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Summary: He wanted the son so bad, he settled for the father. But now Arashi's dead and he and Naruto finally meet…Can they forgive each other? How will they deal with the mutual grief? SasuNaruSasu and mentions of SasuArashi…Yaoi

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Chapter 1:

There was aloud commotion as every person who stood at the doorway of the hotel tried to get to the bride and groom, to wish them well. The happy couple ran down the short flight of stairs that led to the drive way…they had just finished their reception and were heading off to the airport for their honeymoon. The groom, a handsome blond and blue eyed man, stopped a minute to throw his arms around the tall raven haired man who stood at the foot of the stairs, before ushering his blushing bride into the car. Just before it left, the man threw a charming smile at the crowd.

"Bye Naruto!" "Good luck Hinata…" "Have fun you guys…"

The car disappeared into the horizon and the crowd began to disperse at once. The raven haired man stood stock still, rooted to the same spot, his eyes riveted in the direction that the car had driven off in. he looked like a statue, dark eyes blank, posture rigid. He was the best man…the groom's best buddy. They'd been friends ever since fourth grade…they'd done everything together…but now, Naruto had just left. The raven sighed, it wasn't everyday you said goodbye to the love of your life, while he went off on his honeymoon.

Yes…he was in love with Naruto…and he'd let him go. He wondered if things would have been different, if only he could have told the blond…if he'd had the courage to confess. But then, now wasn't the time to be worrying about that. Here was no 'if'….he hadn't and Naruto had married Hinata. All he had to look forward to now, was his assignment for when college started…in three days time.


The man tore his eyes away from the road and turned to look into a pair of deep blue eyes. Just like Naruto's…Naruto's father was looking at him in concern. Sasuke sighed inwardly. There was no way he could talk to Arashi about his love for his son…"I'm fine, Arashi-san. I guess I'm just…feeling lonely."

The blond man seemed to relax and smiled a bit. "Well, I know exactly how you're feeling, I guess. I miss him all ready too! He's only nineteen…never thought he'd get married this young…"


"Will you be heading home now?" Arashi knew Sasuke hated his home. Ever since he'd found out about Sasuke's family life when the boy was in fifth grade, he'd let Sasuke stay over all the time. It was almost like they were all family.

Sasuke shook his head; his parents had never let him move out…he wasn't allowed his own money for the next two years as well. He wondered if he should get home and then realised that his parent's wouldn't care, as long as he did nothing to sully the family name. "I don't think so, Arashi-san. I think I'll roam about for a while…hate going back to that place."

"You know, just because Naruto's left doesn't mean you can't stay over. Take Naruto's room…after you're like family too. Treat the house like your own. You can stay even when I'm not there…" Arashi patted him on the back. "Life isn't all that bad you know?"

Sasuke nodded grateful. "Thank you. I'd like that." Naruto's dad had always been like this. Kind to a fault. Sasuke adored the man, he'd been like an older brother…not father, and Naruto's dad had been pretty young only nineteen years older than himself and Naruto…a college romance.

They walked to Arashi's Porsche Carrera 911, now the only car in the parking space they'd reserved for the guests. They drove in silence; Sasuke staring out the window and Arashi give him one or two worried glances. They got to the penthouse, which used to be Naruto's home.

Arashi shot him another worried look. And then Sasuke almost jumped out of his skin when arms came around him in a hug. "Sasuke, it's ok. Don't brood too much, kiddo. Naruto will be back soon…he's only gone to Mist for a few weeks and then he'll be in the same city even if he'll live farther away than before." The man patted his back, before disappearing in the direction of his own room.

Sasuke stood stock still for a moment before a minute smile graced his face. He looked around the living room once, it was still the same…it was almost like his own home. Loads of pictures with him, Arashi and Naruto lined the walls. There were many, like he was part of their family or something. If only that could have been true…if only he hadn't fallen in love with Naruto… if only he'd like him like a brother.

Sasuke shook his head. He was off again with the if only's…he really needed to stop and get some sleep. He walked in the opposite direction from Arashi's room, to Naruto's room. He entered and flicked on the lights, going to the closet and pulling out the pair of pajamas Naruto always lent him. They were mostly his pajamas now. After he was done, he crept onto his side of the bed.

It felt weird, not having Naruto noisily clattering around as he got ready to sleep. Sasuke missed the bright flashes of orange and the sounds of Naruto tripping and falling flat on his face. A lump arose in his throat…it was suspiciously like those compressed sobs…Sasuke quickly cleared his throat. He didn't cry…he might have been yanked into the Uzumaki family, but he was still an Uchiha and Uchiha's had big hang ups about crying or showing too much emotion.

He slept for about an hour or so, but the short dreams he had were plagued with thoughts of his friend; the pain in his dreams transferred into reality the moment he woke up…it felt so physical, like he was being ripped apart over and over again. The unwanted lump arose again and again, but Sasuke suppressed it stubbornly.

Another hour of pure torture went by…Sasuke thought he was going to go mad. For the first time in his entire life he was feeling a little hysterical…he'd never hurt this much before! He suddenly jumped out of bed and ran into the living room…looking around he started running towards the only thin that could bring him some comfort. Everything seemed clear; the clarity was the kind that came when you made a quick decision without thinking. He burst through the door, panting, eyes wide and face pale.

Arashi was sitting at his desk, a pair of wire rimmed glasses perched on his nose. He seemed to have been absorbed in the book, until Sasuke'd burst through scaring him, his blue eyes had that shocked but still-not-all-there-look. The moment he saw Sasuke's dishevelled, almost crazed appearance, his face morphed into worry. "Sasuke?" Concern laced the worry. "What's wrong, kiddo?"

"I…" Sasuke padded towards him softly, each vivid detail of the room imprinting itself in his head. His eyes were full of raw emotion, though his voice didn't betray any. "I don't feel too good…"

"Oh Sasuke…is it because Naruto left? Are you feeling lonely?" Arashi doubted that was the reason though. He'd never seen Sasuke like this. The boy was an Uchiha for crying out loud…this state Sasuke was in would have been considered blasphemy to the Uchiha ancestors or something. The boy was shaking…

Sasuke knelt down and hugged the older man, burying his face in his chest. He was once more holding back tears. Arashi stared down at him as he patted the boy's head a bit awkwardly…Sasuke never hugged like this…the stoic boy was always well…stoic!

"Sasuke, I don't understand what's wrong, but I'm sure things will work out. Come on! It can't be that bad can it?" of course it can, but I have to say something to him…poor Sasuke…

Sasuke didn't say anything but looked up into those blue eyes…the same ones that adorned Naruto's tanned face…the same blond locks that framed Naruto's face…he only had to imagine those whisker scars of Naruto and it would be the same person. And somewhere in the haziness of his brain, the thought made perfect sense…he could believe that Arashi was Naruto…an older version, but Naruto nonetheless. It was easy to believe, Arashi was an inch taller than Naruto, but he still looked young…he didn't have any wrinkles and his muscles were still as taut as they were nineteen years back when he was their age.

Arashi barely had time to gasp before a pair of lips closed over his. He fought Sasuke, struggling to get away, until he slipped from his chair…only to be pinned down by the dark haired boy's strong arms. A tongue caressed his lips to slide into his mouth, twining with his own. Sasuke was a very good kisser when he wanted to be and this was one of those times. At some point Arashi realised he'd started to kiss back…the boy's fingers had found their way into his hair, clenching and unclenching softly in it. Those lips continued to plunder his mouth.

Finally Arashi managed to push him away, preferring the option of breathing for a while. They stared at each other, Sasuke suddenly feeling a little scared, and he wondered how Arashi would react.

As the fear gripped him, he caught a hold of Arashi's shirt. "Please…" he was an Uchiha he couldn't bring himself to say more…he kept contact with those blue eyes. He repeated another "please" the internal panic he was going through seeping into his eyes.

Serious blue eyes looked at him. "Why, Sasuke?"

The raven haired boy refused to answer, repeating the same word twice more, before lapsing back into silence. Just when Arashi thought Sasuke was calming down, the hands in his shirt yanked him forward for another kiss. His time Sasuke pinned him onto the ground, leaving no room for a struggle…they didn't break for breath at all, Sasuke putting his all into the kiss. The dark haired boy let himself drop onto Arashi and lay flush against the man…he ground down hard, eliciting a moan from Arashi.

Arashi couldn't help but buck up against the boy, his shirt was parted and his neck was peppered with kisses. They melted into the motion, kissing and grinding until Sasuke who had his eyes closed, suddenly pulled away and stumbled backwards.

He stared at the man his dark eyes going wide. "Arashi-san! I'm sorry…I'm really sorry…"

It was taking Arashi sometime to catch his breath and get his mind back together. He felt pity for the boy as he looked into Sasuke's stricken face. But Sasuke's eyes told a different story…the surge of lust was merely shrouded by fear, the tent in his pajamas only proved that. Arashi pondered on what to do…he settled for being realistic.

"Sasuke, do you really want this?"

No. I want your son who resembles you so much! But what came from Sasuke's mouth was "Yes I do…"

Arashi looked taken aback. It was clearly not something he was expecting. "Why?"

Don't lie to him! He's one of the only people who's tried to understand you…don't lie to him! Though Sasuke's mind screamed for him not to lie, he did. It was like someone else was talking. Maybe if I pretend he's Naruto…maybe he'll love me and I could be happy with only that? He focused on that one thought.

"I like you…a lot! I want you, Arashi-san…"

He waited while Arashi contemplated his answer. He felt bad for the confusion the man was going through, but he wanted this illusion too bad. The blond man's face was a mask, betraying none of his thoughts.

Then Arashi stood up and pulled him up as well. He took Sasuke hand and swung him onto the bed. "How do you want to do this?" It had been years since Arashi had slept with someone….he hadn't liked anyone since his wife had died.

"I want to top, Arashi-san…"

Arashi's face tightened but he nodded before kissing the boy. The boy might be a good kisser but Arashi could tell he was still a virgin. "Then take what you want, Sasuke!" If he really likes me…maybe I should give it a go….a one time thing…oh god…


5 years later:

He stared out of the window watching some of his neighbours who were talking by the fence. One or two of the women were crying, the others looked sad. Strange that they felt grief too, though it could never compare to what he felt at the moment.

"Uchiha-san, the funeral director just called. He says that he's done with embalming. He's also gotten the Mahogany coffin like you instructed him to. Is it okay if we fix the wake for tomorrow night?" Kotetsu, Arashi's secretary spoke softly…he had no idea how the Uchiha would react.

The tall man just nodded. Kotetsu sighed. Ever since the accident it had been this way. Sasuke hadn't spoken a word to anyone unless it was absolutely necessary. He bowed and back out slowly, leaving the raven to dwell on his own thoughts.

Sasuke was in a way touched at the way those neighbours had come over to support him the moment they'd heard. Unlike the upper class in most neighbourhoods, these people weren't snooty at all. Almost the whole neighbourhood had turned up, it amazed him how much Arashi had been loved. A whimper rose, but he quelled it. He couldn't help wondering if Naruto would come over…they hadn't spoken or seen each other in five years…

The buzzing of his phone brought him back to reality…at least as much of reality as he could handle. He glanced at the caller id, it was Itachi. He decided to ignore it and heaved a sigh. He was hurting a lot.

Was he such an asshole that the moment he fell in love with someone else, they had to be taken away from him? Why did Arashi have to die? Why did the one person who'd never left his side through out his life have to die? His eyes closed, trying to use the darkness to shut out memories of his lover…the new bud of pain welling up was neatly snipped and put away.

The past week had been hell with Arashi in the hospital until early last night when he'd died. Sasuke hadn't eaten anything substantial the whole week, except for the odd sandwich here and there. He felt week and tired from all the sleepless nights. But he didn't want to eat, he just wanted to lie down and die with Arashi. A soft sigh escaped him as he tried not to pass out. Why did he have horrible luck with blue eyed blonds?

He heard the door open, but he felt like it was eons away. Arashi's staff had begun to creep in and out softly as they went about their chores…as well as to keep an eye on him. He leaned against the window, the cool glass against his forehead.


Sasuke spun around too fast at the sound of that voice. His dead black eyes took in the person standing before him with the long-ish blond hair and the blue eyes. His delusion-ed mind had reached breaking point what with all of the stress. He blinked a few times.

"Arashi?" He tried to walk forwards quickly, only to have his eyes roll up and collapse. Strong tan arms caught him and this blond carried him to a bed.


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