Bad Timing

Bad timing was their curse. It got in the way every single time that they began to get close and was always there to break them apart and scream at them that they weren't meant to be; that they were destined to be alone or with someone else entirely. It was their curse and it followed them like the plague.

It didn't look like it was going to end any time soon, either.

Ava had confronted Johnny and finally told him how she felt and he had brushed her off. Sure, it was bad timing on her part, seeing as it had just been Mona's funeral and the pain was still fresh, but in a strange sense it had felt right and they had almost kissed!

And it wasn't like she was trying to pick him up at a funeral! They had known each other for almost their entire lives and had had feelings for each other for a lot of that time, anyway. She was only taking some of her own advice and giving him a little push.

But it hadn't worked out.

They were still alone, still apart. They remained in two pieces of a whole, never to be complete without the other. At the rate their relationship was going, there would never be a 'them' and they'd spend eternity missing their other half.

Their curse of bad timing had struck again.