Story Info

Title: A Whole New World

Author: Nia River

Fandom: Harry Potter

Rating: T/PG13 (Possibly some mild coarse language, violence and very vague references to adult themes. Nothing too graphic.)

Genre: General (could also possibly go under drama.)

Pairings: Past: Neville/Luna, Dobby/Winky; Present: none shown as of yet.

Summary: The war against Voldemort has raged on for many years and those remaining loyal to Harry have fallen, one by one. In the end Harry and Neville find themselves as the last ones of their friends left standing. And so, when an unexpected opportunity arises for the two to start over in another world as brothers, they quickly jump at the chance.

Also, please note:
- There will be Dumbledore, Ron and Hermione bashing. Don't like? Don't read. (You have been warned).
- FYI, my writing style is rather slow paced (once again, you've been warned).
- Nothing from the books HBP or DH (including the Hocruxes) will be included in my writing as I've only read up to OoTP.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in this story that is recognisable from the Harry Potter books, movies, etc. Everything else however (eg. story plot, original characters, etc.) stems from my own imagination and belongs to me. No copyright infringement is intended and I am not profiting financially from this story in any way.

AN: Edited on 30th March 2008.

Prologue – Devastation and Loss

For the first time in a very long while, twenty-five year old Harry James Potter was feeling just a little bit hopeful, and – given the devastating events of recent years – that fact was really rather remarkable.

Ever since the resurrection of Voldemort in his fourth year at Hogwarts, the state of affairs in the wizarding world had only gone from bad to worse. First had been the debacle in the Department of Mysteries. Whilst technically it had been a victory – in that several Death Eaters were captured and the Ministry had finally publicly acknowledged to Voldemort's return – it had also been a tragedy. They had lost Sirius that day.

After that things had deteriorated rapidly. No longer concerned with hiding, Voldemort had stepped up attacks. Assaults on Muggle-borns and those related or sympathetic to them soon became commonplace. Rare was the day that at least one Hogwarts student did not receive a black ribboned Ministry letter bearing unfortunate news.

The Dark Lord, quickly growing bored with the repetitiveness of his own attacks, soon began launching assaults on wizarding gatherings. Quidditch matches especially became far too dangerous and soon enough the decision was made to cancel the League entirely. Next, Voldemort started hitting more key places such as Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.

Diagon Alley managed to survive through three small scale assaults before the Dark Lord Voldemort had led an attack on the Alley personally. What had once stood as the centre point of British wizarding economy was left in ruins and many lives were lost. Ever since then, it had remained closed to all but those who were brave – or stupid – enough to make their way through the rubble to reach Gringotts and access their vaults.

Despite the clear devastation of the wizarding world Voldemort's campaign had not occurred unchecked. There had been several groups which opposed him; chiefly the Order of the Phoenix. The ever inept Ministry had put up nought but a token defence; unsurprising given that Minister Fudge had been on Lucius Malfoy's payroll. The Malfoy patriarch had at one stage – following the battle at the Department of Mysteries – been arrested for Death Eater involvement, but his imprisonment had not lasted overlong before he bribed his way out.

Soon after Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade had been destroyed, and just two years ago there had been a great battle at Hogwarts. There were casualties too numerous to count on both sides before the castle fell. Since then the Order and any other resistances had gone underground, striking where they could but making very little difference. Though no one said it aloud they all knew the war was lost. But, so long as they had something to fight for, fight they would.

The same had been true for Harry. Despite splitting from the Order and his so-called friends early on in the conflicts, there were a few who remained loyal to him – primarily Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Fred and George Weasley and the house-elves Dobby and Winky. There were others of course; many of those opposed to Voldemort, the Ministry and the Order also had banded together to form a resistance of their own. Still, none meant as much to him as those six did. They were his 'something to fight for'. Unfortunately however, his circle of friends had not come through unscathed; one by one they too had fallen.

The first had been Dobby, in the battle of Hogwarts, struck down by a killing curse from Draco Malfoy's wand. The curse had in actuality been intended for Harry but Dobby – ever brave and ever loyal Dobby – had thrown himself into the green light's path without a second thought. Winky, who had only ever followed them into battle to heal the wounded – unable to work past her house-elf conditioning never to harm a witch or wizard – was devastated. The once gentle elf had in that moment cast aside her pacifistic ways and became a force to be reckoned with. She took down Dobby's killer, along with a number of other Death Eaters that day.

Fred and George were the next to fall. They went down together – as was only right - a few months after the Battle of Hogwarts, ambushed in the ruins of Diagon Alley. Winky, who had been with them, was severely injured but had nonetheless managed to return with their bodies and proudly report that the three of them had taken down their twenty-five Death Eater attackers.

Winky lasted two more nights before complications from her injuries claimed her life.

Devastation after devastation, loss after loss; it had begun to seem as though there was no hope or happiness left in the world. Then one evening Luna and Neville came to him with news that brought light to the darkness that had become their lives. Neville had proposed. Since the Ministry of Magic was by that stage mostly fallen or corrupt, they had held a private ceremony which, while not legally binding, was as real as could be in the hearts of the three friends. Their happiness however proved short lived.

Some months after the wedding their intelligence network received word of an upcoming Death Eater gathering. Harry, Neville and Luna along with several of their fellows from the Resistance had shown up, only to find that the Order of the Phoenix were there fighting as well.

Although Remus Lupin had chosen to remain loyal to Dumbledore, Harry still held a great affection for the werewolf and thus was greatly saddened to see him fall that night to the silver hand of Wormtail. He was hopeful however that the man had died with some measure of peace, having succeeded in taking the traitor with him.

The night continued, only getting worse. It seemed none other than his ex-friends Ron and Hermione had departed to notify Dumbledore to his presence. The two returned at the end of the battle with the Headmaster who tried to capture him, determined to regain control of his 'weapon'. With Neville and Luna's help he managed to fight off the Order and they escaped with only minor curses. Or so they had thought.

Harry and Neville had Apparated back into their hideout to find Luna curled up on the floor in a pool of blood. Worried and with no idea what was wrong, they did their best to help her. The Death Eaters had not landed any hits on her and the few curses she had received from the Order members were mostly harmless. And so, they were at a loss as to why she was so injured.

Regrettably whilst those curses would not have usually done permanent damage, Luna had a secret. What should have been cause for celebration was cause for grief as she told Neville that she had recently found out she was with child. However, it seemed the aggressive nature of the curses had managed to upset the fragile balance of her pregnant body's magic and she was losing the baby.

The two sat with her through the night as the child was lost. Unable to do anything but be there for her, Neville held close the woman who had become his wife and Harry the woman who had become his sister. As dawn touched the horizon Luna suddenly grabbed their hands and delivered to them a message which would change the course of their lives, although they did not yet know it. Soon after imparting her message her eyes began to droop and then Luna Longbottom became still as she followed her child silently into death.


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