Return To Edora

Prompt: #032 Power // Ability, Function, Energy, Strength, Authorize

Notes: Written for scifi five

Major Samantha Carter had never dreaded a mission with SG-1 as much as she did this one. Since she had learned the details of it at the briefing the day before, she had been wracked with anxiety…and fear.

She felt like her ability to function properly was impaired by lack of sleep the previous night – she had been kept awake for hours, due to her seemingly never ending thoughts of what the mission entailed. She had spent so much time worrying about it that she had forgotten her notes when she had left for the SGC that morning and had had to turn around and go back for them. She hated when that happened! Fortunately, it rarely did. Unfortunately, it just had to happen today of all days.

After what felt like hours, she had finally arrived at the SGC, only to find that the mission had been pushed up and they were leaving an hour early.

Now, while she waited for one of the gate technicians, most likely Siler, to activate the gate, she wanted to throw up. She needed to throw up. She had no energy; no strength to go through the gate and face what she knew she had to face.

She couldn't stand the thought that she'd be there.

"Carter?" Jack prompted her softly, breaking her from her tormenting thoughts.

Sam glanced up and forced a smile onto her face. "Yes, sir?" she asked, her voice sounding small and thin even to herself.

Jack regarded her for a moment before shaking his head. "Nothing." He attempted to give her an encouraging smile, but it was more of a grimace than anything. Glancing over at Daniel and Teal'c who were talking quietly amongst themselves, he made up his mind and turned back to Sam.

"Well, actually…" he started, just as Siler's voice came over the loudspeaker, "I…"

"Chevron one encoded," Siler stated as the klaxons spurred to life. Loudly.

Sam wrinkled her nose and studied Jack's face. "Sir?"

Jack waited for Siler to announce the seventh chevron locking before he continued. He began to walk with Sam by his side towards the gate, hanging back from the rest. "Carter, is everything okay?"

Taking a moment to gather her thoughts and form a coherent and sufficient excuse, Sam nodded and smiled weakly at her CO. "Yes, sir. Everything is great." She hated lying to him, but really, what else could she do? If he knew the real reason behind her…nervousness…and strange behaviour…she didn't even want to think about that!

She watched as Jack quietly accepted her answer although she could tell he didn't quite believe that she was all right and then followed him through the gate, glancing back as she did.

She so wasn't looking forward to this mission!

General Hammond had authorised SG-1 to go back to Edora.