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Rating: K

I was sitting in Psychology today after my test and was discussing Poker with a friend...and bing!...lightbulb moment...so scrambled around for a piece of paper and a pen (paper came out of the bin...pen was borrowed of the lecturer) and scratched this down. Hope you all enjoy 'All in or fold?'

Vague hints to Season 8...really vague.

Sometimes life deals you a bad hand. Sometimes life deals you a great hand. But gives someone a better one. Mostly, you just have to know the right time to check, fold…or raise.

Life had given me a good hand lately, a great one in fact. But it had also given someone a better one. I knew when I had been outplayed…outsmarted. I had taken too long to go all in, and I had lost the hand.

But that's the thing about poker. Hands are re-dealt, you just have to pick the right time to make your move. Move to fast and you lose. He moved too fast, went all in without seeing the river. He lost. I won the hand. And walked away with the pot.

Twas short...my shortest ever I think, nearly a drabble at 128 words. Hope you liked.