Prologue – The Dawning of a New Generation

He gently pulled on the ring that was hanging in the lion's mouth and pushed it so that it knocked on the door gently, but loud enough so it could be heard. It was very late and he and his partner knew that many of the children would be sleeping at this point being past midnight, but this had to be done.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," came a disgruntled woman's voice from behind the door. He raised a suspicious eyebrow at his partner, gently cradling the bundle he had in his arms. He did not like the sound of that woman's voice.

"It will be alright," his partner said reassuringly. He turned away with a disbelieving look on his face, but did not argue.

The door opened and a short, stocky woman, with curlers in her hair and in a purple bathrobe answered the door. She looked in her mid fifties, but she might have been younger and she carried a rifle in her right hand.

"Bloody hell!" he screamed jumping back and shielding the bundle in one arm while ready to grab his weapon with his free hand. His partner put a hand on his shoulder to stop him and stepped forward, also carrying a bundle.

"Ma'am, we're not here to harm you," his partner said gently. "Is there any need for the gun?"

"Well, it's damn past midnight and some strangers are knocking on a door of an orphanage," she said in annoyance. "You can never be too careful." He noticed that she had a strange accent, even for an American, but he said nothing of it. "What can I do for you gentleman?"

"We're from Saint Mary's Hospital," his partner explained. "We have just come from a baby delivery. The mother died in childbirth and there is no sign of the father or any father for that matter. The mother is a Jane Doe; we have no information on any family or anything."

"And I assume you're here to drop off the baby," the woman said knowingly.

"Actually, the babies," his partner told her. "The young woman had twins; two girls." He said motioning to the bundles each of them were holding. He looked down at the bundle that was in his own arms and the sleeping newborn was sleeping peacefully. He smiled and gently patted the red patch that was growing on the top of her head.

"I see," the woman said. "Well, come in, its cold out. Get those babies out of the cold. They're much too young to get sick." She moved to the side to them come in with two girls. The woman beckoned them to follow her down the hall.

"We'll go in my office, so not to wake any of the children," she whispered as they tip-toed down the hall. They reached a tall, narrow door down the end of the hallway, where she stopped and took out a large ring of keys, used one to unlock the door and went inside. He and his partner followed her in and she shut the door behind her.

"Well, excuse my manners," she said as she turned on the light and moved to sit behind her desk. "My name is Elisa Cortoli. I am the director and caregiver of the orphanage. I basically run the show around here. Please have a seat."

Both and he and his partner sat in the door chairs in front of her desk. He looked back down and smiled to see that the little one was still fast asleep, and noticed that the baby in his partner's arms was also sleeping peacefully. Elisa took out some paperwork and a pen.

"I need information," she stated simply. "You two are…?"

"I am Regan Moony," said his partner, "and this is my partner, Simon Padfoot." Elisa raised an eyebrow.

"Padfoot? Interesting last name," she said. The man known as Simon narrowed his eyes at her, but his partner, Regan, had made him swear to hold his tongue. "Not from around here, are you two?"

"What gave you that impression ma'am?" Regan asked politely. Elisa shrugged.

"You're English accents are a dead giveaway," she said. "Plus, you two are much too polite to be from around here. England I assume?" They both nodded. "Well, welcome to America. And you're both doctors at Saint Mary's Hospital correct?"

"Yes Miss Cortoli," said Simon. Elisa put her hand up.

"None of the formalities," she said, "please, call me Elisa." She wrote down some information before looking back up.

"The mother was a Jane Doe?" she asked. "No identification whatsoever? No first name? Last name? Anything?"

"Absolutely nothing," Simon said simply.

"However," started Regan, "she did have enough time to give the girls first names."

"And they are?"

"This one here," said Regan, motioning to the baby in his arms "is the younger of the twins, by three hours. Her name is Jaime." Elisa nodded.

"Very good," she said. "And the older of the two?"

"Lily," Simon said simply. "Her name is Lily."

"Very good," Elisa said taking the names down. "Any information on the father?"

"No," said Regan, a strange look in his eyes. "We assume that there is no father in the mother's life; illegitimate children." Simon turned away, looking disgusted. It was fortunate, however, that Elisa did not notice Simon wipe a tear from his eye.

"Shame," said Elisa, taking down the information, "downright shame."

After a few more hours of taking down information about the two girls, Elisa led them to the second floor, where children between the ages three and newborns slept. The room that Lily and Jaime were to rest had two other toddlers in it, all sleeping peacefully. Simon had a very hesitant, unsure look on his face. Elisa placed the baby girls together in a crib and Jaime immediately rested her head on Lily's. Elisa smiled down.

"Not identical, are they?" she asked, motioning to the red tuff on Lily's head and the black fuzz on Jaime's. Regan shook his head, his eyes looking glassy.

"They will be cared for here," said Elisa.

"Elisa," started Simon, "there's something else we forgot to mention in your office." Elisa looked curiously as Regan turned sharply to Simon, giving him a dangerous look. "Under no circumstances, should these two be separated. Lily goes nowhere without Jaime and vice versa. Someone cannot adopt one without the other."

"But, Mr. Padfoot, you know its nearly impossible to adopt siblings together-" Simon put up a hand to interrupt her.

"Please," he said, "it was the mother's dying wish." Elisa looked down at the sleeping twins, who seemed to be almost cuddling, clinging to one another, as if they already knew that they only had each other left in the world. She sighed and turned back to Simon.

"Alright," she whispered. "I promise. These girls will not be separated."

"Thank you," said Simon, his voice sounding hoarse. There was a long pregnant pause. "Do you mind if we have a moment alone with them?" Elisa was a taken back by this question.

"You need a moment alone with them?" she asked curiously. "Why?"

"We're going to miss them," Simon answered truthfully, his voice now shaking. Elisa raised a suspicious eyebrow and opened her mouth to retort, but Regan put a gentle hand on her arm.

"Please," he said. "I know it sounds strange but it was a long drive." Elisa still looked suspicious but nodded and left the room. Regan and Simon looked down at the sleeping babies and smiled softly.

"Don't worry you two little angels," said Simon, tears welling up in his eyes. "You'll be seeing us before you know it."

"Eleven years," whispered Regan. "We're sorry your daddy couldn't be here."

"Honestly, Moony," Simon said furiously. "Illegitimate children?"

"I'm only doing what their father told me to do," Regan said in defense.

"I don't understand why they have to go into hiding like this, as Muggles and practically nameless in an orphanage!" Simon said, his voice starting to rise. Regan shushed and motioned to the other sleeping children in the room.

"You know why," whispered Regan. "You know the circumstances would be different if…if…"

"If she hadn't died in childbirth," Simon finished for him. Regan nodded.

"We better go," Regan whispered. "Tonks will be waiting for us." Simon nodded in agreement, but clearly not happy about the situation whatsoever. Regan wasn't either; he was just better at hiding it. Regan caressed each of the girls' cheeks before giving a sad smile and walking out the door. Simon gently pressed his lips to each of their foreheads and whispered something to each of them before follow Regan out the door. Elisa escorted them to the front door. She said thank you and bade them good night, before closing the door. Remembering to tell them that she would follow up with their information at the hospital later in the month, to see if any family or father showed up for the girls, she opened the door again but Regan Moony and Simon Padfoot were nowhere in sight; as though they vanished into thin air.

As Elisa Cortoli sat on the stoop of the orphanage, puzzled at the vanishment of the two men who had just left, Lily and Jaime huddled closer together in their crib. They had just spent the last nine months huddled together in their mother's womb and it didn't look like they wanted to be separated. Their crib was placed in front of a large window, and the moon was shining down on them. But, that was not the only thing shining down on them; a man flying on a broomstick was literally floating on it against the building, looking through the window at the two sleeping babies. He was a handsome, but looked tired, sad, worn down by life with messy jet-black hair, round glasses, piercing emerald green eyes, with his hair blowing in the wind, one could see a scar, shaped like a bolt of lightening on his forehead. But, dark rings rested beneath his eyes and they were bloodshot, and he looked as though a person who last a lot of weight in a short period of time. This man was looking down at the babies with love, his eyes welling with tears.

"I love you two," he whispered, his forehead pressed against the cool glass of the window. "I'll see my angels in a few years. Good luck Lily and Jaime Potter."

With that, this man turned his broom around sharply, tears still in his eyes, and flew off into the night sky; and Lily and Jaime were still huddled close together in a peaceful sleep.

A note from the Author. So, I'm back and with a new story. This is the prologue and it's the only part of the story I've written, but I have the plot, ending, etc. in my head so if you want me to continue, please, let me know. If not, then I want. It's just going to be a long summer and I want to start writing again. Just let me know what you think. :) The Jitterbelle