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Chapter: Our Finaly

Author: Ebil Chameleon

"So you going o have a magical wedding like this?"


"Oh come on Forehead. You can't tell me that that engagement ring on your finger means nothing. So he finally got the balls, or did you finally accept?"

"The latter."

"You mean you refused him before? Not that I'm saying that's bad but…it's you. I mean, it's obvious that your smitten with the guy!"

"I am Ino. And I was just waiting until I knew he really loved me back. I didn't want to rush into anything you know?"

"Yeah, yeah. Good choice. Well, I'm happy for you…Sakura."

"Thanks Ino."

"So I'm your maid of honor right?"

"Of course."

"And I get to help plan, right?"

"Ino I want a nice small wedding. Nothing too big. I know Sasuke wants the same."

"Psh. You two are too…simple. He's got money, why not go for it?"



"Shut up."

"Heh, you'll be begging me for help I tell you!"



"Can we…have the wedding here? In the Uchiha home?"

Sasuke looked up from his tea cup, glancing at the woman sitting across from him at the table. Sakura shifted on her floor cushion and met his look. She loved looking at him in the eyes these days. It was so different from before. He never gave her a hard, cold look anymore. These days there was a light in his dark eyes, a warmth that had never been there before.

"I guess."

Sakura smiled, lowered her gaze, finger tracing the edge of her own tea cup. Her rice lay half eaten on the table. Sasuke brought his chopsticks up to his mouth, stopping for a second to catch the look on Sakura's face. "What's wrong?" he asked.

Startled the girl looked up, taken aback by the words. "Nothing. I'm just…thinking." Sasuke accepted this. True enough there was enough to think about. That past months had been eventful. Sasuke having been relieved from his probation, them moving back into the Uchiha home together. Shikamaru's memories had returned to him, and he and Ino, along with Shina, were doing just fine.

Sakura had only heard good word from Tenten after her wedding and she smiled to herself, thinking of her own marriage in the very near future. Naruto had the village running smoothly. He was highly respected, something Sakura and Sasuke knew he deserved and wanted. Last time the two talked to the Rokudaime, he had plans on popping the question to Hinata.

"However weird it may sound," Sakura said, once again gaining the attention of her fiancé, "I never would have thought things could turn out to be so….good."

Sasuke threw her a questioning look, to which she continued on, "I mean, if you think about it, things seemed to be pretty bad right? Not to place the blame, but a lot of my pain was because of you."

There was no way Sasuke could argue against that, mainly because he knew she was right. He did cause a lot of her pain, though it was unintentional. He thought back to when they were younger, when he first left the village. He hadn't meant to hurt her then, nor did he realize that he really would hurt her. He hadn't taken that thought into consideration. At that time, it was her problem for getting so attached. Now he came to understand just how damaging his leaving was. And he wouldn't leave again. Never. He had fulfilled his goals as an avenger, and now he just needed to settle down a live a normal shinobi life. Whatever could be considered normal, at least.

"Things have changed Sakura. We have to let go of the past and move on," Sasuke said. Sakura snorted.

"Get that from a fortune cookie? And who are you to tell me that we have to 'let go of the past?'"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, trying to make a point. "I might not have let the past go when we were younger," he said, "But I have let it go now. I'm here with you, what more do you need?"

Sakura took his words to heart and figured that, yes, he was right. "Nothing Sasuke. You're all I need."

Maybe life was too good sometimes. In the life of a shinobi, it was only expected that you have to give things up, be it material goods, or the life of a person you love.

"Kakashi! Come down here!"

But you always have to remember; just because you know that that day may come, the day where you lose everything, you have to bask in what you have. Live life, don't just wait for it all to end. Enjoy what you have, love who you have, and just smile.

"Can I help you Sakura?"

Even when it rains, a shinobi always has to push through. And while they're pushing, they should smile, and know that they are doing good for the village. Their home. Being a shinobi is a journey. For some, it is to defend people, for others it's to prove to themselves that they are strong.

"I have to ask you something!"

A shinobi can never doubt themselves. They must always think positive, and see the victory in everything that they do.

"Now what would that be Sakura?"

Be with the ones you have, and remember the ones you have lost. Those are key things to every ninja.

"Will you walk me down the isle?"

"You're positive that this is what you want to do?"

"Yes Shishou. I'm ready, and I've waited long enough. I'm completely sure that this is what I want."

"I want the best for you Sakura, so I just want to be sure. You're…like a child of my own. You know, since your parents died I've always thought of you…kind of like my daughter."

"Really now. Should I call you mom?"

"It's better than grandma."

"You'll be one young looking grandma to my children don't you think?"

"Heh, I'll make all the other grandmothers out there jealous."

"Haha, yes you will."

"Really Sakura, you know you can always come to me if you need to."

"Good to know. Because…I have something to tell you…"

Sakura shifted, roused by the morning sun and a hand gently tangled in her hair, fingers sliding through the pink locks.

"Hmm, morning?" She opened her sleepy jade eyes, wanting nothing more than for the moon to kick the sun away and to go back to sleep in darkness. Sasuke began to sit up but Sakura reached out and grabbed his arm, stopping him from moving any more.

"This is our last morning together while we're not married. Why not enjoy it a bit longer?"

Sasuke lay back down beside Sakura. The girl smile and leaned over to place a kiss upon his lips.

"You sure everything is ready?"

"Yes Ino, I'm pretty sure everything is set."

"Well, mommy is all set with the flower arrangements. You sure the caterers all set?"

"We already checked it with them Ino."

"Don't get frustrated with me! I'm just trying to make sure nothing screws up your wedding!"

"You mean your wedding?"

"Tenten, stay out of this."

"I'll take the little one. Come to Aunt Hinata, Shina."

"I have a bottle for her in her diaper bag, Hinata, thanks. Anyways, I just want, for once, something to go perfectly for you Sakura."


"I mean, you deserve it right…"


"After everything that's happened…"

"Ino. Shut up."


"And thank you for the concern. Now, I have something to tell you all…"

"You're going to take good care of her right?"

Sasuke looked up from his plate, food halfway to his mouth. He sighed and set his chopsticks down. Sakura glared from Sasuke's side.

"Yes," he sighed. They had already been through this a good number of times.

"No funny shit right? No running away or anything like that?"


"No what?"


"Did you mean, no sir?"


Sakura continued to glare though she felt a swell in her heart from the concern the man was showing. Kakashi sat at the head of the small table, smiling away , glad for the distraction so he could slip his mask down a bit to intake some sake.

"Genma..." Sakura warned. The brunette swung his gaze at her and kept his look firm, not backing down from her blazing eyes. He then narrowed his eyes at Sasuke who glared right back at him.

"Just making sure he knows to take care of my baby doll."

"You ready for tomorrow man?"


"Figured you say that. Well, I'll be there by your side to catch you when you pass out,"

"Naruto, shut it."

"Oh come! Loosen up! If you don't, I'm sure a few drinks will. It's your stag night, have some fun. You're last night not being tied to Sakura right? Man, she's going to have you whipped."

"I said shut it."

"You'll be biding to her every wish. Running her errands, buying her whatever she wants. Not to mention that if you mess up, it could really screw up sex and…"

Naruto was promptly punched in the face.

"Why am I being kicked out of my own house again?"

"Because it's tradition that the bride and groom don't see each other from sundown until the actually ceremony."

"But why is it me that has to leave?"

"Because you wouldn't have to sneak around in a wedding dress. Now out!"


"Excuse me! Children are here! Children I say!" Ino held up her daughter, the baby gazing at Sasuke in wonder.

Sasuke looked past the child. "B-i-t-c-h."

Sakura came up to the front entrance and stood between her friend and fiancé. "Just do as you're told. Naruto's expecting you." She kissed him chastely, feeling that waiting until tomorrow to see him would be torture. "Out."

The door shut in Sasuke's face and he just stood there, overnight bag in hand. "Whipped," he muttered before walking off.

"How does it feel to finally be giving her away?" Genma asked Kakashi the night before the wedding, both men lounging on the couch.

"I thought I would someday. Then again, with Sakura I wasn't sure. I never thought a man would be able to even show her a ring before getting nailed in the face." Genma chuckled, Kakashi's own laughter mixing in. "But really, I've seen how the two are. They'll be just fine."

Genma smirked to himself. "Sakura is a fireball. Think Sasuke can handle her?"

Both men looked at each other. Then in unison the both opened their mouths, "Nah."

"You'll be there tomorrow won't you?"

"Me? I was invited, so I have to go right?"

Looking away, Tsunade answered, "Not necessarily."

"I've known Sakura for a long time now. She's grown on me, you know? Even if she likes to beat on me just as much as you do."

Tsunade glared at the man and sat forward in her chair, gazing out to watch the twinkling lights of the village.

"I would ask if she's alright, but you look worried yourself."

Scowling, the Godaime answered, "I'm just…hoping she made the right decision. But…I'm happy for her at the same time."

A kiss was placed on the woman's temple, causing her to close her eyes in satisfaction. The weight of her chair shifted as Jiraiya took a seat beside her. His arm wound it's way around her waist, his head leaning to look over her shoulder at the village.

"You ever wish you got married?"

"…you saying I still can't?"



"Sakura? Are you alright?"

"Fine Hinata."

"Shape up, it's not that bad. I was nervous as well, but it'll be replaced by adrenaline. If you're like me."

"She's not like you Tenten. She's fine."

"Shouldn't it be up to Sakura whether she's fine or not?"

"Shush Naruto."

"The music's starting."

"We're up first then. Shall we Ino?" Naruto held his arm out for the girl. She rolled her blue eyes and grasped it.


The two walked out the back door of the Uchiha home, back into the gardens were the whole wedding setup had been created. Streamers, balloons, and flowers had been arranged, making the garden a white and red haven. Naruto and Ino made their way down the isle first, a rolling red carpet. Naruto clad in his black tuxedo, Ino adorned in her deep red dress, long and flowing, strapless with a beaded design along the bottom. Naruto was grinning as he looked up at Sasuke who's face remained void.

Neji and Tenten were next, followed by Hinata and Shikamaru. All pairs took their respective places at the front of the isle, the preacher standing there smiling. Naruto took his place besides Sasuke. They were all set up before the small koi pond, the sunlight reflecting off the surface with a shimmering glow.

That was when the music changed. The wedding march began to play and it seemed like everyone was holding their breaths.

Sasuke was holding his breath before it was stolen away from him. Sakura appeared in the doorway, hanging off of Kakashi's arm. Her head was cocked slightly to the side and she was smiling as they took a moment to just stand there. Sasuke's eyes widened a bit, completely in awe on the inside, but not evident on the outside.

The girls hair had been left down, straightened so it was nice a smooth. Her veil was attached to a small tiara. Her dress was strapless, the top part hugging her chest was lined with a strip of deep maroon. The dress flowed down from there, the bottom lined with a red beaded design. She walked slowly, Kakashi at her side. It amazed many people to see him in a nice tuxedo, though the disappointment that the mask still covered his face was evident in multiple faces.

As they neared the front, Sakura looked over to Tsunade who sat besides Jiraiya. Sai sat on the other side of Tsunade where he smiled at her, truly smiled. She flashed them all a wink before proceeding to the front. The two stood before the preacher who now spoke as soon as the music died now. "Who gives this girl to this man?"

"I do," Kakashi spoke proudly.

The old man nodded. Kakashi turned to Sakura and lifted her veil, giving a concealed smile. He placed his hands on her shoulder, just standing there with nothing to really say. Sakura smiled up at him, her eyes already shining with wetness. Her own hands slowly moved upwards, delicate fingers hooking over the material of Kakashi's mask.

This was her day. She got whatever she wanted.

So her hands moved downwards, dragging the forsaken mask along with them.

Kakashi's face was revealed to so many people all at once. The shock that flew through the room was immense. The bride just giggled and took in the sight of the handsome face before stepping on her tip-toes in order to place a kiss on the man's cheek.

"Thank you Kakashi. For everything."

Kakashi was startled but allowed a smile to appear on his face. Sakura allowed the image to burn into her mind, knowing that this could possibly the only time she'd ever see his true smile. She returned the mask to it's rightful place and hugged the man.

"Now then," the priest said when all was said and done. Sakura took her place by Sasuke, turning to face him. He faced her as well and met her smile. His eyes softened considerably when he saw the absolute peace come across her features. "Shall we begin?"

The linking of two lives.

"Can we have Mr. and Mrs. Uchiha to the dance floor?"

Sasuke and Sakura stood up from behind the wedding parties table. Sasuke's hand was around the girl's waist. No, he didn't want to dance. If he could, he would still be sitting at the table waiting for his dinner to be served. But Sakura would never accept that and he knew that this was something special for her.

The bonding of two souls.

Sakura's arms looped around Sasuke's neck, his arms around her waist. Her smile wouldn't leave her face and hadn't since she first walked down the isle. Sasuke, not one to smile in favor of smirking, allowed his guard to be let down for this day, and a small, genuine smile was placed were his scowl normally was.

"Ever think you'd be doing this?" he asked the girl, music lost to his ears.

Sakura shook her head. "Never. Come on, do you think I'd ever imagine you dancing?" They swayed to their own rhythm.

The connection of two hearts.

"Nope," Sasuke chuckled. Sakura buried her face in his neck, just happy to be with him. Sasuke kissed her cheek and she looked up, their lips connecting in a gentle, sensual kiss.

"I love you Sasuke, really."

"I love you too," he said softly, barely audible over the music. But Sakura heard it clearly.

"What if I told you something?"

"You cheating?" Oh yes, guard-less Sasuke was humorous. A new development.

"Funny. No, I'm serious."

"What is it?"



"…how would like to hear that in nearly seven months you'll have a new Uchiha heir?"



"What are you getting at? You mean you're…?"


"Id like to raise a toast to my two best friends on the face of this planet."

Sakura rubbed her swollen stomach, a sigh of contentment escaping her lips as she looked up at Sasuke who's hand moved to cover hers. "Two more months," she said.

"The three of us were teammates. They were…the closest thing to family I'd been given. They still are. And no matter what, I'll love them both forever."

"Sakura's water broke! You have to hurry to the hospital! She's in labor!"

"First I'd like to congratulate them on their marriage. I knew I'd see the day when they were together. Whether they were sixteen or thirty-five, I knew the day would come. Can't you see the love they have for each other? Which is weird, considering this is Sasuke, the heartless teme. But putting that aside, I'm proud."

"Just breath Sakura! Sasuke's on his way! He returned from his mission! Shizune just sent him down here!"

"Ino! Shut it and hold my hand!"

"Alright! Just breath, breath girl, you're okay!"

"Now, I can't guarantee that everything is going to go smoothly for you two, considering your track record."

"He's here!"


"I'm here Sakura." Sasuke took the girl's hand in his own, feeling as she squeezed it with a breaking force as she let out a low groan of pain. Her face was ridden with sweat, her cheeks flushed red.

"Almost there Sakura! A bit more! Keep pushing!"

"You're going to give me cute nieces and nephews right? Sakura, make sure they get your genes alright? Just joking Sasuke. Anyways, just remember, if the road ahead gets tough, you have friends to turn to. Don't ever think you're alone."

"A girl. Look, she's so cute. Oh Sakura! I'm so happy for you."

Sakura panted harshly and she strained to keep her eyes open. The child was laid down upon her chest and she grinned warmly. She felt a hand, Sasuke's, stroked her hair back and out of her face. Her head sank back against the pillow as she tried to settle her breath.

"What are you naming her?"


"We'll always be here for you guys. I'm not trying to make this sound like it's going to be worse time ever, but you know, that's life."

"Her eyes…"

Sasuke held the child within his arms and her eyes had blinked a bit, finally opening to look up at her father. "They're…blue. Bright blue…"

Sakura looked up at him from her hospital bed, blinking with confusion. "I thought all Uchiha's had black eyes."

"They do," he answered, confused.

"I didn't cheat if that's what you're thinking," Sakura said, exasperated.

"I know you didn't."

"So, I wish you two a happy life full of good dreams, best fortune, and all that other good junk. I'm always here for you as well as everyone else I'm sure. Just remember…"

"Blue eyes? That really is…weird. I expected dark eyes like you have. She should have dark eyes like you."

"…I know…"

"Ride along with the Flow Of Life."

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