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I wanted it so badly,

I wanted him to show his feelings.

To be like others,

To be happy,



Instead of the remorseful indifference always on his face.

How I wished I was the one he would talk to,

The one to listen to what he felt about life.

And what he wanted to do,

Especially after he defeated Omega.

Like he would talk to me.

He probably thinks I'm an annoying brat,

Like all the others.

None of them take me seriously,

None of them think I can actually listen.

One time!

Only once had I not paid attention,

While Reeve was breifing us.

All of the sudden,

I'm the worst person in the world.

I want to understand him,

To be there for him.

Who was there for him when he needed to save the world?

Certainly not Cloud or Tifa or any of the others.

Who was it?

It was me.

Arguing with Reeve,

To let me go as far into Deepground as possible,

Without an order for withdrawel.

I had gone that far into Deepground,

Just to see him,

To hear his voice.

But I didn't.

Not really anyways.

I did most of the talking.

I was happy when he saved me from Nero,

Maybe he does care.

But then again,

He also saved her.


The one who got him out of his shell.


The one he visits all the time now.


I wish she would just disapper.

But then,

He would be sad.

And I would never,

Never be able to watch the two from afar,

Watching him smiling and wishing that,

I was me causing such a reaction.

She had downloaded Lucrecia,

Her hopes,



It was the only reason he visited her.

But couldn't he see?

Couldn't he see that those feelings are not her own,

Nor will ever be?

She was fake.

And he couldn't see that.

None of them could.

Not like me.


The one who wants his attention,

But never gets it.

To listen.

But never recieves a word.

To love,

But from afar.


He could never love me,

Or know the true me.


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