Last chappie. That's all I'm gonna say for now.

R- Um wow.

S- You could say that again.

C- Wow.

T- Who would have thought?

G- No kidding!

Tr- This is really cool!

Z- That's for sure!!

J- We're gonna be famous for being in a movie, and now also for being published authors!!

R- All because Sharpay had to steal my notebook, which is my personal property.

S- I wouldn't have stolen it if you hadn't left it in such an obvious place.

C- Didn't we go over this already?

T- Yeah, we're supposed to be writing an epilogue for our story.

G- Well, it wouldn't be our story if we weren't acting as weird as we normally do.

Tr- Ha that's very true!

Z- So we're supposed to sum the story up in this epi……..thing?

J- It wasn't even that long of a story.

R- Yeah but Kenny liked it; kinda a behind-the-scenes thing.

S- Ryan that's it!!! You found the perfect name!! Behind the Scenes! But because we kinda stole your notebook and all, I personally think it should be Behind the Scenes: With Ryan Evans!

R- ………… wow. No offence or anything, but that is the last thing I would have ever expected you to say Sharpay.

S- I have my moments.

R- Very rare of course.

S- I just offer to name the book after you, and you insult me?!?!?! What did I do to deserve this?

R- Do you really want me to answer that question?

S- BOYS!!!!!

C- Hey guys? How about saving your fighting for later, like when your not writing that epithingy for a book that hundreds of people are gonna be reading, and let us do some talking too?

T- Okay, boys: it's called an "epilogue."

G- Well, not everyone can't be as smart as us Tay:D

Tr- Ha, I didn't call it the wrong name!!

T- If I hadn't corrected them, you probably would have.

K- Okay guys focus.

R- Thank you Kelsi. Well, that's our story so far. Our next adventure is summer. I don't know what everyone else is gonna be doing, but me and Sharpay are going to go to New York for a while, then go to our family's country club.

G- Relaxing, trying to find a job, and making this summer last for me. Oh and Ryan? It's "Sharpay and I."

R- Thank you Ms. Brainiac.

Tr- Hoops camp for us on the b-ball team, then looking for jobs as well.

C- Not to mention an entire 3 months to do whatever we want without worrying about getting detention from Ms. Darbus.

Z- Word man! And I get to work on some new recipes I found online.

J- Dude if you found them online that probably means that at least one of them is instructions on how to make a natural-ingredient based bomb.

T-……wow Jason I didn't know you knew such big words.

J- I saw it on one of my mom's nutrition food packages.

G- Well that explains it!!

R- Okay I don't mean to be a wet blanket or anything, but what does this all have to do with the epilogue?

S- Nothing! It's just good fun!

R- Well then you guys go in some chat room, and talk about it there. Thank you guys for contributing, (even though I didn't really want you guys to.) I'll take it from here.

S- Okay Ryan, see ya!

Z- Bye everyone.

Tr- See ya!

J- Remember our names! We're celebrities!

T- Thank you for reading this even though we all got annoying I'm sure.

G- Yeah, but that's part of our charm! Goodbye!

C- Catch ya later!

K- Enjoy this book!

R- Well it's about time! Well they are my friends, so I guess I can't complain. Well, this is it. This book is gonna be published, and tons of people are gonna read it. Thinks: Maybe I should go back and change some embarrassing stuff. Oh it's too late for that? Wonderful. Well, if anything, I blame Sharpay. Anyway, if you have made it this far into the book, I congratulate you; like Taylor said, we get a little annoying. Thank you then for sticking it out for so long. I appreciate it. This hasn't been easy! Well, at least this summer will be nice, peaceful, un-drama-filled, no surprises whatsoever, just us the country club. Hey, maybe there will be some cute girls there this year! Ah well, whatever. Thank you again for reading this and rock on!

Ryan Evans

Well, Behind the Scenes: With Ryan Evans is done. Thank you so much to everyone who's reviewed! You know who you are!!!! I saw HSM2!!! Although he wasn't in there much, when he was, ryan was awesome and hilarious!! Thank you again to everyone!! You rock!!! I need to watch the second movie a little more, but there will be a sequel if you want it. Thanks again!!!

Luv ya!