Johnny Shock

'The accident'

'Wake up! Johnny Wake up!' A female voice calls. I turn and open my eyes to see my best friend Kerry.

'What the hell are you doing here, in my bedroom?' I say pulling my cover to my neck.

'Well, I arrived about half an hour ago and then your came up to wake you but you didn't get up so she sent me' she said smiling with a flourish. '

I sat up and smiled 'Well since you're here can you pass me my jeans then we'll get going.'

After I was dressed we went down stairs where my mother stood in an apron holding two plates of pancakes. 'You are not leaving till you have some breakfast and Kerry you have to try some of my pancakes.'

We sat down to eat are pancakes when my mother says 'So Kerry, I bet you have lots of boys lining round the block to get a chance to go out with you. You're so pretty.'

'Thanks for the pancakes Mrs. Martnese, come on Johnny.' Kerry said with a smile tugging my arm.

'See you later mom.' I say as I'm pulled out the door

'Well since you're here can you pass me my jeans then we'll get going.'

'You are not leaving till you have some breakfast and Kerry you have to try some of my pancakes.'

'Thanks for the pancakes Mrs. Martnese, come on Johnny.'

'Wow, hold your horses Kerry. What's your hurry?'

'I just… I just want to get to the skate park early before early before all those little wannabe kid skaters arrive.' Kerry said

'Ok but we have all day to skate so slow down a bit.'

'Fine I'll slow down' she said pouting

God she is so beautiful. I had only noticed how beautiful she was lately.

'What are you looking at, is my hair a mess or something?' she said checking herself

'No your perfect' I said in a low voice

'What did you say?'

'Nothing, I bet you couldn't grind that whole wall.' I say changing the subject

'Oh yeah, watch me!' she said pulling on her skates

She grinded the wall with ease and landing in a dramatic stance.

'Show of' I say chasing after her, pulling out my board and skating past her.

'So Kerry think you can beat me in a race?' I say with a cocky smile

'Yeah, want to bet a smoothie on it?'

'Fine first one to the skate park has to have to buy the other a large smoothie' I put my foot on my board 'Go!'

'Cheater!' Kerry screams catching up behind me.

We were half way to the park when I hear someone shout 'watch out.' Just as I turn a sharp stinging pain erupts from my chest and spreads throughout my body. I scream from the intense pain and loose consciousness.

I see a bright glowing light and a faint out line of people.

'Clear' a faint voice shouts 'again'

'Clear' the voice calls again

My eyes fluttering things began to be more distinctive.

'Welcome back son we fought we had lost you.' a brown haired doctor said

'What happened?' I ask not able to recall what had happened

'The power line snapped and hit you center chest giving you a high voltage electrical shock, so in theory you should be dead' he said patting my shoulder 'oh and before I forget there is a girl waiting to see you.'

Kerry, I forgot she was behind me when it happened.

I arrived in my room to find my parents and Kerry waiting. My mother's eyes fill with tears as I enter

'Oh my poor baby!' my mother squealed crying as my dad consoled her

'Mum I'm fine.' trying to sit up, then pain shoots through my body resulting in me falling back down.

'You almost died you so not fine' Kerry said walking beside my bed

'I'm fine, I'm alive aren't I?' I say smiling in a friendly tone 'really I'm fine.'

'Look son feel better I'm going to take your mother home, she's not up to this.' My dad said leaving the room with my mother clinging to him.

'I know your not ok Johnny I saw what happened, I talked to the doctor and I saw your expression when you just moved. So don't lie to me.' Kerry said forcefully walking towards me

'I'm not Kerry I'm alive so fine.' Just as I finished talking to my surprise Kerry's eyes filled with tear's 'Oh god. Kerry what's wrong?' I say taking her hand

'It's just I saw it happen, I was right there' she said crying.

'I know Kerry but seriously I'm fine, it's ok'

'But you shouldn't be! You were hit in the chest with a power line; even the doctor said you should be dead, I thought I had lost you' then she walked to the other side of the wall and lay against the wall and cried.

'Kerry, I'm sorry I know it was a lot for you but I'm alive and happy' I say hoping for a response 'But if your cry I'm no longer happy'

Kerry let out a small laugh and said 'I'm sorry you're right, it's stupid.' She said wiping her tears.

We both laughed and talked for a while.

It was about 6o'clock when the nurse entered with my dinner 'Here you go' she said setting the tray on my bed and leaving.

'Oh yummy, hospital food' I said poking it with my fork.

'Yea looks delicious, you've got some white stuff, some green stuff and some brown stuff, oh look yellow jelly Hmmmmmm yum!' She says laughing, lifting a spoonful of jelly and bringing it to my mouth 'try some, here comes the cho cho train.'

I taste its revolting flavor fill my mouth and swallow it 'Its putrid please get rid of it, I'd rather starve'

'I'll tell you what, I'm going to do down to the shops and get us some real food.' She said kissing me on the cheek sending a tingle down my spine.

(AN) That was my first chapter. This is my first story so I hope you enjoy I should be updating very soon