This Dream: Part Two

By: Ayla Patrick

Before I really get into to too much stuff, let me tell you about my personal style. I dress most of the time in all black. The black pants, shirt, the chains, the studded bracelet, I have black hair and I have a thing where everyone at school knows I do. I come to school with different colour contacts in everyday. It is who I am. But don't judge me for what I look like. Just get to know me.

I go to the library every Saturday. It is my time and it is what I enjoy the most. I feel as if it is my own little get away from the world. I love to read and write and I feel as if I were to ever run away, I would come live here most of my life, or at least til closing.

I don't know why but for a strange reason my dad decided to drive me to the library one day and stay with me. It was really weird because I never go to the library with him. I felt like the entire time I was being watched by him. It makes me feel paranoid but only a little.

As I was walking up and down the aisle of the library, I noticed a boy. He wasn't like any other boy you see at school or in real life. I do not know why but something about him made me draw closer towards him. I walked past him just noticing he was asleep, or so I thought. I noticed a book he had been reading, it surprised me because this was my all time favorite book. I had read it 11 times. I went to reach for it and he sat up so fast that I screamed.

He asked what I wanted and I couldn't reply. He scooted over and made room for me to sit down beside him. I noticed everything about him. His eyes were the colour of blood and could've easily been mistaken for a very dark brown. He had black hair that went to his shoulders and were tipped at the end with a red that was slightly brighter than his eyes. He too was in all black. He had a nice build and arms which appeared to be so incredibly strong. I looked at his wrists. Slits. He spoke first and out came the voice of an angel sent from the rock gods. It was deep which could have been interpereted as scary if he got angry but it was soft and relaxing in a way. I sat down and listened.

This is where it all began… Part Three should be out soon. I promise.