A/N: Yeah, yeah. It's not yaoi. There are a few het pairings I like, and this is one. Enjoy.



I wondered what kind of situation I would find him in. My unasked question was answered as soon as I crossed into the real world. Ichigo's reiatsu. I sighed.

I ran towards his reiatsu, and the strange one I didn't recognize. Yep, fighting. Ichigo was actually doing rather well until it flung him backward. Another attack was coming for him, but he wasn't moving.

"Geitei, give them the final blow!"

Damn it, Ichigo. Are you actually stuck?! For the love of…

"Destructive Art 33: BLUE FIRE, CRASH DOWN!!"

"What are you doing?!" I yell at him. "Move! Have you gotten dull?"

"Rukia!" he says. Correct, that is my name…

We dodge its attacks, but its power is unbelievable. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm not sure how to defeat it.

Suddenly, snakes fly from nowhere and a new rival appears. He looks to be the woman's comrade, but she doesn't leave with him willingly.

"What was that?" I ask him.

"I don't understand them…" he tells me. He was fighting an enemy he knew nothing about? Well, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised…

Then we hear a familiar cry. Orihime. And Chad. Orihime runs up to me immediately, telling me about a new food at a diner and saying how she missed me. I realize Ichigo hasn't said as much to me.

Then I catch his gaze as he watches us talk. He eyes have softened, and the look in them is almost melancholy. He doesn't have to say a word.