A/N: Okay, I'm one of those people who have watched HSM so many times, that i have it memorized. and while watching it, ive noticed a few things that not-so-important people (such as ryan) do that can change the entire plot. so here is HSM from ryans point of view, and him pointing out how he was involved in the story. enjoy!)


If you've watched the movie High School Musical, the main thing that you think of is the plot, along with the singing and dancing. Well, when it comes to the plot, you think: boy meets girl, both are great singers, try out for school musical, everyone tells them to "stick to the status quo" drama people, and those two's friends try and stop them from doing it, their friends finally see the light, try and stop the drama people, and the two win the parts in the musical, mean drama people turn nice, and those other two fall in love. The end. Now, if you are more devoted than that, you've dug deeper, found minor plots and such. But most people overlook even the smallest details that changed the entire direction of the story.

My name is Ryan Evans, and I am here to tell you my side of the story. How I was there, and helped the story along, even though everyone considered me Sharpay's weird, stupid, gay brother, who just followed her around and did nothing on his own. I, however, have a different story to tell.

After Twinkle Towne premiered, Ms. Darbus somehow heard about all the drama that had gone on behind the scenes. Thankfully, instead of giving us detention for all the rules we broke, and trouble we caused, the idea appealed to her, and she approached a friend of hers that was in the entertainment business, whose name was Kenny Ortega, who was a movie director. He loved our story, and two months later, our story was famous, and we were being portrayed by nine glamorous and much older stars.

Now when people saw the movie, (and the girls fell in love with Zac Efron, who played Troy,) just about all of them were rooting for Troy and Gabriella, to win everything, and for me and Sharpay to burn down you-know-where. However, it turned out that some people actually liked Sharpay, and what she did in the movie (scary thought huh?) and basically forgot that I was there.

I have to make a couple of things here clear. First of all, I am not gay. Just because I dress that way (and that is all Sharpay's doing. You try saying no to Sharpay when she's mad!) and after a while, I knew that if I tried dressing in jeans and t-shirts again, people would make fun of me for that, so it's kinda a lost cause. Also, when I was trying to read the G-O-D-R-A-M-A-C-L-U-B-! sign, I didn't have my contacts in, so I could rest my eyes, so it was all one big red and white blur.

Now onto the movie! Since, unlike Sharpay, I don't need to announce myself, I heard the basketball team making fun of her, when they walked past us on the first day of school, thinking she couldn't hear them anymore. Well, she didn't, but I did, and I told her later, because I have to stick up to my sister, no matter how much she annoys me sometimes. That was one of the reasons, she was mad at them, because at one point before winter break, they promised they wouldn't call her the Ice Princess anymore, so that actually hurt her feelings, believe it or not.

Another example of people not noticing me, is when Troy was looking at the sign-up sheet, he didn't even see me standing by the Wildcat statue. When I told Sharpay, who would have not had any idea that he was looking at it again, she remembered seeing him there, earlier in the day, with Gabriella, and when I suggested an E-search, we found out about her Einsteinette-ness, and that prompted Sharpay to put the papers in the locker of the smartest girl in school (Taylor) who would obviously ask her to be on the team, keeping her out of the competition. Now here's the thing. Sharpay only wanted Gabriella out of the running; she obviously didn't care if Troy made it in, and knocked me out, because Sharpay has a not-so-secret crush on him, and would gladly push me away, to get to him. sigh.

One thing I have to let out about Sharpay: she treats me like dirt, if you haven't noticed. I mean, during our detention, she made ME paint the stupid ladder that we would eventually use in Bop to the Top, and then in that song, she hits me on the head, so she'll be higher up! She also acts like I'm stupid, when she does that annoying huffing noise. Maybe I act stupid, because I don't want to be involved in her stupid plans. It would just make us even more unpopular, and it turned out to be a complete waste of time, because she never listens to me. Also, when I try to support her, such as when everyone starts "confessing," she almost hits me again. One more thing; I try to improve one of our songs, because truthfully, I am a better dancer than her, she yells at me for that too. I honestly don't know why I hang out with her all the time. Maybe because I don't have any other friends. I don't know.

Back to me behind the scenes. Sharpay tries to bribe Ms. Darbus by giving her a candle that she'll probably never use. We were (at the time we thought) the best ones auditioning, so there was no point in doing that. Sharpay also had us change outfits for the audition. I personally didn't mind that, because I wanted to get out of that pink getup, so I got to wear green instead. I have to admit, I really liked that green hat. The auditions, are…..interesting…to watch. Sharpay usually cringes, but I think they're freakin' hilarious. Except Cyndra, who nearly burst my eardrums. Then it was our turn. I had actually liked the old version of "What I've Been Looking For," but the new one was better for dancing, in my opinion. When Kelsi asked what key it was in, I had a "Sharpay moment" (as I like to call it) when I said,

"Oh we had our rehearsal pianist make an arrangement for us." I felt kind of bad, because she had worked hard on it, but I needed to dance, if you know what I mean. Of course, Sharpay blamed me for messing up; when I clearly told her I was gonna do a jazz square. Oh well. I felt bad for the people who didn't make it, so I encouraged them to keep trying, and come watch us perform, to be inspired.

The next day, when we got to school, Sharpay got in there before me, and when I met up with her, she started screaming. I read off the sign-up sheet about Troy and Gabriella. Now I wasn't freaking out like Sharpay, because I thought it'd be nice to actually have some competition, but when she wouldn't calm down, I offered a crazy yet hopeful suggestion, which she immediately shot down. I mean, yeah that sounded gay, but everyone thinks Ashton is funny, and it would be cool to meet him right? Then at lunch, I was trying to set up my area, and Sharpay is pacing around shouting, and just generally being mad about the whole situation. Then everyone started confessing, which was weird, but at the same time, I was thinking about my secret……… I'm not a jock or anything, but when it comes to baseball, I'm actually pretty good at the hitting and catching. I don't know, its just something that comes easy to me, like dancing. (A/N: I saw this in an article somewhere that in HSM2, Ryan is going to show a hidden talent for baseball, so…….) I tried to support Sharpay, but again, she almost hits me to shut me up. Then Gabriella walked in, and Sharpay went down to confront her, and got chili cheese fries dumped on her. I didn't really want to be around Sharpay at that point, but she stalked off, so, I know this is kind of gross, but Sharpay never lets me eat processed food because

"It will make us fat, and unable to perform well, so we can't eat it!" so who was I to pass up fattening, greasy, and calorie-loaded food that I'm normally not allowed to eat?

The next day after math class, I was walking to English, when I heard someone singing the song "Breaking Free." It was actually a pretty good singer, but still, I decided to investigate. The door to the boy's locker room, where the music was coming from, was locked. Whoever it was must have heard me, because they stopped singing. I heard it again, when Sharpay and I were going home after a practice for the callbacks. This time, the voice was joined by a girl who was also very good. Sharpay saw that it was Troy and Gabriella, and started concocting a plan to stop them. I played dumb, because personally I didn't care if they auditioned or not; actually I kind of did, so we'd actually be competing! Well, Sharpay didn't think that way, and it was off to Ms. Darbus, to try and convince her to change the callbacks, etc. unfortunately it worked.

Well, apparently, they somehow found out, and because in that group are the two smartest girls in school, they came up with a plan that worked. Apparently Sharpay didn't catch wind of this when they were all of a sudden being all buddy-buddy, but I did. If I had said anything, she wouldn't have believed though.

We did our audition, which went better than the first one. When Sharpay first showed me her dress, well………let's just say I had nightmares for a while about Big Bird turning blue. Oh well.

It looked like Sharpay's plan was working, until Troy and Gabriella came rushing in from different doors, dressed in their outfits from previous activities. I have to admit, when they started singing, I couldn't help nodding to the song. (A/N: Watch when you can catch a glimpse of them behind the moon; Lucas is nodding to the music!) Afterwards, we went to watch the game, which was exciting. I mean, I'm not a jock myself, but I did support my school.

After Sharpay congratulated them, Zeke ran up to her, and tried to give her cookies, again. She refused, but I took them, while congratulating Zeke on the game. I met up with Sharpay in the hall, and after some time, when almost everyone was out of the gym, she relented, and decided to try on of the cookies. She took one bite; her eyes opened wide, and she ran back into the gym, where I'm guessing Zeke was. Everyone else, including Sharpay and Zeke ended up going to the after-party, so I knew I would be left out, so I didn't even bother going. Sharpay didn't even notice that I hadn't been there, because she was going on about how awesome Zeke and his cookies were. She didn't even realize it, but I was the reason they even got together.

So there you have it. That is just about all I have to say for now, until something else happens. Everyone ended up as one big gang. I'm included, but everyone basically ignores me. Oh well. That's life I guess.

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