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Go Ask Tomoe

I am amazed. He is just a little boy, younger than myself. Younger than my Love. It is terrible. I have travelled a long time for this vengeance. My father certainly must be sick with worry. Poor little Enishi is surely at his wit's end. I know he was jealous of my Love. I know that he felt Akira-san had taken me from him. And now I am taken away again. The pain my poor family has gone through... and now... now I discover that the cause of it all is only a little boy. A child. What am I to do?

I have sent some information back to our leader that we remain at the Kohagi Inn. Katsura-san remains here as well. I'm not sure how many others are present, our leader already knows. He has a spy in their midst, though even I am not allowed to know who that man is. I only relay the information to keep our leader certain of my allegience. If I am not allowed to know of the spy, then likely this person is also charged with watching me. Is it one of the soldiers? I tend to think it isn't. Would they not have just killed Katsura-san if they had someone so close to him? Is it one of the serving girls? One, I've noticed keeps watching the boy. There is something hidden in her eyes. She could be noting his movements. Monitoring him. Or she could be smitten. She is younger than he is. I hope she is smitten. How horrible that two children are playing murderer and spy... It makes me wonder if it is really even their fault...

No! He made this choice, and I have made mine. I will end this tonight while he sleeps. They will find him dead, my slash added to my Love's. And they will find me beside him. And my diary... my diary will be a testament to what has happened.

We are all children playing at war. This is how it ends.


Author's Note: This is officially my 100th fic on this site. (Quite disturbing actually). This is my gift (one week late) to Shirou Shinjin for posting his parody of my fic, "Wanderings." Please check out HIS fic, "Wandering Aimlessly." The additional gift (to make up for the lateness of THIS one) is that I intend to update "Amethyst and Amber" as soon as physically possible (that was his first choice). I hope you like this little ficlet. The idea assaulted me last night as I slept... how appropriate...

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