Hinata smiled contentedly and snuggled into the strong arms of her love.
'I wonder if Sasuke-kun knows how happy he makes me?' She pondered absently. Turning
her head and looking in his direction, she gazed into his distant obsidian eyes.
"Sasuke-kun?" She whispered, seemingly bringing him out of a deep trail of thoughts.
"What are thinking of?"
Sasuke starred into the pale eyes of his timid savior and decided to lie.
"Nothing, Hina-chan."
She smiled at him and placed a hand on his face. "I understand, Sasuke-kun."
She didn't have to say more, they both understood she meant so much more than those
words allowed.
"How did you know, Hina-chan?" He whispered, his lips gently caressing the tip of her ear.
'How did you know I needed you right then? Right then to save me?' Was the question truly
burning in his mind. But he knew she would understand him without too many words.
"I don't know."
A silence fell over the two again. The silence was not uncomfortable at all, more like a
curtain of peace that fell over them, keeping them from the damages of the outside world.
Surprisingly, it was the raven haired Uchiha who broke the silence first.
"Hina-chan, how long do you think we can last, like this, I mean?" He asked solemly.
Hinata looked up at him, pearl met obsidian and she could see the doubt in his eyes.
"I... don't know, Sasuke-kun... I-I want to stay like this... forever." She lowered her glance
and added quietly. "With you..."
He buried his face in her hair before he spoke again. "Hina-chan..."
She said nothing and he turned his head slightly so his words were slightly less muffled as
he continued. "I don't know... how long this will last... But, if we still love each other like this,
when we're older, will you..."
He paused and gently cupped her chin, lifting her face to meet his eyes. "Will you..."
"What, Sasuke-kun?" Hinata frowned now, Sasuke didn't speak much. But she had never seen
him stumble on words like this. He took her hand in his and leaning so that his lips were only
inches away from her ear whispered softly.
"Hina-chan... Will you marry me?"
Hinata's eyes widened, but then her expression of shock softened into a beautiful smile and
he wrapped her arms tightly around Sasuke's neck. She gave no answer other than this,
but she didn't have to. They both knew what she had meant, for her happiness then,
her love for the man in her arms.
Those were things that words could never say.