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Chapter 3

Getting To Know Each Other

-On Deck-

Zuko is on deck meditating, Katara walks on and sees him and ignores him and practices her waterbending. Zuko opens one eye and closes it.

"Good morning." He greeted her with little or no emotion.

"Good Morning." Replied Katara.

"Did you sleep well?" Asked Zuko trying to keep up the conversation

"Well as well can be expected since I'm sleeping on a Fire Nation ship." Replied Katara. Zuko laughed at Katara's remark then continued mediating.

"That's understandable." Zuko said with a slight smile.

Katara starts practicing again and Zuko watches her fail again at her attempt of the water whip. Zuko smiles at the similarity between firebending and waterbending.

"Try shifting your weight through the stances." Offered Zuko. Katara hits Zuko with a wall of water for the unwanted advice.

"You know I'm right! Just try it!" Zuko said spiting out water. Katara glares and attempts the water whip again while shifting her weight through the stances like Zuko told her to and succeeds.

"I told you." Zuko said gloating. Katara glared and hit him with the water whip. Zuko reeled back in pain and glared at Katara.

"What was that for?!" Zuko demanded. Katara pretended to be deep in thought.

"I don't know yet, I'll tell you when I find out." Katara replied. Zuko glared at her and returned to meditating. Iroh joins them on deck.

"Good morning." Iroh greeted them.

"Good morning." Katara and Zuko said while practicing. Iroh watches them practice and gets an idea.

"You two should practice together." Iroh said sneakily. Katara dropped the water she was bending and looked at Iroh like he was insane. Zuko looked up from meditating and glared.

"Excuse me!?" Asked Zuko extremely surprised. Iroh just shrugged.

"It would be good for both of you." Replied Iroh.

"I don't think so." Replied Zuko.

"Yeah like I would ever want to train with him!" Stated Katara.

"Yeah and why would I want to practice with a peasant?" Zuko said. Katara glared at him and hit him with a water whip and her eyes turn cold. Zuko glares at her and throws a fireball back at her. Iroh sits back and smiles, his plan was working out perfectly. Katara hits Zuko with a wave of water, Zuko takes out fire whips and accidentally hits Katara in the arm and immediately stops ashamed.

"I'm sorry." Zuko said staring at her arm

"Yeah right!" Katara scoffed at him. Zuko frowns.

"You should practice some more I don't want to hurt you." Zuko said as he started to walk away. Katara glared at his back and sent a wave that knocks him over. Zuko slowly stood up and faced Katara. "What was that for?!" Yelled Zuko.

"Your nation took my mother and possibly my father away from me you couldn't possibly hurt me anymore." Katara Yelled back. Zuko glared at her and started walking away.

"Don't make the mistake of thinking you are the only one who has lost something to the Fire Nation. Zuko yelled back at her before he left. After a long awkward silence Iroh walked up to Katara.

"This is not going to be easy." He stated. When Katara didn't answer him he kept talking. "Did you have to make it more difficult?" He accused.

"He called me a peasant he deserved it." Katara replied finally. Iroh sighed and shook his head.

"Some things you must learn to ignore." He told her softly. "I know." Katara sighed in defeat. Iroh sees Zuko on the walking near the bow of the ship. "Why don't you try to fix it?" Iroh said looking at Zuko.

"I knew you were going to say that." Katara complained. Iroh smiled and pushed her toward Zuko and went back inside to find some tea. Katara cautiously walked up to Zuko.

"I just wanted to say I guess my temper got the best of me earlier and I'm sorry." Katara admitted to Zuko. Zuko looked down at her surprised.

"Yes it did... I understand though I wasn't entirely pleasant either. I'll forgive you if you forgive me." Zuko said down at her.

"I forgive you." Katara told him.

"Then I forgive you too." Zuko said with a hint of a smile, Katara returned the smile.

"Lunch is served." Iroh announced coming out of nowhere. Katara blinked in surprised.

"Ok." Was all she could think of as a reply. Zuko smiled and offered her his arm Katara took his arm reluctantly.

-Later that night-

Zuko walked Katara to her room.

"See we can be civil to each other." Katara said making conversation.

"That's true but that doesn't mean it is easy." Zuko replied with a smile. They had, had a pleasant evening and had begun to become friends. And Katara had begun to wonder if she miss judged him. They stopped by her door and stood there awkwardly .

"Well goodnight." Zuko said shyly.

"Goodnight." Katara said as she quickly went into her room suddenly embarrassed.

"Wait." Zuko said hesitantly. Katara turned around slowly not to give away her eagerness.

"What?" she asked innocently. Zuko paused.

"Um... nothing." Katara looked away disappointed and started to close the door. Pushing away his pride Zuko leaned down and softly kissed her lips and smiled.

"Goodnight." and walked away. Katara froze surprised for a moment then smiled and closed the door.