A/N: About late in the summer last year, I discovered a book by Neil Gaiman called Neverwhere. So you pretty much have to read the book to understand these drabbles. It's a pretty awesome book, though my favorite characters are the two cutthroats – Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar. I decided to write drabbles about them. They're a bit longer than the usual 100-word drabbles.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. So don't be hatin', now. All due disclaimers.

Spoiler Warning: This references to some spoilers in the very end of the book, just to warn you.

Bloody Blades: Croup and Vandemar Drabbles

By: animeartist1

The Return of Croup and Vandemar

He arose in the darkness, stretching out his long, thick – yet bony – limbs as he tilted his head back and howled. A shorter, orange-haired man who resembled a fox followed, climbing out of the dust.

"Mr. Vandemar…" The orange haired man grinned, showing his pointy, yellow teeth. "Can you believe this?"

Vandemar, the first one to arise, gave a low grumble, "I believe I don't, Mr. Croup."

Mr. Croup spoke again, "I've realized something."

"And what is that?"

"We don't die, Mr. Vandemar. We simply don't die." He shook his head.

Mr. Vandemar grumbled in agreement as he stuffed his hands in his pocket, finally remembering that he had put a dead mouse in there before they came to Islington days before. He was getting hungry.

"I suggest we must get back to London. There are many more throats to cut and lots more blood to spill. I can feel it screaming our names," Croup said.

The two cutthroats made their way from the darkness of nowhere, determined to go back to London and continue with their bloody career.

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