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"I'm on birthday hangover." Hermione mumbled, stumbling into the common room, that she and the other prefects shared. Harry lay on the couch, and smiled, nodding.

"Yeah, a whole year older, eh?" He laughed and sat up, allowing her to sit next to him.

"We're almost out of here, and we're getting older-" Hermione sighed, melancholy, while Harry rolled his eyes playfully. Throwing his arm around her neck as if he was about to put her into a chokehold.

"Man up, you old mum!" He laughed, rubbing her head with the back of his knuckle softly. She squealed and attempted to pull her head out of the crook of his arm. Harry tickled her side with the other and she kicked and pulled, while she began to laugh continuously.

"HAARRRrrY!" She tried to yell, but it came out in a gurgle, as her face was pushed into his armpit.

"What was that Mione, I don't think I can hear you!" He teased back, continuing to tickle her.

"Oi, what's going in here?" Ron said, stumbling down the stairway, tripping over the end of his sweat pants, and nearly falling on his face.

"Nothing really, I'm just handing out a late birthday present." Harry said, laughing as she began tickling him back. Ron made his way over to the opposite side of the couch and rubbed his eyes.

Harry finally let go of Hermione and pinched her arm.

"Ouch." She said, rubbing her arm, and laughing.

"Good morning Ronald-Who-Did-Not-Come-To-My-Rescue-Weasley" she said smiling at him.

He scoffed, and ran his hand through his fluffy red hair, and leaned forward, with his hands on his knees.

"You didn't seem to want to be saved. Screaming as if your about to co-"

"Ron!" Harry warned.

It was no secret that Ron had become a little touchie to say the least. His main targets being Hermione and Ginny, who avoided his mood swings as much as possible. Although the had the wit to sustain a very good argument, the Gryfindor community was sick of all the fighting, which called for them to be the bigger man, and ignore him.

"I'm going to change, see you at breakfast." Hermione said, sensing the tension Ron stirred up, she quickly stood up and left.

"Ron, what's with you?" Harry asked, fixing his glasses to their appropriate position.

Ron shrugged and leaned back into the couch. He was tense, yet his whole attitude screamed "I Don't Care."

"Ron!?" Harry said, a little louder.

"I don't know Harry. She didn't even like my gift last night, she's just so, conceded." He said starring at the stairway into the girls dormitory.

Harry rolled his eyes, while Ron glared at an empty space.

"Ron, you gave her a Chudley Cannon's T-shirt, and Broom Wax. Hermione supports the Bulgarian's, and she doesn't own a broom, nor will she in the near or far future." Harry shook his head.

"What? When she sees it, she'll remember me mate" He clicked his tongue and jumped up, jogging up the steps, to his dormitory.

"You'd better get to the Gryfindor common room mate, breakfast won't wait forever."

Harry shook his head again , and watched him leave.



When Harry made his way to the Great Hall, something was not right.

The Slythern's were laughing. Three out of five girls were consoling one another, and everyone looked either pissed off or ashamed. Girls ran through the halls sobbing, and the boys, stormed pass, with their fists balled. It was if Professor Snape had announced that he was failing everyone, except for his house.

Hermione, and Ron walked up to him, both wearing the same confused expression.

"Did somebody die?" Ron asked, watching as a group of girls walked pass, hearing the phrases, "It'll be O.K" and "No, we can fix it."

Hermione was just as confused that she didn't even find the comment insensitive, but watched as her many classmates passed her by.

"I vote we go back into the nice common room, where it's safe." Hermione muttered, as they each slowly walked into the Great Hall.

It was even worse inside.

The ceiling was dark and storming, which fit the surrounding students. Dumbledore wasn't in his seat, nor any of the other teachers, which made it even more odd, even Hagrid wasn't in sight.

"Seamus-" Harry called, walking over to the group, that seemed to be having a very animated conversation over whatever was in Seamus' hand.

"Oi, Seamus!" He called, getting his attention.

Seamus ran up to Harry, his face tomato red.

"What's going on?" Ron asked, coming up behind Harry, along with Hermione.

He let out a strangled yell.

"Haven't you heard at all??" He went back to the group, who had given all their attention to the ignorant trio.

Picking up what looked like the Daily Prophet, he strode towards them, and pushed it in Harry's chest.

"Seamus, what's your problem?!" Ron snapped over Harry's shoulder.

Harry ignored his comment, and looked at the front page.

"All Witches Of Any Muggle Back Round Must Marry. Witches without any kind of magical blood, must marry into magical families, or suffer banishment of wizarding community. " He whispered, his eyes growing wide, and he rolled it up, attempting to hide it from Hermione, who had been so happy this morning.

Ron heard him, and grabbed the rolled paper, so hard he nearly ripped it in two. His face began to grow redder than Seamus, as Harry's grew whiter than clouds. He opened it, and scanned it, looking at Hermione afterwards, and rolling it up again.

"What is it?" Hermione said, anxious.

The three boys, stared at her, unsure what to say. She looked at them almost as a child that was about to hear that her pet died. Her eyes wide, and sparkling at them, so much that, none of them had the heart to tell her.

"Hermione, maybe we should go somewhere else." Harry suggested softly.

"Yeah, Mione, let's go back into the common room." Ron said, he said stricken.

Hermione's heart began to race and she shook her head, throwing her hand at them, in a "give me motion" pointing to the newspaper. Her face now panicked.

"No, Hermione, really, let's talk about this in the common room, it'll be better-" Harry tried to convince her, as she ripped it out of Ron's grip. The Gryfindor table watched, as she scanned over the front page headline. They watched as her eyes went wide, and as water slowly formed in them. They watched as her lips mouthed what sounded like a jury's sentence.

"This is a joke right? It's a sick joke, what are all of you trying to pull?" She nearly yelled, throwing the paper into the ground.

Her eye's threatened to give way and soon enough angry tears spilled onto her face.


Without word, she fainted.


Witches of Muggle Birth Must Marry!

. Witches without any kind of magical blood, must marry into magical families, or suffer banishment of wizarding community.

It came as a heavy blow to thousands of witches last night when officials of the Ministry of Magic, announced to the world, that all witches who are of pure non-magical backround would be forced to marry, or would be banished forthwith. The very confidential, very scandalous decision came from the Marriage Department Chairwoman, Dolores Umbrige. Whose statement came last night as:

"It is the best interest of the community that this new bill be carried out. The Ministry of Magic does not want to endorse the idea of segregation any longer, but we also have a census to worry about, proving that more and more muggles are spotting magical activity. Our reports deduce that the excessive spotting comes from younger witches, of muggles descent. Our very experienced advisors, have suggested that making witches marry into experienced families with real knowledge of keeping our lives secret, would work. If after a time it is unsuccessful, we will look to forward another bill that applies to wizards. This is a start, and hopefully these newly-wedded witches will bring it upon themselves to give an example of putting others before them."

Yet as to be expected, there are many non-supporters of the bill, who rallied out side of the building, causing excessive chaos and even having a number of aurors that changed their position, and picketed along with the other anti-marriage believers. Talks of many higher associates are helping to sign a petition to abolish the bill, while others are supporting it, fighting to praise the old ways with more bloodlines staying "pure."

It is clear, that either way, the bill must stay active for at least 90 days, leaves young witches, between the ages of 16 (the legal age of marriage for witches and wizards) and 25 is still at risk. This being that the deadline for the betrothals is within a short time of 60 days. However, even if it is abolished afterwards, the banishment done after the 60 days is still withstanding.

It is without a doubt that this is very far from over.

Basic Guidelines

Any one woman, between the age of 16 and 25. Any woman who turns 25 before September 1 2007, is exempt from these guidelines.

Marriage must be to any one male, with proof of magical bloodline, with at least 5 of magical blood.

Marriage must be licensed by a Ministry of Magic, Department of Marriage official, and will be reviewed by the board to calculate if it's been genuinely carried out.

"Hermione..." Harry said, looking at her with concern.

She starred out the window, the playful attitude lost, as if it floated out that very same space. Ron snored in the corner, while Harry and Ginny watched their friend sit in her hospital bed, and simply stare.

She wasn't the only one there. Many were knocked out cold, sedated, owls were constantly swooping by, dropping consoling letters. Letters much like Howlers, but each said the same sad thing, and each without a thought on how to make it better.

"Hermione…" Ginny whispered. "We've read this twice already, it's just going to make you more upset."

Hermione snapped her head over to Ginny's direction so fast that it looked as if she were possessed. Harry jumped and Ginny pulled her head back, almost afraid of what she would do.

"Upset? WHY WOULD BE UPSET GINNY?! I worked my ass off for seven fucking years and now I'm going to be banished, and FOR WHAT? A FUCKING CENSUS LED BY A BIGOT BITCH!? Go back to your studies, you're wasting my time." Hermione hissed, angry tears sliding down her face.

Ginny sat there, her mouth agape. Her skin pale.

Harry hung his head low, and Ron whose snores resonated throughout the hospital wing, was silent. The entire wing was silent, except for Madame Pomphery, who bustled back to her office to get another sedative potion for Hermione.

"I'm-I'm so sorry Mione…I…" Ginny trailed off, and without warning, ran out of the hospital wing.

"That's my sister you just yelled at!" Ron hissed, standing up.

Hermione returned to starring out the window, ignoring him.

"She was just trying to help! Get your head out of your arse Hermione! Your not the only one that-"

"Ron, go tend to Ginny." Harry whispered.

"What?" Ron asked, his voice getting dangerously loud.

"Go tend to Ginny, get yourself out of here." Harry repeated, standing up.

Just as he was about to say something, Hermione interrupted him.


Ron starred at her, almost as if he were about to hex her. He glared at her, and Harry shook his head and motioned to the door. Ron glanced at him, as if he were waiting for Harry to tell Hermione she was being selfish. But he didn't. It was within seconds, that Ron stomped his way through the doors.

"Hermione." Harry whispered. She glared at the spot that Ron had been standing in when he yelled at her.

"I was seven when I found Hogwarts: A History, in my town library. It was in the fiction section, but it was too real. I convinced myself, it was real, and then four years later, I got my acceptance letter. I'm not getting married to stay in a world that doesn't fucking want me." She began to sob, and just as Harry reached out to touch her, Madame Pomphery pushed pass him.

Without attempting to be delicate, she grabbed Hermione roughly by the chin, and lifted her face up, sliding the murky purple liquid into her mouth.

Without delay, the potion began to work, and the life in Hermione's eyes faded, and she was lost to the world, without a care.


"Hermione, you caused quite a few scenes this day." A soft voice began to wake her up.

She tightened her face and rubbed excessively at it, as if it would rub away all the weariness. Her fingers massaged her scalp, and it felt as if she was dying of the biggest headache known to man.

"Yes, I do believe that it's quite a pain to be woken up after having to been given one of our strongest sedative elixirs, unfortunately in your case, Professor Snape had forgotten to take care of that side effect of a bad head afterward." Hermione looked at him blankly.

There was comfort in his voice.

"You know Ms. Granger, you are probably not tired of hearing it, but you truly are one of the most exceptional students of the age. You've succeeded in obtaining excellence in every aspect of your education. You handle combat well, and losses. More importantly, you did this as a muggle born female." He said, standing up.

Hermione blushed slightly, she DID enjoy the praise, but as the elixir wore off, and she remembered why she was sedated, she grew angry.

"And it's not worth a knut, I'm leaving on the next knight bus." She told him, she began to pull the sheets off of her, when she realized, she wasn't even in the hospital wing.

"Professor, where are we?" She asked, confused.

"This is a room that we use when we have guests accompany the school." He said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Why am I here?" She asked, less confused, and more curious.

He didn't say anything at first, but turned to look at her. The distinguished twinkle in his eye, never failed as he gave her his attention.

"The wizarding community cannot lose an asset like you Ms.Granger, especially when you have a heart pure of good. Which is why, I'm here to ask you to do something that will change your life forever. I'm here to ask you to do me a personal favor."

Hermione clenched the sheets in her hands, and now grew nervous.

"Professor, normally, I would say, name your cause and I'm in, but I have a feeling it's more then an ordinary request." She told him.

Please don't ask this of me headmaster, she thought to herself.

"I need you to stay in Hogwarts. I need you to marry into a wizarding family." He said, walking towards her, and sitting next to her bed.

Hermione hung her head. The pounding in her head was accompanied by sweat beading at her crown. The man had given so much to her, to her friends, saved them so many times.

"Professor-" She began her hands holding her head as she tried to grasp what she wanted to say.

"I wouldn't ask this to you Hermione, if I didn't have a plan to get you out afterward. If it wasn't for the utmost certainty that it was needed, and that only you, with you brains and with your stature that you could do this." He said in the calmest way.

Most people would seem to beg, but Dumbledore always knew the way to calm somebody down, even while he was asking them the world, or giving them a death sentence.

Her mind scrambled. What would Harry and Ron think? The school? Her parents? What about her education? What about being in love with who you marry?

She looked at Dumbledore one last time, and saw the knight bus leave her mind.

"Yes, sir." She looked down at her hands, her knuckles white.

"Hermione." Without looking up, she nodded, acknowledging him.

"We are equals, you don't have to call me sir." He told her.

She looked up at him, not realizing that she was crying.

"Of course sir." She said, laughing at the irony.

He chuckled, and smiled at her. Hermione had never met her grandparents, but if she had, she imagined her grandfather would be like him. The perfect mentor.

"So who am I marrying?" She said laughing through her tears.

Dumbledore visibly tensed, which made Hermione tense. Her laughing and her crying ceased, and she starred at him in question.

"Professor Dumbledore, who is to be my husband?" She asked again.

"That would be me." A voice said, opening the door.

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