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A Flower In the River

By Sir Zenaku

I woke up in the Cemetery and stood amongst a thousand graves. Stone after stone, I saw her name, again and again. Was this a punishment for the crimes I had committed? Or was it simply plain torture? I didn't care, I ran. I didn't find it strange that every path carried her name, or that I seemed to be running on an endless path. Very soon I found myself in a forest. I knew the roots of these trees reached into my very soul, these are the wood of my dreams, my nightmares, my mind. I was thirsty. The cold brancehs stared at me, I knew they were looking, I knew what they were thinking…

"It was him" they said, Was it really me? At this point, I knew that sorry was not enough. The blood had stained my soul, and forever stained it shall remain. I knelt down to drank, the water was cold.


My name, that's how she called me…

"I'm here"

This was a dream, and anything can happen, yet, I smelled her essence in me, in my face, my mouth…the water..

And there she was, among the frigid waters, her porcelain face crying for me. Calling for me, reaching out…

"Join me…Kaji-kun"

This would lead to my demise, I was certain, but to be with the woman I loved, this was no nightmare, this was my dream…

I reached out…



The alarm clock rang loud in Kaji's room, he had been dreaming. He sat up and covered his face fighting back tears. He did not want to go out today, he should, he must.

The cold water ran along his body he remembered his dream.


"Who's there?!" he answered as she turned off the shower and dried himself.

"Here Iam..Kaji Kun"

"who are you?! Whoever you are..this isn't funny…" He said as he grabbed and old baseball bat.

He followed the voice to the end of the hallway and he saw a door close. He approached cautiously but his eyes had formed small droplets of tears.

He slowly turned the knob of the old door and peered inside. There was no one there.

Kaji looked around the old abandoned room and kneeled on the floor.

"Why are you doing this to me…Why…"

Kaji wept loudly. His cries could be heard throughout the entire home, his tears trailed down his cheeks and unto the floor, and on an old picture frame.

Kaji picked it up and stared with his red eyes. It him and Ayu, 3 years ago, they gone on a picnic and with Nina and Tsujiai, he loved that day.

He picked up the frame and locked the door. He went to his room, dressed and left the house.

There was more to be done that day…

To be Continued