Title: True Colors

Author: Scarypuffringo

Disclaimer: This is another Eli and Grace story. It takes place right after Grace finished college. She is 22 and Eli is 24. If it's a romance, angst, drama or all 3... You and I are going to find out as we keep on with this story.

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Author's note: I don't know if any of you still remember me but I used to write O&A fictions, all of them revolved around Eli and Grace. English is not my first language, so please... be nice on the critics. I thought of quitting writing but I've realized this is something I can't do... for my own good or I'll go insane... (not funny... I know...). Anyway, I hope you like this story. Don't forget to review. Your words mean a lot to me. Thanks for reading!

Chapter One

Mind Wandering

Some would say it was possible to feel autumn coming even after a few weeks of summer. At that particular moment she swore to herself she was one of those people. Sitting alone in a park not very far from her apartment in New York, her watchful eyes contemplated the surroundings; leaves falling, slowly dancing as the wind blew lightly, children playing near by, all kinds of people coming and going, a few lovers walking hand in hand passing her by... Everything about that dying day inspired her. It not only inspired her but also brought back memories she'd rather forget or simply leave them sleeping in the back of her mind. Her big brown eyes got lost in the horizon while thoughts raced endlessly in her head. Fidgeting with the ham of her coat she softy smiled as one particular memory flashed before her eyes... A melody, the indistinct sound of his music, that memory overfloated her heart with feelings long forgotten... She sighed deeply, her pulse quickened along with the beating of her heart. Even after five years, the thought of him still managed to do unutterable things to her...


"Hey, Grace! What you're doing?" His voice came, loudly echoing in the empty kitchen, causing her to almost jump in surprise.

"Shhhh!!!" She motioned to him, her face pleading with him to keep his voice down. He let out a small laugh and waited for her words. "Could you keep it down?"

"Why are you whispering?" He asked, amused by the expression plastered on her face.

She nodded at his question, wondering if he was actually that naive or if he was only messing with her. "I don't want to wake them up." She stood and went to leave her bowl in the sink. "You know my mother, Eli. I can't stand another scene!"

"Oh, Gracie! I can't believe this! My baby is going away to college. I can't believe you're leaving us! You're a young woman now..." He put on a motherly irritating voice, faking tears, trying to sound like Lily. To annoy her even more, he pulled her to him holding her against his chest, her head buried in his shirt.

She snapped back then lightly slapped his shoulder. "Eli, stop it!" She ordered lowly and he couldn't hold his laughs. "It's like she hasn't embarrassed me enough in front of the entire family and all of my friends... she has to do it at the airport too, in front a bunch of strange people."

"Oh, Gracie! It's because we love you oh so very much!" He mocked her again and again gained a warn-threatening look from her. "Sorry!"

They both breathed deeply even though they didn't know why. Silence suddenly made its presence noticed. Predicting awkwardness would join them soon enough; Grace smiled wearily and began to leave but was stopped by the touch of his hand.

"Grace..." His voice came barely above a whisper but it was enough to make her turn upon her heel and dare to look at him. His face held an expression she swore she had seen before but failed to remember when and where.

Grace waited but heard nothing. Eli only stood there and stared at her face. She wondered what was troubling his mind at that moment. She snorted a laugh and asked lowly. "What's wrong?"

His face turned serious and he looked straight into her eyes. "I meant it!" He stepped closer to her until there was only a few inches between them. "I do... I mean... We... we do love you..."

Grace noticed when he corrected himself and it took her a minute to really grasp the whole scene going on between them. She slowly nodded in understanding and he smiled. "Well... I gotta... you know... Good night!"

Her smile was warm when she said good night to him. She turned to leave again and in one swift sudden move, Eli stepped forward and grabbed her arm making her spin around, causing them to collide. Grace and Eli, both were afraid to make a move as their lips accidentally still touched. At that moment it felt like breathing for the very first time, it was like life had entered their bodies and they refused to let it slip away.

Against her will, Grace pulled back, her eyes averting, afraid to look at his. "I... I..." She stammered unaware of the words that were escaping her mouth. Her hand came up to her forehead then quickly tucked a piece of invisible hair behind her ear.

Eli crossed his hand through his hair nervously smiling. "I..." He attempted to speak and she took a step back. "I didn't... I mean..." Eli followed her lead; the more she tried to put distance between them, the more he closed in on her. "I...huh... I'm sorry."

She nodded avoiding his intense stare and still walked backwards until her body met the sink. "I know... it's no big deal." She stuttered, fearing her voice would fail her right then.

Grace finally was able to work up the nerve and look into his eyes again. Her heart never beaten so fast, her breathing was short and everything seemed to disappear; all she could see was his hazel eyes. She knew he was speaking but she wasn't listening. Eli was unsure, he didn't know why he was so closed to Grace like that or why he couldn't think clearly. He had apologized to her already and that was exactly why he didn't understand what he was still doing there. He babbled a few more words that sounded like another apology and the next thing he knew was the scent of her perfume intoxicating him, completely overwhelming him, making him forget there was anything else beside the two of them.

"Eli, I..." Grace was caught in mid-talk. His lips fiercely brushed against hers and she gladly welcomed him. Her arms locked around his neck as his hands wisely gripped her from the back, lifting her up, placing her over the counter.

As the seconds went by Eli's thirst for Grace grew wider. He wanted to drink her completely and she needed him to do it. Their kisses were full of passion and desire. Eli was placed between her legs; his mouth was leaving a trail of wet kisses down her neck and then all of the sudden he pulled back. It was like some sort of a force dragged him apart from her. The kitchen's door was shut and wide eyes stared at them. Grace jumped off the counter and desperately wanted to flee but remained still instead, her eyes lowered in shame. The third person standing there didn't need much more, she simply bitterly snickered and began to leave.

"Jess, wait!" Eli thought he wasn't able to, but he found his voice and called out to her. He wanted to explain himself but his little sister wasn't up to listen.

"What, Eli?" Jessie turned to him with disappointment in her eyes and disbelieve dripping from her words.

"Let me..." Eli tried to speak again but his sister cut him right away.

"What? Explain? Come on! What are you going to say? That it's not what it looks like? That you and Grace are just friends? And that there's nothing going on between you two... Is that it?" She glared at them but she wasn't angry because she caught them together; Jessie always suspected there was more to Eli and Grace's relationship than just friends or step-brother and step-sister bonding. She was hurt because she assumed they had lied to her, that they didn't trust her enough to let her in on their secret. What Jessie didn't know was that Grace and Eli was sort of caught by surprise too, but the girl wasn't up to allow them to explain. "Save your lame excuses to dad and Lily."

Eli and Grace watched Jessie leave and they said nothing to each other after that. They didn't even dare to cast a glimpse or anything like it. Grace felt her eyes stinging with tears; she didn't want him to see her cry. She closed her eyes for a second and left...

-------End of flashback-------

Her eyes glimmered with tears. She was amazed by the fact that a memory was strong enough to bring tears to eyes. Grace smiled as she saw a little girl chasing some pigeons; the birds flew away, scared by the presence of that innocent little girl. How come innocence could be frightening? This question popped into her brain while she kept watching the little girl. Maybe there was something about true and honest feelings that meant more than most people were able to understand. And maybe, just maybe being afraid of the true colors of the world was what had ever made sense, although it slowly weakened everybody's heart.

Grace snapped out of her thoughts, realizing darkness has settled down. The moon did not show its face that night and the stars were somewhere else hiding. She gathered her purse, placed it over her shoulder, stood up and began to walk calmly, still taking in the surroundings. She made her way back to her apartment and once she had stepped in, she let her purse fall down as long with her jacket. Slipping out of her shoes Grace grabbed the phone and dialed...

"Hey!" She didn't bother to fake a smile; the one on the other line could never get a sight of her at that moment. "Hum... So... I... is... is..."

"Grace?" A young woman's voice came from the phone; whoever she was, her voice sounded concerned. "Are you okay?"

Grace needed to lie, so she answered too quickly for her own good. "I'm fine... Terrific!"

"What do you want? Aren't you coming? Grace, we need you." Grace quietly listened and said nothing in reply. "Grace? Grace, are you still there?"

"Yeah... I'm here..." The look in her eyes was confused and showed off endless doubts but she had to answer. "Yes... I'm coming."

Once Grace thought that the right thing to do was to walk away, leave behind everything she believed that kept her from being herself and that stopped her to live her life fully, but now having to go back to that same world scared her in a way she couldn't exactly describe...


P.S.: I know this was not a very nice beginning, but I promise it'll get better...eventually. It's been a long time since I've attempted to write a story and that explains why the dialog and the narrative are kinda heavy. I hope you liked this chapter even thought it wasn't one of the best ever written. Please, let me know your thoughts on it!

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