Attention To Detail

Prompt: #005 Invisible waves
Notes: Written for 2x5obsessions. Can be read as a stand-alone or as a tie-in for "Insignificant Details".

The air was warm, invisible waves of brilliant white-gold sunlight were pouring down, and a gentle breeze had taken to lifting leaves from the ground and releasing them again mere seconds later, only to let them fall back into the air as it started its cycle again.

It was what Elizabeth believed the dictionary definition of a perfect day was and she found herself staring off into the distance, her mind grasping neither sound, nor idea for more than a moment before shifting on to something new.

Voices around her blurred and colours merged into each other like a watercolour painting. She let it all happen, finding the lack of colour rejuvenating for want of a better word. She felt safe. Calm. Alive.

She felt real.

The colours eventually began to improve in intensity and the once fuzzy edges of objects came into focus once more, vibrant and somewhat bolder than ever before. Everything that had been eerily surreal before was the opposite: sharp and distinct.

A single moment of clarity, which may have lasted just seconds or a couple of minutes, flashed before her eyes right then and it finally hit her. She finally saw through the barriers to the truth she hadn't even realised she'd been keeping under a veil.

She saw into her heart and saw her true desires, once hidden from even herself. Crashing back to the present, her eyes widened.

She had feelings for John Sheppard.