Title: Entwined
Warning: Un-beta'ed
Genre: General
Word Count: 542
Main character(s): Kairi, Sora, Riku
Pairing(s): SoRiKai (OT3)
Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II are copyright to Square-Enix, Sony, Disney and Nomura Tetsuya.
Summary: Their destinies are entwined with each other's from the start. One shot.
Author's Notes: This was supposed be a Kairi-centric contemplative piece but, well, it ended up not, as you can see.

She is a Princess of Heart. Someone who is Light.

She feels anger, hate, jealousy and envy like everyone else. As she is a Princess of Heart, those dark feelings don't linger too long in her. They are just fleeting, never lasting long enough to fester. The Light in her doesn't allow it.

"None at all? Even when they kidnapped you?" Sora looks thoughtfully at her then tilts his head back as he leans back on his hands, looking up at the beautiful golden sky. They had been talking about the other Princesses and the topic came back to her.

"Maybe a little but not much." She shrugs. It was true. She had felt anger and hate but the feelings dissolved even before it can take hold.

"Maybe that's why Cinderella doesn't hate her stepmother and stepsisters for doing all those things to her. She even forgave them."

"It's not in my nature so maybe it's not in hers." She looks over to see him still looking at the sky. Her eyes go to Riku who lay dozing between them, one hand resting lightly on his stomach, rising and falling with each breath. The other hand– she sees Sora placing his own hand on top of it.

There is no jealousy or envy at the sight. She knows better. Sora looks up, sees her looking and she smiles. A serene, accepting smile. She leans over, tenderly brushing Riku's hair away form his eyes. Riku stirred slightly but didn't wake.

"He looks fragile when he sleeps," she says.

"Aa." Sora gets up, dusting off his pants as he makes his way to the tree behind them. She doesn't turn to see, already knowing what he's doing. Instead, she turns her attention to the sea in front of her.

Something yellow came to her field of vision and she looks up to see Sora grinning down at her, the yellow star-shaped fruit in his hand. His eyes twinkled at her.

"We should wait for Riku to wake up first," she says, but her mouth is smiling even as she says it.

"Of course it's going to be three of us!" he huffs, indignantly. "After what happened, nothing's going to split us up!" He waves the fruit around as he declares loudly. "Our destinies have been entwined ever since we knew each other! It's fate!"

"Sora, you're noisy." They both look down to see Riku was now awake, regarding them both with a fond exasperation. There was a slight smile on his face.

"You're awake." She smiles at him and he returns the smile.

She takes the fruit from Sora, biting into it first. It is sweet and the juice dribbled down the fruit to her fingers. Sora takes second bite, ignoring the stickiness left on his chin and hand. Riku is the last and Kairi watches until he swallows his piece before she takes the leftover and tosses it into the sea. It lands with a plop, hardly stirring the water at all.

"Now," she says, with some satisfaction and something else, "we'll be together no matter what."

"Together forever." Sora's face is serious, none of the playfulness to be seen. His voice is low. He reaches out, grasping their hands in his, holding on tightly.