One Fourth of Z Rises Again

Hero got up out of bed. He had a strange dream. He was sitting in the middle of a Holoseum and watched Marcia and Harry robo battle. Harry was on his knees begging for mercy while his gun turned into fish. Marcia was then firing at Harry which somehow got him wet like she was firing water balloons. Then, Hero looked down and saw he was sitting on a printer and it printed out a piece of pie. Then, Harry fell on the floor with his face falling into a bowl of hot soup. Then, Marcia sat on him so he wouldn't get up. Then, the Beatles came out and sang one of their singles. A very odd dream indeed.

Hero walked over to his closet and made sure the door didn't slip down like liquid or something in case he wasn't still dreaming. The door opened like normal and he slipped into his clothes.

Hero stepped outside and found he was early enough before Lucy did her chores. He raced out before she did. Hero walked to the office and found Ernest and Marcia there. Marcia was early today because the traffic died down last night. Harry, however wasn't seen yet.

"Hello, Ernest" said Hero "Anything come up, yet?"

"No, not yet" said Ernest "You just stick around in case anything does"

Hero sat down on the couch next to Marcia

"Hello, Hero" said Marcia

"Hello" said Hero "any strange dreams?"

"No" said Marcia

"Well, I had one" said Hero

"Oh" said Marcia

"Uh, Marcia? Are you going to robo battle Harry?"


"Oh… well are you going to switch his gun with fish?"


"Oh, are you going to throw water balloons at him?"

"No… why would I?"

"Uh… okay, are you going to toss his face in a bowl of hot soup?"

"No… of course not"

"Are you going to get him at all?"


"Alright, as far as I'm concerned, nobody's going to get anybody in this office, you hear" said Ernest

"Don't worry about that, Ernest" said Marcia

"Uh… where's Harry?" said Hero

"Running late, I suppose" said Ernest

"He's probably scared to confront Marcia" Hero thought to himself

There were 20 seconds of silence.

"Um… I'm going out to… patrol the area" said Marcia

"Alright" said Hero

"We'll call you when something comes up" said Ernest

Marcia got up and left.

As soon as she was out of sight, there was a tiny voice from somewhere.

"Hey… is she gone?" said the voice

"It's alright, you can come out now" said Ernest

Then, Harry rose from behind the desk.

"Thanks, Ernest" said Harry

"Oh, Harry" said Hero "You were here all this time? Why were you hiding?"

"You saw the look Marcia gave me yesterday" said Harry "She's gonna get revenge for all the stuff I've done to her lately. There's a storm coming, I can feel it"

Harry got up and sat down on the couch.

"You know, Harry, you're going to have to stop hiding from her" said Hero "Just……… well… take it like a man!"

"Take it like a man?!?!?!?" said Harry "I can't live with myself if someone like Marcia is after me"

"Your right, this is the first time I've seen Marcia mad at someone" said Hero "But, I've been mad at people before…… everyone's been mad at people before. You've been mad at people, right, Harry?"

"Well, yeah" said Harry

"Ernest has been mad at people before" said Hero

"You really don't have to point that out" said Harry

"I can hear you two!" said Ernest

"Yeah…… so, Harry, why be scared?" said Hero

"Because I don't know what I'm up against!" said Harry "I've never witnessed her like this. And when she said she's out to patrol, you know that pause she had? She's getting ready! She's setting things up for me, I know it!!!!"

"Don't get paranoid, Harry, this is Marcia" said Hero

Suddenly, Ernest's phone rang.

Ernest picked up the phone and said "Hello, this is Steel Hearts: you squeal we deal……… Oh, hello…… yes…… oh…… That can't be…… not good…… yes, ma'am, we're on it right away!" He hung up "That was Sophie, the lady who runs the training gym"

"Alright! Sophie!" said Harry

"What is it, Ernest?" said Hero

"Some people of Z syndicate are wreaking havoc at the training gym" said Ernest

"Z syndicate?!?" said Hero

"I thought they all got their memories erased!" said Harry

"Apparently not all of them" said Ernest "You two need to get going, now! I'll get in touch with Marcia and let her know"

Harry started messing with his hair and said to Hero "Gotta look good for Sophie"

Hero and Harry raced off to the training gym.

By the time they got there, there were three members of Z. Sophie was there, too. She looked afraid.

"Oh, thank goodness you came" said Sophie

"Don't worry about a thing" said Harry "Me and Hero are on the job. We'll take care of everything"

"Uh, Harry, there's two of us and three of them" said Hero

"Don't worry, Hero" said Harry quietly "I'll take one, you take the other two"

"A 2-1 match?!?" said Hero

"Hey! I'll take the toughest looking guy" said Harry

"I wish I could get on the draw quicker" said Hero

Harry ran up to one of the Z members and said "This one's for you Sophie!"

Hero ran up to join him.

"Haha!" said one of the members "We are Z syndicate! We came to destroy you!"

"Didn't your memories get erased?" said Hero

"Most of us did, but we managed to avoid the police squad!" said one of the Members

"Heh, this'll be a piece of cake!" said Harry

"Wait!" said a voice from behind

It was Marcia

"GAH! MARCIA!!!" said Harry

"Thank the Lord!" said Hero "Now it's a 2-2 battle for me"

"Harry, I'm going to… help you" said Marcia

"What!?!" said Hero

"What?!?" said Harry

"B-but, Marcia!" said Hero "It's 2-1, I can't…"

"M-marcia…… y-you don't really have to help me" said Harry "I've got it under control"

"No. I've heard these guys were tough" said Marcia "I'm going to help you"

"Marcia" said Hero "Harry's got one on him. I've got two! I'm the one who needs help here!!!"

"You heard the lady, punk" said one of the members "It's both of us against you!"

Hero gulped

They all dived.

Marcia and Harry entered the holoseum. They battle the members. They were tough, and Harry kept his eyes on Marcia in case of anything suspicious. Suddenly, Marcia got hit really bad. Harry went over to see if she was alright.

"Marcia, are you okay?" asked Harry

"No, not really" said Marcia "You need to go on without me"

"AHHA!!!!!" said Harry "That's it! You think you got me but you didn't!!! The minute I turn around, you're going to blast me to an oblivion so, I'm going to stay right here…… or is that what you want me to do. By staying here, you're going at your advantage and would get hit by my opponents…… or is that what you wanted to me to think…"

Suddenly, the opponents blasted Harry out of the way and tore him up so bad, it hurt in real life.

"Well, I've got to admit, Harry, you were close" said Marcia

"I don't believe it… she got me!" said Harry "She got me! Through Z!"

Then, Marcia finished off her opponents. Showing that she didn't set up Z.

They won…… well, Marcia did.

Meanwhile, Hero managed to beat his opponents.

"Sorry I had to help Harry and not you, Hero" said Marcia "I just…"

"No, no, Marcia, it's alright" said Hero "I got them" He looked at Harry "Wow, Harry got pretty beaten up"

"Yeah, he did" said Marcia

"Aw, man! This stinks!" said Harry "Let's get back to the office… Please!"

They all went back to the office.

"Great job on defeating Z, everyone!" said Ernest "You all deserve a break. Harry, you look worn out, you might need it"

"I don't know how she did it, but she got me" said Harry "She got me good"

"It's alright, Harry. That was refreshing" said Marcia

"At least she's talking to me again" Harry thought to himself

"You all can go home now, you done for today" said Ernest.

They all went home. Hero sneaked past Lucy and fell into bed.