A day later: Ava was getting out of the shower and put on a robe that she had gotten from maurice in a pale blue silk type material. Then she heard music playing in the bedroom. She went there after towel drying her hair and heard " wonderful tonight" by eric clapton. Candles flickered around the room and it was intimate.
Then he got down on one knee slowly and said "Ava, i'm not the greatest with words sometimes but i love you and i want you in my life forever."
"Will you marry me ?"

Ava looked at him for a moment and then a huge smile crossed her face. "Yes i will marry you, you remembered my favorite song and wow."
He smiled at her. "Then i think this ring should go on your finger shouldn't it and make it official?" he slid a ruby ring onto her left hand gently.

She said "You even remembered that i didn't want a diamond, that i liked rubies best ." She kissed him for a moment . " I love you so much."

He replied" For a time i never thought i'd do this but now that i have i can't imagine it being with anyone else but you doc. Thank you."

She held his hand. " For what?" "You are the amazing one that just took my breath away right now."

He said " Just for being beautiful you and loving me now and forever Ava Michelle Kitson."