Chapter 1



Matt jerked awake, startled, and sat up in bed, pushing against the chest of the man attacking him.

"It's me." Rob shook Matt's shoulders, bringing him to full awareness.

Hearing Rob's voice, Matt halted his actions and blinked a few times in the dark. It was Rob holding him. Taking a deep breath, he let it out in a relieved sigh, willing his pulse to slow back down. Why couldn't he become lucid and realize he was dreaming while he was dreaming?

Rob released Matt's shoulders and ran a soothing hand down the back of his hair. "You with me Midnight?"

Matt nodded, staring into the darkness. "Yeah. Sorry, didn't mean to wake you."

Rob lightly nudged him to get his attention. "Was it that dream again?"

Matt bit his bottom lip, trying to recall the faded images. "I guess. I can't remember so it must have been."

Rob regarded him silently for a moment then laid back down and opened up his arms. "Come here."

Matt smiled at him. As nice as it would be to lie in Rob's arms, he leaned over and placed a light kiss on his cheek instead.

"Thanks, but I'm gonna go make some coffee." He climbed out of bed and grabbed his jeans off the floor, proceeding to dress.

Rob looked at the clock on the nightstand. "It's only 4am."

Matt pulled on his shirt. "We have to get up in an hour anyway to pick up Jeff and Chris, if we're gonna make it to the airport in time. Besides, I'm wide awake." He headed toward the bedroom door, pausing long enough to look over his shoulder. "Go back to sleep. I'll wake you when it's time."

"Okay." Rob replied, yawning.

He rolled over and nestled into Matt's pillow, inhaling his sweet scent of coconut shampoo and cocobutter soap. He wasn't too worried about Matt's strange dreams. It was no surprise he had them, considering the events of the past. Still, that was a long time ago and the dreams had eventually diminished.

So what could have suddenly brought this one on? There might be an explanation if Matt could ever remember them, but he never could. Rob had woke him up many times and each time Matt would be startled with fear, yet could honestly never say why.

Rob sighed, his pondering mind preventing any notion of returning to sleep. Coffee sounded kinda good anyway.

Matt sat at the table of his North Carolina home, head propped up in his hand, watching the coffee drip into the pot. Despite what he'd told Rob, he was dead-ass tired, but not enough to where he wanted to go back to sleep again.

The dream was probably just a random one out of the blue and no big deal, still he didn't want to experience it anymore then he had too.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, he had a feeling it had something to do with a particular individual. Sighing, Matt pushed the thought away. It was all in the past and none of it mattered anymore. He had a new life now and someone to share it with.

Right now they were enjoying a few days off together. This was Rob's first stay in Cameron and Matt had every intention of showing him the sights, what little there were, but so far all Rob had really seen was the bedroom. Not that it was a bad thing.

It was hard finding time alone when traveling on the road. Even though they shared motel rooms, after the matches they were both too tired to do anything more then collapse on the bed.

Rob set a cup of coffee on the table. "Thought you were wide awake?" He mused.

Matt raised his head from his folded arms, surprised he'd fallen asleep. "Shit! What time is it?"

"Don't worry." Rob pushed the cup in front of Matt. "It's only 4:30."

Matt brought the cup to his lips and closed his eyes, deeply inhaling the rich aroma. "Maybe I am a little tired, but an hour wouldn't have helped much. What I need is a full day of sleep."

Rob moved behind him and started massaging his shoulders. "Guess we really haven't slept much in the past few days, huh?" He chuckled.

Matt let his head fall forward, his muscles turning to putty beneath Rob's hands. "Maybe if we'd left the house, at least once." He murmured.

Rob placed a soft kiss on the nape of Matt's neck. "Can't help it if I've got skills." He said cockily, before going over to pour his own cup of coffee.

Matt gave an amused snort and returned his chin to his hand, watching Rob. You've defiantly got skills and proud of them, he thought. It still amazed him how he could end up falling for such an egomaniac.

Jeff was always telling him, it was because they were so much alike, but what did he know? Matt loved his little brother and all, but Jeff was the only person he knew who could trip over a cordless phone.

However it happened, it happened, and Matt couldn't imagine not being with him. As Rob doctored up the coffee, loading it with cream and sugar, Matt pondered how someone could have such an affect on him.

Before Rob, everything was great. Life was good with no complaints. Now it was like, how had he managed to live all that time without him?

Rob stirred the coffee, taking his time and making sure everything was blended perfectly, just like he did with other things. Every graceful move of Rob's hands was always perfect.

Have I ever told you, you have the most incredible hands, Matt silently asked. He pushed back his chair and stood, feeling a sudden desire stir within him. How are you able to make me react in such ways?

Rob smiled when Matt approached him from behind and circled his arms around his waist. Matt's warm breath moistened a spot behind his ear, followed by the brush of the softest lips imaginable.

Damn, Rob thought, feeling his own blood start to stir. Do you have any idea what you do to me? Concentrating on the even the simplest tasks were made difficult with Matt standing so near. He looked over his shoulder and saw Matt's innocent little pout turn into a sexy little smirk. You know exactly what you do, Rob realized.

Matt gestured, toward the cup Rob was holding. "Looks a little hot. Why don't you let it cool down a little." He suggested in a low tone, raising an eyebrow.

Rob just looked at him. "Are you talking about the coffee or you?"

Matt laughed and stepped back so Rob could turn around. Rob held the cup to his own lips and blew on it, before offering it to Matt. "Take a sip. It's nice and sweet."

Matt dryly shook his head, taking the cup, and Rob couldn't help but smile. Matt still got amused at what he considered 'silly' little gestures, but Rob liked to do them anyway. He liked kissing the end of Matt's nose and watching him roll his eyes, like it was too sappy or something, yet Matt never told him to stop.

He liked hugging Matt in front of people and hearing him groan as though, he couldn't stand public displays of affection, still Matt never pulled away and Rob would see the corners of his mouth turn up every time. Matt simply refused to admit he was a big-ass sap himself.

"Not too bad." Matt complimented, after tasting the coffee.

Rob chuckled at Matt's nod of approval, like a professor nodding his approval to a student. However, Matt was just innocently that way. People who didn't know him well, made the mistake of calling his actions condescending, but Rob knew him and found his actions endearing.

"Glad you approve." Taking the cup from Matt's hand, Rob set it aside and wrapped his arms around the younger man's slender waist.

Matt reached up and laced his fingers around Rob's neck. "I approve of anything you do." He whispered.

Rob felt his temperature rise, seeing Matt's midnight eyes turn even darker as an expression of his desire. He didn't want to be possessive, but couldn't help tightening his hold, knowing Matt's eyes only darkened for him.

Matt leaned against Rob, never noticing the cold in his body, until Rob's was warming him up. He reached under Rob's arms and held the back of his shoulders so Rob could fully wrap him up.

Laying his head against Rob, Matt lingered for a moment, waiting to feel the light tickling of Rob's nose in his hair. As much as he hated his curly hair, he liked the feel of Rob indulging in it, which sent a chill of goosebumps to the back of his neck every time.

Rob's strong steadily hands stroked his back, taking away the chill and bringing forth the weird little sound he would hear himself make, but couldn't help it. Somehow, Rob managed to always bring it out of him.

Rob smiled, loving Matt's exotic purr and daring anyone to find a sound more sexy. He gently pushed Matt back and cupped his beautiful face, daring anyone to find a look more smoldering.

He pressed his lips over Matt's, wanting to taste him. It's not as though Matt ever tasted any different. Then again, crack to a dope fiend was probably never different either, yet there was always the need for more.

He sucked on Matt's full lips, reminding himself again, Matt had to have been made for him. Why else would Matt's mouth fit so perfectly together with his? Why else would Matt's hands rest on the perfect spot on the back of his head?

Matt crushed their mouths together as though starving, but not from food. He opened up wider, inviting Rob deeper inside then sucked hungrily on his tongue. Rob would always be what he craved.

Rob's tight hold was taking away what was left of his breath, but he didn't complain. If anything, he complained at the lightheadedness he felt, because he knew he'd have to break the kiss or pass out.

Rob gripped the sides of Matt's shirt and pulled the material out of his jeans. Matt broke the kiss, raising his arms so Rob could pull it off over his head then stood while Rob's eyes mentally caressed the naked flesh which was now revealed to him.

Rob placed his hand on the curve of Matt's back, pulling him closer, while his other hand tugged on the midnight tresses.

Matt obediently tilted his head back, letting Rob break the rubber band and fan out the curls with his fingers. Rob firmly gripped Matt's hair, holding him in place, while venturing his lips into the crook of Matt's graceful neck.

Have I ever told you, you have the most incredible mouth, Matt wondered, letting out a long sigh. Moving his hands beneath the front of Rob's shirt, he grazed his thumbnails over Rob's nipples. He pulled and pinched them, feeling Rob moan against his skin, until the little buds were hard and sore.

He knew Rob liked the treatment, especially when Rob knew, he was going to ease the pain. Almost reluctantly, Matt made Rob release the suction hold on his neck. He pulled off Rob's shirt and turned him around, making him walked backwards until he was leaning against the table.

Matt lowered his head and set to work on easing Rob's sore nipples. He gently drew one of the hard buds into his mouth, soothing it with his nurturing tongue.

Rob gripped the edge of the table, the hardness growing between his legs as Matt moved to the next nipple and gave it the same caring treatment. He buried his hand in Matt's silky hair and pulled him back up, claiming another kiss. Then he gave Matt's backside an extra sharp swat, causing Matt to gasp into his mouth and jump against him. Feeling Matt's arousal, hard and pressed to his own, Rob unbuttoned Matt's jeans and pushed a hand inside.

Matt released Rob's mouth, his heavy breathing making the need for air greater as Rob slowly stroked him back and forth. He couldn't stop his pelvis from jerking against the warm hand and grabbed Rob's wrist, pulling it out of his jeans.

Rob smiled a smug smile, obviously enjoying how he could sometimes control Matt's body better than Matt could. Matt narrowed his eyes, but couldn't help but smile back. No one, other than Rob, would ever be allowed to have such control.

A bottle of cooking oil sat on the table, left over from last night's dinner. Turning over Rob's hand, Matt grabbed the oil and dribbled some into his palm. He was trying to concentrate on what he was doing, but still managed to spill some on the floor, as Rob nipped and played with the sensitivities of his neck.

Rob rubbed his hands together and resumed the kiss as well as his hand actions, only this time, he moved his hands down the back of Matt's jeans. Firmly and sensually, he squeezed Matt's backside a few times, before ghosting his finger over the entrance.

Matt's kiss deepened with anticipation and impatience, but Rob always had to tease him until finally, he bit down on Rob's lip, indicating for him to hurry the hell up.

Getting the hint, Rob inserted his finger and thrust rhythmically inside, his desire heating up at the sound of his dark lover's purring moans. He inserted another finger and his desire burned hotter, feeling Matt's slick warm entrance and knowing he'd be inside him soon.

Leaning back more on the table, Rob cupped his free hand behind Matt's knee and brought his leg up to rest on the table and halfway straddle him. Having better access to stretch Matt out, he pushed his fingers in deeper, moving the tips over the swelled prostate.

Rob's skin was already glistening from the intimacy of their touch and Matt, unable to keep himself still, wet it even more with the licks and bites he placed all over Rob's neck, shoulders, and arms.

Rob now had three fingers working inside him and lightened his touch, in order to calm Matt's withering body down. Matt's breathing against his flesh had long turned erratic and Rob removed his fingers, giving Matt's cheek a last squeeze, then allowing him to lower his leg.

Hooking his thumbs in Matt's jeans and boxers, Rob moved them the rest of the way down. He went slow so his hands could glide over Matt's hips and legs, appreciating the toned curves and defined muscles, acquired through years of hard work and discipline.

Matt stepped out of his cloths and kicked them aside then suddenly, grabbed Rob's belt and jerked him forward.

His fingers fumbled as he hastily unfastened Rob's belt and jeans, more than ready to get past the floor-play. He bent quickly, hearing his own knees pop, practically ripping Rob's pants down.

Pulling out a chair, Matt pushed Rob down on it and climbed over him to straddle his lap. Looking down, he could see Rob's hard cock dripping for him. Dripping for him as much as he dripped for Rob.

Matt grabbed the oil again, poured some into his own hand and massaged it onto Rob's hard taunt muscle. Paying Rob back for all his teasing, he took his time rubbing it on him, while Rob worked to keep himself still.

"Midnight." Rob gasped weakly, his need showing clearly on his strained face.

Matt sucked in a breath, watching him then smiled, knowing he held the same control over Rob. Releasing his hold, he moved his hands to Rob's shoulders and stood over him then closed his eyes and slowly lowered himself onto Rob's hardness.

Rob squeezed his own eyes shut, while he aided Matt, feeling the tip of his cock slide inside, and total will power alone kept him from bucking up and hurting him. He grit his teeth as Matt carefully sank himself down, inch by inch, until he was all the way down on Rob's lap.

Matt took a few moments, adjusting to Rob's girth, and Rob used the time to calm himself down. Sensing Matt's mellow mood, he wrapped his arms around him, holding him in a loving embrace.

The roughness their intimacy could take on, Rob had yet to figure out. He didn't think Matt could be considered a masochist, despite the ways he liked to be forced. Matt would beg to be dominated, but refused to be mastered. He gave himself willingly, but refused to be owned.

Rob wasn't sure if he could be considered a sadist, despite how he treated Matt. As harsh as he was, he could never bring himself to give Matt that kind of pain. Matt's secret fetish was a mysterious game he loved to play. And the more Matt fought him, the more Rob ravished him, hoping it wasn't wrong that he loved to play it too.

Still, as much as Rob liked the game, he found he loved Matt in moments like these more. Moments where Matt would fall into a mood that's soft and gentle, allowing Rob to hold him with a tenderness that didn't leave a bruise.

Finally, Matt started to move and Rob pulled him closer, knowing that's what Matt wanted. In these moments, Matt would rather be held and get off by the friction of rubbing his cock against his abs. That was more than cool with Rob. There was nothing more exhilarating than the feel of Matt getting off on him.

Matt moved himself up and down while Rob's hands stroked his back as only he could. Rob held himself still, or tried too, so Matt could be the only one moving and create more of the friction he craved. Rob pulled Matt's head back and started sucking on his silky neck, causing Matt to move faster.

Rob lowered his hands, grasping Matt's hips to slow his actions down, but Matt was already too far-gone. Having angled himself to where the tip of Rob's cock was continuously hitting his spot, he rode wildly until the actions became too much for Rob to bear.

Rob bucked up into him and hugged his arms tighter around Matt, while groaning heavily against his neck then bit down hard, before he could stop himself. Matt gasped and let out an animalistic cry, the pain setting off his release.

Rob could barley hold Matt's slick shuddering body, while the contractions of Matt's muscles milked out his own release, washing him away on waves of pleasure that only Matt could create.

Moments passed, when Rob finally came down from his high and he pushed Matt's hair back, looking into his beautiful face. Into his beautiful midnight eyes, surrounded by the sooty lush lashes. Matt smiled at him and absently rubbed the spot on his neck where Rob had bit him, as he always seemed to do.

"Sorry." Rob smiled back sheepishly. "I never mean to do that."

Matt tossed his damp curls with a light laugh. "Have you ever heard me complain?"

Rob chuckled and held Matt's hips, helping him to lift up and free himself. Matt returned to Rob's lap and into his strong steady embrace, more than content to stay there and skip the trip back to the real world.

The figure stood hidden behind a bush outside, watching the couple through the window. He licked his cracked dry lips, impressed with the darker man's performance.

But then again, he'd seen him perform before, and a chuckle escaped past his lips at the memory.

Eyes glinting with a silent threat, he turned away from the window and crept back into the shadows, before twilight began. Not yet, but soon. He would make his move very soon.