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Chapter 1: The Beginning of it All

The Gang just left the Earth Kingdom city of Ba Sing Se. The Earth King left Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph to help rebuild the Earth Kingdom. Now they are hoping to find Aang a fire-bending teacher.

"I'm hungry!" Sokka exclaimed as they were flying on Appa.

"But Sokka, you just ate an apple not even a minute ago!" Aang said.

"Besides there is food in that bag over there." Katara said.

"No there isn't all there is are rocks, rocks, and did I mention rocks!"

"Can you guys stop arguing!" Shouted Aang.

"Yes please listen to twinkle toes." Toph said.

"Be Quiet airhead!" Yelled Sokka. Aang started to feel bad and Katara noticed this.

"Sokka look what you did you complain about food which you just ate two minutes ago, and Aang has to protect the whole world and you don't even care one bit!" Katara screamed.

"How come you never stick up for me anymore? It's all about Aang this and Aang that!" Sokka questioned. There was about 15 seconds of silence when Sokka realized something. "Oh I know why" Sokka started, and they all looked up, "You guys are in LOVE with each other!"

"SINCE WHEN!" Aang and Katara said together in a shocked tone, while blushing madly.

"Remember the time when we first got you out of the iceberg and when Aang was staring at Katara." Sokka said.

"I was appreciating the sky! It has been 100 years since I have been free!" Aang lied.

"And the time when Aang gave Katara that necklace you made and you said that she looked great in it." Sokka said.

"Well I'm her friend I'm supposed to compliment to her." Aang lied in a way yet again.

"And Katara that time when Aang gave you your real necklace back and you kissed him on the cheek." Sokka said.

"Ohhhh!!" Toph said getting interested in the conversation.

"So what if I did?" Katara said blushing crimson again along with Aang.

"You could have said 'Thank You,'" replied Sokka. "And the time when Aang said you were beautiful back in Ba Sing Se."

Aang couldn't take the embarrassment anymore. "So how about those Yankees?" Aang said randomly.

"What the heck is a Yankee?" Toph asked. "No idea." replied Aang.

After about an hour or so, the gang decided to stop in a village for supplies and rest. So they land in a small village with small shops, entertainment, and people talking, eating, and walking their beaver-dogs. It seemed like a nice village, so the gang looked around. Then they see and hear two women around the age of 25 talking.

"What are you doing for All Hearts Day?" asked one woman with long, wavy blonde hair.

"Well, I hope my boyfriend will do something nice for me." replied the other woman with short brown hair.

Aang decided to cut in to see what they were talking about.

"Excuse me, but what is All Hearts Day?" Aang asked.

"Well son, it's a day where boys try to ask girls out on dates, get married, or just say "'I love you', for example when I was 14 a boy named Oscar asked me out and I said yes, but we call him George." said the woman with the long hair. Okay then!!!! All four of them thought.

"Why do we celebrate it?" Asked Katara.

"Have you guys heard of the story of Oma and Shu?" the lady with the short hair asked. All of a sudden Aang and Katara blushed because of the thought of what happened in the cave.

"Why are you guys blushing?" Sokka asked with a smirk on his face.

"NO WE'RE NOT!" screamed Aang and Katara.

"Well as I was saying we like to honor Oma and Shu for their love to each other that's why we have All Hearts Day." finished the girl with the short hair.

"What do guys and girls give each other usually?" said Toph.

"Usually roses, candy, flowers e.t.c." said the girl with the long hair. "Okay thank you!" said Katara then all three of them left.

Next they all looked for a place to stay, and then they saw the Jiinto Hotel (Jiinto is the name of the village they are in.) Once they get their room, they noticed the room was huge than a regular place they would usually stay at.

"I'm going out to get some food for us. Does anyone want to come with me?" Sokka asked. Toph replied,

"I'll come and help you get supplies."

"I'll stay here and get everything unpacked." said Katara.

"This is a perfect time to be with Katara alone" Aang thought. "Yeah I'll help Katara unpack also." said Aang.

"Okay see you guys later!" said Sokka.

Most of the time they unpacked in silence. Katara was near the window where the sun was beaming down in the room. Aang turned around and saw Katara in the sunlight, and how it projected her body so nicely. "Wow Katara looks beautiful in sunlight. Wait a second Katara is my friend I'm not supposed to think of her like that." Thought Aang. He didn't notice that he was staring to long.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" asked Katara, but secretly she really liked it.

"Oh I was staring? Sorry about that." said Aang apologetically. "What should I get Katara for All Hearts Day? It's tomorrow!" Thought Aang. "I hope Aang likes me and gets something for me, because I really like him." Thought Katara.

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