Insignificant Details

Prompt: #007 Fallen Leaves
Notes: Written for 7rainbowprompts.

Flakes of orange and brown danced along in the wind, swirling aimlessly in half circles and making sharp turns every so often as the breeze softened and hardened in intensity and changed direction.

Elizabeth walked through them without a thought, the gentle crunching underfoot so unnoticeable and irrelevant that it may as well have been an illusion. The leaves didn't matter; they held no importance to her.

One day, before, she may have paused to appreciate the rich carpet-like effect they had on the ground, but not now. Not today. She couldn't. Things had changed and she had other priorities to focus her attention on.

Atlantis was in constant danger and she was in charge. If she let her attention slip away to insignificant details and something happened to the city or it's people, it would all be on her. She couldn't let that happen. She wouldn't!

She would keep on walking through the fallen leaves, paying them no attention, and focus on the bigger issues. She had to make sure that Atlantis, unlike the leaves underfoot, did not wither up and die.