To be alone or in a solitary state of mind - to go solo.

(10)- Rag-Dolled- A bad wipe-out.

(11)- Surfing the big swell in the sky- Dead, plain and simple.

(12)- Barnwallers- Surfer exhibiting poor style. Example: "That guy is barnwalling down the line." Synonym: Flailer. Here used as an insult.

(13)- Wampum- Money; Cash; Dead Presidents.

(14)- Ag- A multi-purpose word, pronounced like "ach" in German. "Ag, no man" (sign of irritation). Can precede any sentence for various effects, such as the more neutral, "Ag, I do not know." Used by some as a stand-alone expletive.

(15)- Boladex- Cellphone

(16)- Paddle in- Swim back toward the shore.

(17)- Chill- To calm down when not getting good waves. Synonym: Laying Low, Relaxin', Chillaxin'.

(18)- Dawn Patrol- A very early surf session.

(19)- Arvo

(20)- Surf Limit- I made this one up. When a member of authority (Parents, Police, etc) gives you a limited amount of surfing time.

(21)- Assmunches- Another name for a kook who tends to be aggressive and cut other surfers off on a regular basis. Example: "That assmunch just cut me off!" Used here as an insult.

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