This Dream

Part One

By:Ayla Patrick

This is a story of many things, love, mystery, mind twisting sensations, but hopefully something you'll enjoy reading. It all starts like this.

My name is Angel. It kind of fits the way my Dad is always treating me, except for when it comes to boys. That is my only downfall in my life. I am allowed to dress how I want, do what I want, when I want, and anything I want is mine really. I know you are thinking well "God isn't she same conceited, snobby brat" but no it isn't. I am just trying to make it through my life with the least amount of problems that I can have. My Mother died when I was only 2 years old so I have never been one to talk about her or motherly topics. It is just me, my Dad, my puppy siberian husky named Becky, and our butler named Cody. Cody is the best and he is so fun to be around. I love Becky with all my heart and she never makes me bored. Then there is my Dad what is there really to say about him he is my whole world.

I am 16 years and I am the only one at my school who drives a jet black Porsche. I love my car too. It goes fast, like I mean really fast. I am nice to pretty much everyone except Devon. He is a jerk with a passion. He is being sent to jail for doing drugs and alcohol. Also because a police man tried to cuff him and his little crack monkey amigos and Devon kicked the officer in the balls and spat in his face. Then the officer rammed him against a car and Devon started blurting out the cussing dictionary to him. That was a mistake. But it was his own choice and it's not like that really surprised anyone. He always has been trouble.

He is something else let me tell you. My grades are decent and I play volleyball, basketball, I ice skate, play drums, guitar, sing, and I know how to skateboard and snowboard. I love everything I do. I may be someone who is nice and what not but there is so much more to me that others do not know. I am more of a rebel and outcast than what you really would think if you ever first looked at me. But all I have to say is this, follow me and this story will get interesting.