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Sakuno x Guys from Seigaku, Hyoutei, Rikkai, Fudomine, St. Rudolph, Yamabuki, Jyosei Shounan, Rokkaku and Shitenhouji

Chapter 1

Thoughts of Yesterday

It was a very fine day and a certain auburn haired girl was running frantically because she was late for a scheduled meeting. It was not like Ryuzaki Sakuno to be late but the thought of who she'll be meeting with really made her nervous.

A few weeks ago, after accidentally rescuing her friend, Tachibana An, from having a force date with Hyotei's Keigo Atobe, It seemed that the whole Hyotei tennis team including Atobe himself had fallen for her (she doesn't know that of course) In fact, they all wanted her to join their group outing to which Sakuno cannot reject because at that time Akutagawa Jirou was hugging her tightly and was sure that he'll not release her if she didn't say yes.

And so as "promise" she's making her way to the Nakizawagawa station to meet them.

Meanwhile at the station…

"Aaahhh… where is she? You think she will come Yuushi?" asked Mukahi

"You are really looking forward to see her, aren't you Gakuto?" said Oshitari teasingly

Gakuto blushed but he did not argued back because it was really damn true that he wanted to see her or maybe do more than see her, noticing this, Oshitari decided to teased his friend a little more.

"Silence means yes, Gakuto" he said as he was trying to hide the grin in his face

Gakuto blushed even harder and said, "O… Of… Of course I wanted to see her, After all, After all…"

"After all?" Oshitari asked his friend with a smile on his face

"After all, she's a schoolmate of Kikumaru, and I might get some information about him from her that might help me beat him next time in the court" Gakuto said, half stuttering, half blushing, "and, honestly Yuushi…" Gakuto continued, "I... I think I'm not the only one who wanted to see her today, I… I mean look at Jirou, he is not even sleeping because he knows he'll be meeting a special person today"

"Special person?" asked Oshitari amusingly

"I… I mean… "Gakuto seemed ready to boil but controlled himself

Oshitari patted him in the back thinking that he overdoes him and was really very sorry to his young friend's suffering heart and feelings.(nn)

And Gakuto seemed to have a point, Oshitari thought to himself, He was sure based on his observations that Gakuto is not the only one who's looking forward on seeing that petite little girl they met weeks ago, indeed he was sure of it.

Jirou was excitedly talking to Wakashi on how he will greet his so called "Saku-bear" when she arrives, Wakashi who was used on his senpai's childishness just keep on nodding on every word that Jirou said, but he can't also hide the fact that he was also wondering on how he will greet Sakuno when he see her.

Shishido, being the aloof and arrogant person Oshitari knew, seemed to be not on himself either, he even remembered that Shishido doesn't like hanging out with girls but now he's here and even looking excited. Shishido's partner, Ootori, seemed to feel the same way; he kept glancing on his watch and muttering something under his breathe which Oshitari "curiously "wanted to know.

Atobe seemed to be the only person who is not nervous (Of course), besides from Kabaji who remained expressionless, he's just standing there leaning on the wall with both eyes closed which made him cooler and handsome to look at, therefore attracting many passersby, especially young girls. (As usual), But Oshitari knew that he will be one no probably the most excited person here who wanted to see cute little Sakuno again, he had never seen Atobe that gentle to another person.

They were all in deep thought when suddenly a familiar gentle voice spoke

"Ano… Gomen" said a small voice

They all turned to the direction of the speaker and found Sakuno, half panting, half smiling. They all blushed at the sight of her (except Oshitari and Kabaji). They all had to admit it, even thought she's sweating like a pig, she still looks so adorable with those rosy red cheeks.

" Ohayou, Sakuno-chan, I hope you didn't get lost while making your way here" Atobe said trying to hide the admiration in his face

Sakuno blushed and at the same time confused, "How did Atobe knew she's bad in directions?" she wanted to ask him but half of her don't want to do it, so she remained silent.

Noticing this, Atobe scooped her up, much to Sakuno's surprised and kissed her near the lips and whispered " Damn,I miss", "Now this is getting ridiculous" Sakuno thought to herself, not noticing the murderous glare of the other regulars to Atobe, If one of Atobe's fan girl saw this Sakuno was sure she will be dead meat before she can say "fans", despite the fact that her heart was pounding so fast than its normal rate , she pulled herself together and asked Atobe to put her down, Atobe obeyed (for the first time in his life) and put her down gently. As her feet touched the ground, Jirou, came rushing down and hugged her, she was used of being hug like this because her Eiji-senpai would always do when he see her.

She was relieved when Ootori Choutari asked his senpai to release her for she was turning green; she then thanked Ootori who smiled back at her. Sakuno was now facing each Hyotei regulars, all of them were tall not to mention good-looking ( Kabaji? Uhm… you decide), she was sure that if she was one of those fan girls then she would die of happiness, but she was Ryuzaki Sakuno not one of those killer fans, she was used to be around with tall, good-looking guys with a rather good tennis skills for the Seigaku regulars had been hanging out a lot of time in their house trying to persuade her grandma to have fun with them and at the same time asking her permission if they could always bring Sakuno in their outings.

She then remembered the first time she saw these guys, she was scared of them, especially to Atobe, but now seeing them smiling at her made her really happy, also, she's a bit calmer around them now because for the past few days, she kept on bumping with them. (Fate, really!!!)


5 days ago (as she can remember), while walking on her way home, three guys tried to picked on her, she was really scared of them because they all looked like survivors of the Jurassic Era, the tallest among them and probably the ugliest grabbed her tightly on the wrist which really hurt her, she was about to shout when suddenly a tall guy kicked the tyrannosaurus -looking man who was holding her, she was freed easily and was about to fall when a warm hand caught her, she looked up and recognized the man easily, he was Choutarou Ootori and the man who had just saved her from being harassed was Ootori's doubles partner, Ryou Shishido.

"Bullying a girl huh? You should be ashamed of yourself; you even have the guts to hold a cute girl like that, with that face of yours? You're way uncool" said Shishido coolly

The ugly-looking man snarled angrily and tried to punch Shishido but he dodged it easily and gave the tyrannosaurus –looking man a punch he will never forget. His other companions, the scelidosaurus and corythosaurus looking ones backed off hurriedly after realizing that Shishido's not a man to mess with.

After that Shishido gave the tyrannosaurus-looking one a murderous glare which caused him to run as fast as he can, when they disappeared, Sakuno was so relieved her knees buckled and she slid to the ground. Ootori who had been standing by her side knelt down and asked, "Are you alright?"

Sakuno smiled a trembling smile and said, "H-hai, I'm fine, Ootori-san."

"I can't believe that you're the one who made Atobe knelt down on his knee" Shishido said to her teasingly

Sakuno knew he meant no harm with his words so she just smiled back at him, not noticing that Shishido blushed, and said "Thank You", Shishido then patted her head gently and said "Be careful next time, all right?"

Sakuno nodded and bowed, she was about to leave when suddenly Ootori held her by the hand, "I think it's better if we walk you home, ne Shishido –san?"

" Hai, we don't want something bad to happen to you or Atobe would skin us" he chuckled

Sakuno wanted to protest but before she can say anything, Ootori scooped her up and carried her like a kindergarten making Sakuno blushed ten shades of periwinkle

"Ano…. I… I… can walk by myself, Ootori-san" Sakuno said still blushing

"Lie… You look very tired so it's better if I carry you, and I think its about time you call me by my first name and so as Shishido-san" Ootori told her

Sakuno looked scandalized, "I can't do that, Ootori-san and Shishido-san are older than me so I should give them my respect"

"Calling us by our first names doesn't mean you disrespect us right?" Ootori said

Sakuno thought he have a point, so not wishing to argue anymore, she said softly, "All right, Choutaru-kun, Ryou-kun"

"Sounds great" both man said

Sakuno got surprised, but wanting to dispose the silence that struck the three of them she said, "Say, Choutarou-kun, Am I heavy?"

"Nah, I don't even feel that I'm carrying someone" Ootori said teasingly

"Mou, Choutaru-kun, don't be mean" she said, half laughing

"Honestly, you look okay to me, ne Shishido-san?" Ootori said tilting his head to Shishido's directions

Shishido nodded

"Uhmm… Choutarou-kun, you can put me down now, we're here already" Sakuno said pointing at her house

Ootori put Sakuno down, she then bowed at him and said, " Doumo, Choutarou-kun"

"So this is the house of the ferocious coach of Seigaku huh…" Shishido interrupted

"Heh, Ryou-kun don't be rude, I know she's scary sometimes but she's not the lion you think she is"

"Che… I'm just kidding" said Shishido after that he bent down a little and pecked Sakuno on the cheek, Sakuno and Ootori was shocked but Shishido seemed not to care at all, he even said " So now my little princess, I think its about time you enter your palace, it's getting late you know"

Sakuno bit her lower lip because of shyness when another lips touched her cheek, it was Ootori now who kissed her. Shishido's eyes narrowed a little but of course he didn't show it, he doesn't even know why he's acting like that, "The hell, I am thinking" he thought to himself, They remained silent for a while when Ootori finally spoke, "I think me and Shishido-san should be going now, please go in your house now, your obaa-chan might get angry at you"

Sakuno nodded but before she can even move, Shishido stood in front of her and knelt down with a small smile on his face, "I think Me and Ootori liked it", and without another word he patted again Sakuno's head and called on to Ootori, who smiled backed at Sakuno.

Sakuno bade them goodbye and went inside their residence

When Ootori realized that Sakuno's house where nowhere in sight, he faced his senpai seriously and said, "Shishido-san, we may be partners in doubles but I won't lose.. I won't lose to you…"

" Best man wins, Choutarou" Shishido told him grinning, Ootori nodded and smiled backed at his senpai, with that they started to walked on their way home…

Another time was when she bumped into Gakuto, Oshitari, Wakashi and Jirou last weekend, she was at a shopping mall waiting for Tomo when suddenly Tomo called to informed her that she cannot go due to an emergency call that her parents received and that she needed to take care of her younger brothers, Sakuno can't helped but to feel a little disappointed for she really wanted to check out the new shopping center that had just opened yesterday, due to her disappointment she did not noticed that four curious-looking guys were staring at her.

"Ryuzaki-chan!" they all called out

"Ah! Mukahi-san, Oshitari-san" Sakuno exclaimed

"Eh? What are you doing here?" Gakuto asked

Sakuno explained everything thing to them and after that Gakuto clapped his hand and said, "Then you are free today huh?"

"Erm.. I think so" she said in a low voice wondering what Gakuto was thinking

"Then you can come with us, ne Yuushi?" Gakuto said looking at his companion

"Of course" Oshitari said a little amused on how his friend act towards the little girl

"Yay!, So you'll come ne, Ryuzaki-chan?" Gakuto faced Sakuno again

Thinking that it would be really nice to hang out with them, Sakuno nodded happily and said, "Hai,I'll come with you then"

Gakuto flipped in the air with joy, and then asked Sakuno if she wanted to try out the arcade. Sakuno has never been to an arcade before so she innocently agreed and was pulled by Gakuto to the nearest arcade hurriedly; Oshitari who was still amused by his friend's behavior just followed quietly and decided that he will just watched the two for he was really enjoying himself. Sakuno never expect it, but she really enjoyed the time she spent in the arcade, Gakuto was a fun and kind person just like his Eiji-senpai, he teached her how to play lots of video arcade games like Air Assault, Galaga, Iron Man Stewart's Super Off road, Smash TV, and the one she enjoyed playing the most, Spy Hunter.

After a happy and hassle time in the Arcade, the tree of them (though Oshitari never played a single game) decided to grab a lunch for they were all getting hungry, on their way to a fast-food chain, Sakuno noticed two familiar boys, she then tugged Gakuto's T-shirt to asked him, " Anou.. Mukahi-san isn't that Akutagawa-san and Wakashi-san?" she said pointing at the two guys.

Gakuto agreed and shouted," Oi! Hiroshi, Jirou!", The two young man were surprised to see Gakuto and Oshitari, they run to their direction and Wakashi was about to greet his senpais when Jirou spotted Sakuno and his sleepy eyes changed to sparkling eyes.

"Wowwww!!!, Cute little Ryuzaki-chan is here!!!, I wonder why?" Jirou said, eyes still sparkling, "Don't tell me you're on a date with Gakuto and Oshitari?" Jirou continued, now having puupy eyes.

Sakuno and Gakuto's face were ten shades of turpentine, Noticing this, Oshitari was the one who explained to Wakashi and Jirou the reason why they are together.

" Nee, Why didn't you call us Oshitari?!, You're so lucky having a cute little doll like Ryuzaki with you all this time, You're so mean not to call us!"Jirou protested

Sakuno, being the innocent-natured girl she was, felt sad for Jirou, she wonder how to bring back Jirou to his bouncy personality again, and then the thought came to her mind.

"Anou, If you want Akutagawa-san, were going to a fast-food right now, and You and Wakashi-san can come, I… I'll treat you" she said stuttering

Jirou can't believe what he had just heard, so he asked Sakuno for confirmation, Sakuno nodded and much to her horror Jirou hugged her. Gakuto looked furious, he wanted to punched Jirou on what he did to his Sakuno, "wait a minute did he just called Sakuno his?, Sakuno was never his "he thought to himself, half disapproving, Wakashi and even Oshitari was surprised by Jirou's actions, sure he's like that when he's not sleeping, but that's the first time they saw him in a super excited mode.

Sakuno's face was as red as strawberry, she was used to being hugged like that by Eiji of course, but it's a different case now, she had just met Jirou weeks ago.

"Please Jirou-senpai, release Ryuzaki-chan now, she's turning green" Wakashi finally said

Much to Sakuno's relief, Jirou released her, she didn't even noticed the flaming aura surrounding Gakuto's entire body, Oshitari who's the only one realizing that Gakuto will soon erupt, asked all of them if they can go to the fast-food now. They all agreed even Gakuto who was now cursing under his breath.

As they entered the fast-food chain, Wakashi and Oshitari decided that they will be the one placing the orders, while Gakuto, Jirou and Sakuno find their seats, they asked the other three what they wanted to eat and set forth near the cashier.

Gakuto, Jirou and Sakuno decided to sit at the table near the glass windows, thankfully Gakuto was a lot calmer now because Sakuno was sitting beside him and not Jirou, he don't what to think about the possibilities he could have done if his Sakuno sit beside Jirou instead of him. They were all chatting when Wakashi and Oshitari came with their food, Jirou hurriedly dived in after the tray has been put down by Wakashi and started eating, all of them followed as well, but in a gentle-manner of eating.

It was getting dark by then, so all of them decided to go home, Gakuto insisted that he'll take Sakuno home even she kept saying that she'll be fine, Jirou also wanted to come but Oshitari told him that its better if Jirou would accompany Wakashi instead which made Wakashi glare evilly at his senpai, "I'm not a kid anymore, senpai" he growled

Sakuno gave a small chuckle, making Wakashi blushed a little, "she's really cute" Wakashi thought to himself.

"All right, I'll let Gakuto take Ryuzaki-chan" Jirou finally gave up, with that Sakuno bade the other three good bye, which they all returned with a slight pat on her head and made their way to their direction.

Gakuto and Sakuno moved along also, as they were walking along the mid-light street, Gakuto held Sakuno's hand which made her looked at him curiously, He also looked down at her trying to hide the tint of red on his cheeks, "Sakuno… I… I… I just don't want you to get lost" he said with a bit of discontentment on his voice.

"Oh, I see, "Sakuno said, "Mukahi-san, you're so kind you know" she continued

"I am?" Gakuto said a little proud of himself

"Hai, We're not actually close but you made me feel as if you knew me for a long time" Sakuno said smiling.

Gakuto was about to reply when Sakuno spoke again, "Oh, were here, Mukahi-san, this is my house"

Gakuto was surprised and said, "I see, you're place is nice"

Sakuno laughed at him, "Arigatou, Mukahi-san"

"Mind if you call me Gakuto? I really appreciate if you do" Gakuto said

"Hai, Gakuto-kun, and I think it is just fair if you call me Sakuno" she said in reply

"Okay then, Konbanwa desu, Sakuno-chan"

Sakuno nodded and bowed at him, when she reached the door she looked back at him and waved, Gakuto then started to walked on his directions whispering under his breath, " Sakuno-chan, you're very special"


Sakuno was still in deep thought of what had happened for the past few weeks when someone patted her back.

"Sakuno-chan, we're leaving now" Atobe said

"Ow, Gomen Atobe-san" she said

"Ore-sama didn't mind, let's go now" Atobe replied and he held Sakuno's hand

Sakuno, blushing, looked at Atobe, "Anou… Atobe-san, where are we going anyway?"

"Ore-sama wanted to surprise his princess so he won't tell it right now" he confidently replied

Sakuno just nodded and was surprised when she saw Atobe smiling at her; she smiled back at him, not even knowing what Atobe was thinking at that time.

"Oh my, Sakuno Ryuzaki, you really are different, but Ore-sama will have to pass through many rivals before I get a sure hold of you…"


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