Weight Of The World

Prompt: #002. Hail
Notes: Written for 12 stories.

Max stared out the window of Logan's apartment as chunks of ice the size of golf balls fell from the sky and sped like bullets towards the soaked earth below. The impact of the ice hitting ground caused drifts of dust to fly up into the already polluted air.

The hailstorm had hit early that evening as they had settled in for dinner and hours later, it still hadn't let up. If it kept on going on like it had been for much longer, it looked like Max would have to stay the night – not that that was a bad thing. Really. It wasn't like anything would happen. Nope. Not a damn thing!

"Hungry?" Logan asked her, breaking the silence and gesturing towards the leftovers that they had left sitting on the table. He offered her a grim smile as he noticed her expression. "Oh, come on. It'll let up. And if it doesn't, you know you can stay here." Exactly what she was afraid of. He wheeled himself over to where she was standing and stopped beside her.

"I know," Max replied softly. She continued to stare out the window, enjoying the feeling of Logan's presence by her side. Just the knowledge that he was there was comforting, and she felt a small part of herself warm to him.

It was something that she rarely allowed herself to do. Letting her guard down could cost her life. Or worse. She could forget to stay alert and Lydecker could capture her. That was a fate she didn't even want to imagine.

Her mind raced over the possibilities automatically and she tensed visibly, arms coming up to wrap around her chest. Logan noticed immediately and moved closer, placing a hand on her arm. "Hey," he soothed. "Take a break from it all. Just relax."

Max nodded slowly and uncertainly, and looked over at him again. "Sorry. I just…" she faded out as he smiled in understanding and their eyes locked. Almost unconsciously, she found herself moving closer until her lips met his and their hands intertwined.

When they pulled away minutes later, the hail had ceased its pounding and the weight of the world had left Max's shoulder, if not forever than just for awhile.