Yuta sat on the bar stool, he was cold, he was hungry, and he was alone.

"Another Round!"

"My friend I think you've had enough"

"ill tell you when Ive had enough!"

The Surprised bartender shoved a glass towards the blonde boy, Yuta shoved the liquid down his throat.

The Jingle of the door chime rang as it opened, Yuta could hear the rain pouring hard outside, a cloaked Lady walked in. He could make out her uncombed blonde hair, she was rather tall for a lady, she smelled of rotten food. She sat next to him.

"A vodka for me please" She said, her voice sounded forced, very unlady like, it almost sounded like a man, but the clear porcelain skin behind that cloak most definitely belonged to a lady.

Yuta drank another glass, he was getting drunk.

"You Should watch what you drink young man, drinking has never been an answer to problems" said the Lady

"You don't know about my Problems! You don't know what Ive been through!" answered Yuta.

"A lost loved-one perhaps? Someone who was once in your heart, is no longer there"

"Shes still there, I can feel her…"weeps

"There There, pats his back Tell me all about it…"

It started a week ago…

She was supposed to go out with me, but she chose that boy….that weak mortal over me.

(On the Phone)

Yuta: But I though we were supposed to go out!

Nina: Well I'm sorry, but I never get to spend time with Tsujiai anymore…

Yuta: Well, I guess its ok, if you put it that way…we will go out next week though right?

Nina: Maybe…

Yuta: Maybe?

Nina: Ill talk to you later then…

Yuta: Nina, wait…I- busy tone

"Ahh! Darn It!" throws phone

"So She chose the boy then?"

"She should have chosen me!""So what did you do?"

"I followed them…"

They went to the beach…

"Tsujiai! That was the best date ever"

"You think so? Haha, I only try my best"

I could have ignored the date, but he had to take it further…I could only cry as he kissed her,. I was sad, I didn't believe what I was seeing…

"Dear boy, we all have our sad times-"

"No, she should have been mine! She was mine!, He stole her, I wanted revenge against him, but I didn't…"

"You didn't?"

" I realized, she wanted herself to be stolen…so I would take my revenge on her…

As Yuta recalled the events of the night before, tears ran down his cheeks..

I did something very bad…lightning strikes


"Nina! Nina! Open this door Now!!"

"Yuta! Its 3 in the morning! Come back later!

kicks the door open

grabs nina's shoulders

"Tell me you don't love him, tell me you don't!"

"Yuta! Youre scaring me! Let go!"

"Please Tell me you don't love him!! You love me right! Right?!"

I was getting hysterical, I had lost my mind…

"Yuta, I don't want to talk about this now!!"

"I knew it! You don't love me anymore, you rather choose that mortal, fine, if I can't have you, then neither will he!" slaps Nina

Nina Chokes back tears

"Yuta stop…please…let me explain!"

"Don't worry, it will all be over soon"

Knife Pierces Nina's flesh


"Nina…kisses Nina

Knife goes deeper

The Lady laughed at Yuta's Story, she laughed like the devil, the bartender was no where to be seen.

"Whats so funny!?" shouted Yuta. " I just murdered the woman I love!! You find This amusing!"

Yuta had stood up from his seat; the Lady had done the same.

"So it was you, my beloved Yuta"

Yuta could only give a blank stare when the lady had removed her hood, It was Nina.

"No, No, It cant be! You're dead! I killed you!" Yuta fell down and backed away.

By now, the light in the room had grown stronger. The Lady had pulled out a Gun.

"Y..You..You aren't my Nina!

Yuta could clearly see that the figure indeed had Nina's face, to be more exact, wearing Nina's Face.

(Tsujiai's Voice)

"I wanted you to see Nina's face when I killed You…So I decided to wear it, very resourceful if you ask me, even in death, her skin is still as smooth as ever…

touches the Nina Skin Mask

"You tore off her Face!"

"Gracious no, I was careful" answered Tsujiai in a sadistic tone.

"What are you?" Yuta was clearly in a state of Shock

"Im an angry boyfriend"

3 gunshot Sounds...

Tsujiai tears off nina's face and drops it next to Yuta's lifeless body, He proceeds to cover the bar in gasoline wanting to remove any trace of today's crime. He then lights the place and exits the door.

"We could have been friends Yuta"

Tsujiai Kisses Nina

Yuta Runs away in tears

"Tsujiai! Stop!"

looks away

"I love Yuta, it would be unfair to him…"

"I understand…good night Nina"

Tsujiai walks away

"We could have been friends"

As the flames engulfed Yuta's body, his hand reached out and stroked Nina's face, he couldnt bare take his eyes off her.









Kaji was driving as he saw the charred remains of a bar he used to go to.

"Poor souls" he thought as he saw a body being hauled unto a stretcher

"Souls" He remembered his dream from last night.

He saw that the body had been wearing a red shirt, it had looked awfully familiar.

"Couldn't be..." He drove away thinking no more about the topic

To be Continued…