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A few weeks later...

"Basketball." Kisame stated, taking a bite from his sandwich as he was taking his break in Sasuke's booth again. The pale, navy bluenette teenager nodded, taking a sip of tea. He had really grown thankful for these little hints that he had been getting from the shark, even if he had to deliver notes back and forth between two love-birds who one had no idea who he was even sending his heart-felt messages to.

"Thanks, Kisame." Sasuke actually smiled a bit. Kisame smiled back,

"You're welcome. Oh, could you wait here a second, kid?" Sasuke shrugged and Kisame walked back behind the register. When the elder was gone, Sasuke suddenly remembered something. Digging into his wallet, he pulled out a folded-up sheet of black and red stationary-paper. It was tied up with a mahogany ribbon and, as Sasuke took a deep whiff, Itachi had sprayed it with one of his favorite colognes. Oh yeah, Itachi was smitten. For the past few weeks, Kisame and Itachi had been exchanging letters via Sasuke and the two had learned a lot about each other.

They both loved to read: Itachi always seemed to try and stump Kisame by quoting the line of some random book or obscure play, just to have Kisame reply with the name of the source of said quote and his own original verses.

They both liked music: They learned this from when they used the titles of songs or verses in their letters.

(Kisame wrote one day: Well, I'm writing this at around "Nine in the Afternoon", and I have to say, things are getting "Pretty Odd". Wouldn't you agree? But you never know, I could just be "Folkin' Around", you know?

Itachi replied: You're a Panic At The Disco fan? My brother gave me the letter today and then locked himself in his room. "Teenagers"... I swear, they are so "Disenchanted" sometimes, ne? Hm... It's getting late. I'll write another letter tomorrow, so you'll get two messages from me tomorrow. *Laughs* Oh, but hey, I'm about to go to "Sleep", so I'll write the other letter tomorrow. Oyasumi.)

Kisame learned that Itachi was an avid MCR fan. This proved to be interesting, yet disturbing a bit. Oh well… They would talk about random things, too. Such as favorite foods (they both had a thing for sweets), movie tastes (They both enjoyed a good horror-flick, bu Kisame liked a good thriller versus Itachi's melodramas), etc... However, they didn't give each other their names. Sure, neither asked (seeing as how Kisame already knew he was talking to, and Itachi's paranoia always had a hand on the brunette). It was wierd, Kisame would sometimes see Itachi reading over letters that the shark had sent him in the K.U. library. However, if Kisame ever got too close, he would receive a gasp, a blush, and an exclamation of, 'Mind your own business!' It was so cute. However, right now, Kisame couldn't think about his little crush. He had match-making to do. "Hey! Sai!" The teenager with the short, black hair and impossibly pale skin looked up from his sketchbook.

"Hm?" He was sitting at the counter, no one had come in for a while, so he took the oppurtunity to start drawing. However, upon seeing Kisame walk over, he smiled and called,

"Hey there, Kahuna (1). How are the waves in your ocean today(2)?" Kisame shook his head and chuckled.

"None to reach for a broladex for (3)." Sai nodded but after another stroke of his pencil, said,

"I saw Naru today..." Kisame raised an eyebrow. He had wanted to talk about the blonde but he thought that he was going to be the one to start the conversation.


"Oh, hanging around with Kiba and Neji at the swapmeet. I tried to go over and see if I could join them but Naru gave me hell as usual." Kisame nodded in understanding. Sai was one of the grade-A students at Konoha High. His good grades and pale skin said that he had never gone to a beach any day of his life but back before Konoha beach closed, he was out there, surfing the waves almost as much as Kisame or Naruto. Nonetheless, back in middle school, Sai used to tease Naruto almost relentlessly (he didn't know how to say 'I like you'), and thus, earned himself a resentful area of the blonde's heart. Sai closed his sketchbook and looked over behind the shark. "Haters(4) like him give pale people like me a bad name..." Kisame rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers in front of Sai's face and said,

"Oi, quit looking at the nutter(4) and come back to the important thing. What are you going to do about Naruto?" Sai turned back and smiled.

"Sorry about that. Kahune, ever since Naru was in middle school, you've been mentoring me? Why's that?" Kisame sighed before replying simply,

"I just want Naruto to be happy. So anyone who tries to get into his life, I have to make sure that they know what they're doing."

"Like an over-protective parent!" Sai chuckled. He calmed down. "But seriously, I feel where your coming from. We're tight(5), right?" He held up his open hand and Kisame met hit with a grasp of his own, aying,

"Yeah, we're tight." Kisame stood up and after waving his hand, said, "So you'd better make peace with Naruto!" and walked into the employee room.


Sasuke was busy reading a book about 'The Power of Negative Thinking'(5)' when he felt something plop onto the table. He didn't want to look up, he really didn't. Alas, he knew he had to, and did. His dark eyes met those of a large, blue shark-plushie that had a goofy, toothy smile on its face. Attached to its neck was a card and holding it was Kisame himself. "Think he'll like it?" He asked. Sasuke simply frowned and held out Itachi's letter. "Oh, hey!" Kisame nearly yanked it away and opened it, reading quickly but truly attentively. When he was done he threw his head back and yelled, "Bodacious(6)!", with a giant grin. He immediately sat down and opened the card in the shark's neck, writing a reply as meaningful as he could manage in a few moments. Finally finished, he checked over his work and then handed the shark over to Sasuke. However,

"There is no way in hell that I'm carrying that thing all the way to my house!!"


At the condo, Itachi was trying to watch TV, but his mind was racing. The cause? "Why did I write that? God, he's going to tell me to stop writing him. Why did I do this? Man, I'm such a loser! Why can't ever do things like this right?" He was nervous about what he had written to his admirer in his latest letter. He was downright petrified that he had done something stupid! So when the door opened, he nearly tackled his brother to the ground as he stormed over and asked, "What did he say? What was his reaction? Does he hate my guts? Did he write back? Did he..?" His eyes finally rested on his brother's predicament. Sasuke was livid but he was also carrying a large stuffed shark doll with a card around its neck.

"Here!" Sasuke set the thing down on the couch before storming off to his room, saying, "I'll be flaming people on Youtube! Unless it's a matter of life and death, don't bother me!" Itachi was still shocked until he heard Sasuke's door slam. Immediately he ran over to the doll and ripped off the card, beginning to read. His eyes widened at the words.

"So, you want to meet? What a coincedence, I was having the same idea.

How about... 5:00 at the University library tomorrow?

I'll be waiting in blue...

Itachi was perfectly still.


"That video sucked... Your images did not do... The Beatles justice, at all... whatsoever..." Sasuke angrily typed in the comment-box after he watched a fan-made music-video to "Eleanor Rigby". He was just about to hit send before...

"YES!!!!" A yell came from the living room, causing Sasuke to fall out of his bed in shock. Currently on the ground, he mumbled,

"I hate love..."


"This is fricken' ridiculous..!" Naruto groaned. Kiba and him were currently stuck on a bench at the swapmeet as Neji was trying to hit on one of the employees. "Can someone tell me how Neji dragged us into this?" Kiba sighed back,

"Because he's buying us new gear after he strikes out?" Naruto huffed, rolling those adorable blue eyes,

"He said that six strike outs ago... And from the looks of..." A loud smack was heard from in front of them. Naruto continued, "From the sounds of it, Neji just had strike seven." The young Hyuuga walked over, rubbing his now-reddened cheek. "What happened this time?" Neji sat next to them and said,

"It seems that either people who I haven't dated are too imperfect. Or other people who I haven't dated have ties to people who I have dated." Kiba asked, actually curious,

"What happened here? You dump her sister?" Neji shook his head.

"No, no. I told her that she was perfect except for her splitting-ends, drawn-on eyebrows, and too-dry skin."

"You're such a charmer..." Naruto shook his head and giggled. Neji, however, wasn't smiling.

"It's seeming more and more like the only luck I'll have in the dating circuit is if someone moves to town. Oh, and who knows how long that will be?" The three were silent. Kiba suggested,

"Or you could stop being so damn picky, brah(7)." Neji turned and looked at the shaggy surfer as if he was insane.

"You're asking for something totally cuccini(8), brosef(9)."


Decided to end on an update with Naruto and the gang. But hey, Kisame and Itachi are finally going to meet which means that the filler is finally over! *blows party-whistle* But for now, definitions!

(1) KAHUNA(ka-hoo-na) Hawaiian tern for a man that surfs usually with a degree of skill.

(2) 'How has your day been going?'

(3) 'Nothing special.'

(4) HATERSomeone who does not understand that to be a surfer you must be a surfer. Surfing is a way of the spirit and life. surfers are those who are one with Kai and ther bourd. haters are the ones who are not but pretend to be and get angry when real surfers wont accept them. Surfers aren't makiing fun of these posers cause we hate them we make fun to force them to stop being posers learn how how to surf force themselves to become one with Kai and their Bourd and become REAL surfers, till then they are nothing but smogbreather posers.

(5) Did you guess yet? It's Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei! On the cover of the manga (I have the first volume) the subtitle is 'The Power Of Negative Thinking'.

(6) BODACIOUS Very awsome.

(7) BRAHHawaiian talk for brother or friend.

(8) CUCCINITotally ridiculous.

(9) BROSEFAnother term for "bro" .. or "brah" in hawaiian slang.

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