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Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 1999

Paul Hodge knocked on the door of the house in the Lake Nokomis neighborhood. He waited, and knocked again.

"Jeeze, Paul, impatient much?" Ash asked, opening the door.

"Well if you're going to be bratty I just WON'T give you your congratulations card," he said, putting the card back behind his back.

"Awww, come on," she whined, grabbing for it. "I was just commenting on the fact that you are so eager on getting in the house." He smiled, and handed her the card.

"It's from me and Lucy," he said, referring to his fiancée. She opened it as they walked inside.

" 'To Ash, congratulations on graduating AND being a published author. You're officially a writer. Paul and Lucy'. Paul, it's just a doofy local teen writers magazine," she said, and he shrugged.

"Published is published," he said. "You'll be given your check AFTER you graduate tomorrow afternoon. Where are your parents?"

"Out for a walk with Addison."

"Well I'll wait until they get home so I can say hi," Paul said. "How is Adrian?"

"He's good," Ash said. "Totally jealous that I'm published and he isn't yet."

"You're so competitive." She shrugged, and the front door opened.

"Is that Paul's car in the drive?" Jackie called.

"Yep!" Paul called back. Jackie and Hyde walked into the den, her arm resting over her slightly protruding stomach and Hyde holding their two year old daughter Addison in his arms.

"Your husband wanted this Zeppelin CD back," Paul said, handing Hyde the CD. "I was also just here to congratulate Ash on being published."

"AGAIN, it's just a dumb teen lit magazine," she said, holding it up.

"Well you may not be impressed but I know I am," Jackie said, kissing her daughter on the head. Ash opened it up, and turned to the page she was on.

"What was the story about?" Hyde asked, setting Addi down.

"A group of teenagers who are traveling on a lone highway and are followed by a sadistic sheriff who wants to kill them all," she said. The adults all exchanged glances. "It's kind of Clive Barker-esque. But here's the BEST part. Look at my name." They all looked at the name. 'Ashleigh Burkhart-Hyde'. Hyde smiled, and kissed her on the head.

"That's how it's going to be read tomorrow at graduation," Ash stated, proudly. "I pulled some strings, and if Addison and the next one are Hydes, I may as well at least add it to my name."

"I like that train of thought," Paul said.

Adrian knocked on the door, and Ash waved at him.

"Hi Adrian!" she said, and he hugged her.

"Hey Leigh," he stated, and made sure to not kiss her in front of Hyde. Hyde liked Adrian, he just didn't like Adrian macking on his daughter. "Hi Mr. and Mrs. Hyde. Paul. Addison." Addison waved at him, and Adrian held out a wrapped gift.

"What is this?" Ash asked.

"A congrats on graduating tomorrow gift," he said. "And a congrats on going to the U with me gift."

"… Aaaaand a congrats on being PUBLISHED gift?" she asked, accepting it. Adrian wrinkled his nose at her, and she opened it. "Awww…. Mom! Dad! Paul! He got me 'A Clockwork Orange' in hardcover!"

"It's a rare one," Adrian said. "One of the originals. I had to scour the used bookstores to find it."

"How…. Sweet," Jackie said, still unable to understand the young love these two shared. Though not completely, she admitted to herself as Hyde slinked his arm around her waist. "Adrian, would you like to stay for dinner? And Paul?"

"Well, Lucy IS working late tonight," Paul said, and Adrian shrugged.

"Sure," Adrian said. "Thanks Mrs. Hyde."

"I'm going to go put this in my room," Ash said, and ran up the steps. She put it on her bookshelf, and noticed something on her desk. She walked over, and saw a wrapped gift. She unwrapped it, and smiled. A pair of aviator sunglasses, her Dad's sunglasses, were in the paper.

"Like em?" Hyde asked, leaning against the doorframe.

"I'm sorry, aren't these your favorite glasses?" she asked.

"If you haven't noticed I haven't worn them in a long time," he said. "And I thought they could use a good home. All aloof college kids need glasses that make you-."

"Soulless?" she asked.

"Yep," he stated, smiling that smirky smile that she smiled right back. "And besides…. I don't need them anymore." She nodded, and threw her arms around her Dad.

"Thank you, Dad," she said. "Not just for the glasses, you know." He nodded.

"I know, kiddo."

They went back downstairs as Paul and Adrian were setting the table. She was wearing the glasses, and Adrian burst out laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" she asked, gruffly.

"Nothing," he said, though by his voice she could tell her was laughing about something. "It's nothing, Leigh. You look like Peter Fonda in Easy Rider, but really, it's-."

"Adrian, shut yer trap," she snapped, and he closed his mouth, a grin unable to hide itself. Jackie and Hyde stared at their daughter and her boyfriend.

"Dear GOD they're us," Jackie whispered to him, picking up Addison.

"Let's hope he doesn't leave town and sixteen years later she has a kid," he joked, and she laughed as they walked into the kitchen to cook dinner.

As Ash sat at the table with her arms across her chest, Adrian handed her a glass of water as a peace offering. She looked at him, and took it. He knew they were fine, so he grinned to himself and sat next to her. She didn't say anything, but did kiss him quickly.

"You love me," he stated, triumphantly.

"Yes well don't go spreading that around," she muttered, smiling at him and looking a lot like her Dad in the glasses.

"Oh I've told everyone," he said.


"The Jerk you love."

"…. The Jerk I love," she repeated, and smiled as she took his hand under the table.

Clearly she got the best of both parents.