Never Happened

He swept her into his arms, pulling her close and kissing her hair in relief. In response, her arms came around his waist and held on.

He had almost lost her because of a stupid heist gone wrong. She had almost died because of him. But she hadn't. She was safe now. And he knew that he'd never let anything like it happen again.

She stayed in his arms for what felt like an eternity, letting him trail soft kisses down her neck as he tried to kiss away the pain. It did nothing to wipe the memories of torture from her mind, but offered the promise of tomorrow, a luxury she hadn't expected to have hours earlier as her captors had beaten her mercilessly with dirty grins on their faces while she cried out.

Later, they would deny comforting each other. To do otherwise would potentially lead to more and they couldn't let themselves have more.

Later, both would say it never happened.

But for now, they found peace in each other's arms.