Authors note:The Jack Trapper character is well someone elses, Mercy Darkrose to be exact. Borrowed him here for other reasons

She wasn't supposed to be attracted to him. He was a cop and rather loudmouthed and sometimes arrogant. But yet there he was Maurice "Bosco" Boscorelli. She'd seen something else there in his eyes, a softness possibly. His sister Morgan had been recently brutally attacked by Jack Trapper, a psychopath who had also killed her childhood friend and neighbor Kate Walsh. Now the sick lunatic was dead at least which was one good thing in this nightmare. It was so hard to go in there and see Morgan so still and quiet. She had almost had her throat sliced but was stopped by her brother and a swarm of NYPD that were waiting outside for the news she was about to go deliver to them. Her brothers firehouse was there as well since Morgan's husband on six months JD Hart worked there.

She pulled off her gloves and surgical mask and tossed them into a nearby trash container as she walked down the long hall to the waiting area of Intensive Care. Her face looked tired and her wavy auburn hair fell around it as she pulled it from it's ponytail holder.

" Hart?" She inhaled slowly. "Well here is the situation with Morgan. She suffered numerous stab wounds to her chest and abdomen which we were able to repair. One slightly lacerated her left lung and we have her on a repirator until that heals. She also had some minor throat damage from the wound to that area. We have her in a coma so that her body can begin to heal as well as her mind. You can sit with her for a few moments every hour two at a time. She will recover but for now we want her to rest and remain calm as much as possible."

Ava told them and then sunk into an empty chair lowering her head for a moment. She remembered all too well this same scene with Kate and how they hadn't been able to save her that night. She felt someone touch her arm gently and raised her head slowly. She said "Bosco." It was soft and low from her fatigue after the long surgery."

He said" You ok? I just wanted to say thank you for well saving her life. "You don't know what it means to me."

Ava said "Part of the job Officer nothing more." Her eyes looked moist for a moment.

Bosco nodded. "I know that's how Morgan says you are, but this one was more than that for you. " He found himself moving toward her and gently kissing her forehead. Then he backed off wondering if he'd overstepped or something.

Ava smiled. "That was nice, this one ended on a good note for me, not like Kate. I'd like to see more of you, I'm off in two hours would you like to get a coffee? I'll meet you at the nurses station onf our if you want that."

He replied "It's a date Doc. "