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By: Chery Dee


Disclaimer: Boy do I wish I owned Naruto. The stuff I'd make the characters do...
Three Years

Three wonderful years we have been dating. Years I finally had someone to be with.

Three Months

Three months since you've proposed and I accepted. Also the very first time we made love.

Three Weeks

Three weeks since the wedding, in front of our friends, family and acquaintances. All three hundred of them.

Three Days

Three days were here in Konoha for a Kage conference. It feels great being back home for a while.

Three Hours

Three hours since I came back from Tsunade and three hours since I've known.

Three Minutes

Three minutes since we've orgasm in this bed. Since I was safety tucked under your chin.

Three Seconds

And in three seconds I will finally tell you. I hope you will be happy.


"Gaara?" I whisper and you open your teal green at me with so much love, so much happiness, and so much tenderness.


"I have something to tell you…" I trail off, scared for some reason.

What if he's not happy? What if he leaves me?

His face turns serious when he looks at me. It must've been the scared look on my face.

"What is it, love?"


I'm gonna do it. Just straight forward. Not hinting, beating around the bush or any other shit like that.

"I…I'm pregnant." I whisper out, but I know he heard me.

He always hears me.

He always has heard me, because we share something that no one else knows of.

Complete and utter loneliness with no one to pull us out…until we met each other.

So when we said our vows, we promised we'd always hear the other's cries, pleas, needs and wants.

So of course he heard me and I heard him when he asked how in a dazed voice.

"Well…when I went to go see Tsunade, she said it had to do something with Kyuubi having no gender, so I both male and female parts. She said that Kyuubi made this chakra womb inside me, so I'll have a healthy pregnancy."


I waited in silence while my husband took in all the information. It was scary. Waiting in silence to figure out how Gaara will react.


More silence.


Still nothing from him, and for some reason tears form in my eyes.

Stupid raging hormones.


And he smiles.

Gaara smiles.

He is looking over my head and in a dazed fashion and smiles a truly beautiful smile.

He looked down at me and his face scrunched up in concern.

"Naruto, what's wrong?" he asked and I look up.

"You're not mad?" I ask meekly.

He pulls me closer to him.

"Of course not, Naruto. How could I be? I'm going to be a father with the man I love most. How can I be mad?" he says pulling me closer to me, but I'm still amazed that we can actually get closer since we were still intimately connected.

"I—I just thought y—you wouldn't like me being—" but I was cut off when a pair of lips crushed mine's.

It was sweet, filled with passion and love. I enjoyed it even more since his shell was gone. Oh how I loved his real body.

Gaara pulled away and stared with intensity into my eyes.

"Naruto, I love you and thank you." He said.

I'm confused.

Thank you? Thank you for what?

"T—thank you?" I ask.

He put his hand on my stomach and said with so much endearment, "For giving me a child."

I blush at the attention and what I'm about to say.

"Uh, Gaara?"

He looks up from my slightly pudgy stomach and looks at me with a slight smile.

"Yes Naruto."

"I'm pregnant with three."

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