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Synopsis: His entire life was a façade, trying to keep from admitting the truth and letting it crack. Oneshot, RononTeyla.

Rating: K+

Warnings: A little bit of violence, but nothing terribly graphic

Pairings: Ronon/Teyla

Spoilers: None

Title: Façade

Author: fyd818

Dedication: To SpaceMonkey0941, awesome writer, fantastic friend, and a fellow Spanky shipper. Thank you so much!

Author's notes: This just kind of popped into my head randomly. I decided to go ahead and write it because I needed a break from the major angst scene I was just writing in my fic Inner Battles. I really hope that you enjoy this!




His entire life was a façade. He worked so hard to keep it from cracking, from admitting the truth.

But, as was the inevitable fate of everything, it began to fail.

She threw him a smile over her shoulder, laughter in her eyes. Every line of her expression shouted her enjoyment, how happy she was to be there and with him.

His façade began to crack.

Her eyes sparkled at him as she proudly stood over him, Bantos rods crossed at his throat. One foot was planted on his chest, holding him down – she had beaten him again, and he didn't care.

A smile escaped his control, and with it a little more of his dangerous façade crumbled away.

She stood in the center of the clearing, her head tipped back as the rain washed over her. She laughed at the skies, a smile stretching her lips. She looked so at peace, so beautiful. Like a creature created by the rain, a goddess fallen from heaven for only him.

He willingly allowed a little more of his façade to fall away to allow warmth in.

He found her in the gym, the light from her candles making her skin glow. All he could do was stand and watch her, enraptured, as she meditated. At that moment he would have moved the entire galaxy if she had so much as hinted that she wanted it so.

That was when he fell hopelessly in love with her, his façade barely hanging on now.

Her cries of anger and pain cut straight through his heart as he took the whiplashes across his back that were meant for her, because he could not stand to see her in pain. The agony in her voice hurt him more deeply than the sharp cracks of the whip across his skin.

His heart broke, and his façade crashed until there was so little left as to almost be unsalvageable. It was unbearable seeing her weep and knowing it was for him. . .

She lay motionless in his arms, blood covering the front of her uniform jacket; his hands; the ground beneath them. She was barely breathing, raspy gasps passing her pale lips. She was dying, and he had no clue how to save her. He couldn't lose her, not like this, not without telling her the truth.

At last his façade completely broke, and he was no longer the fierce, immortal warrior that he had tried to so hard to act like. He was a mere mortal man now, agony searing through him as he held the woman he loved and prayed for the help that he couldn't provide her.

And as he lay with her, tangled in each other's embrace, he knew that he would never have to hold up a façade for his wife. The entire world would never truly know him; they would always see him just as he wanted them to. But for her, the woman warrior resting peacefully in his arms, he knew that no façades were needed for her to understand him and know him. He didn't have to prove anything to her, unlike with everyone else.

She accepted him, just as he was. No longer was his façade necessary.

-The End-

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