Prompt: #021 Flight

Notes: Written for 100 situations

It had been awhile since Mulder and Scully had been on a plane for official FBI business. Two months and four days to be exact. There had been a lot of paperwork to catch up on, along with some time off from work, which had allowed them to stay in local areas for that time. It was good to get out again though. It always was.

"Sir? Would you like a drink?" A tall blonde hostess broke Mulder from his reverie and he glanced up at her, his bottom lip pulled up under his front teeth. It took a moment for him to fall back into reality and he quickly let his lip go as he snapped awake.

" I'm fine, thanks," he slowly answered, flashing the hostess a grin. She smiled back and had just opened her mouth to speak and no doubt flirt with him, when someone cleared their throat behind them.

Mulder spun around, startled, to see a slightly flushed-looking Scully. Her hair was a tangled mess from the way she had been sitting against the back of the chair earlier and the icy defiance that glinted in her eyes suggested that he was in for a long lecture and a rough ride for the rest of the trip.

"Scully!" Mulder shrunk back, as if he'd been caught watching one of the videos that weren't his. "I didn't see you there!"

"I just went to the bathroom," Scully informed him, studying him sceptically. Her tongue darted out quickly and ran along her lips before she continued, slightly put off by the hostess who hadn't moved from her spot next to Mulder's chair. "I see you've made a new friend," she said, nodding meaningfully at the blonde.

"I…would you like a drink, ma'am?" the blonde quickly covered up. She looked up at Scully expectantly, clearly afraid of what the annoyed agent would say or do to her. Sure, she had served some hard customers before, but Scully…she looked about ready to blow.

Scully brushed her off and silently squeezed past Mulder to sit back in her seat.

"No, no, she'll be fine," Mulder shot the hostess an apologetic look and turned to face his partner. "Won't you, Scully?" He smiled childishly at her, asking for her forgiveness.

Scully stared back at him for a moment before nodding slowly and turning to the blonde. "Yes, thanks. I'm fine."

When the flight hostess was out of sight, Mulder leaned in towards Scully and muttered quietly in her ear. "What was all that about?" He scrunched up his face in confusion and offered her a wounded puppy dog expression, hoping that it would dampen her anger even just the tiniest bit.

Scully just raised an eyebrow at him in a 'you-know-why' sort of way and slumped back into her seat, closing her eyes and ignoring him.

Mulder watched her for a while before realisation hit and the corners of his mouth twitched up in a combination of amusement, smugness and happiness. He continued to watch her as her breathing evened out and she fell asleep.

As she slept on, he moved closer to her again, unable to help himself. "Jealous?" he smirked.