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While Sokka was out with Suki, Toph was in her bedroom taking a nap, Katara was doing laundry, and Aang was reading about the history of the Air Nation trying to see if the author had it exactly right. Aang and Katara were in the living room resting, once Katara was done with the laundry. Aang thought he should tease her a little bit, so she can kind of pick up that he liked her.

"You call that laundry! That cabbage guy can do better than that!" Aang said in a teasing voice so she can pick up that he didn't mean it. Katara turned around to Aang gave a little shove in the shoulder and teasingly said,

"Oh, I'm sorry but you wanted to do laundry ma'am?" Katara said, Toph decided to join in to tease and embarrass them and said,

"Stop teasing each other LOVEBIRDS!" Katara and Aang blushed yet again and replied in unison,


"Yeah, right!" Toph said sarcastically.

About five minutes later someone knocked on the door.

Toph said, "I'll get it!" hoping it was Mouai. Indeed it was Mouai. "Oh hey Mouai!" Toph said blushing as usual.

"Hi Toph!" he also said blushing.

"Do you want to come in?" Toph asked, then he replied,

"Sure." and came into the room. Katara said to Aang quietly,

"We should leave the room for those two." Aang replied with a nod and they both left into Aang's room.

"So how was your first night here?" Mouai asked trying to start a conversation.

"Pretty well." said Toph.

"I was kind of wondering if you can be my um… well…you see…I…. kind of…" said Mouai but decided to just give the rose and the bracelet instead. "Here you go!" said Mouai giving her the rose and bracelet.

"Oh Mouai They're both beautiful!" The bracelet had small green and brown colored stones with a brown Earth Kingdom sign on it and on the back of the sign it said, "To the best Earth bender" (but they can feel the inscription of it). Toph and Mouai blushed wildly.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" Mouai finally asked.

"I'd love too! I've always wanted you to say that since yesterday." said Toph

"Yeah, I was hoping you would say that." replied Mouai. Then Mouai and Toph hugged and blushed.

"So we are going to triple date right?" Mouai asked.

"Triple date?" Toph asked.

"Yeah! Sokka and Suki, you and me, and did Aang and Katara get together yet?"

"Not yet, but very soon probably." Toph said.

"Well it will be all six of us. I'll come by around six okay?" Mouai said.

"Sure." Toph said. They said their good byes and Mouai left.

Meanwhile in Aang's room, Katara and Aang talk.

"So do you think Sokka will get Suki?" Aang asked.

"Yeah, probably." Katara said.

"Have you figured out yet who your secret admirer is?" Aang asked wondering if she found out.

"No not yet but I'm hoping I'll find out by the end of the day." said Katara. Well he's right in front of you Aang thought.

"Well, do you want to just hang out?" Aang asked.

"What do you think we came in here for?" She replied.


Sokka and Suki were looking around for clothes and jewelry for the "All Hearts Day Celebration Dinner and Dance" and Suki spotted a nice dress.

"Hey Sokka! Can I try on one of these dresses?" Suki asked her boyfriend.

"Sure! Go ahead!" said Sokka. Suki went into a changing hut right near the store and changed into to her dress. When she got out of the changing room, Sokka's jaw dropped and blushed a little, and he said,

"Suki, you look drop dead gorgeous!" Suki was wearing a green dress that ends at the knees showing off her legs. It had a light green lining at her waist, and had the Earth Kingdom symbol on it. It was snug on her body, so it was showing off her figure.

"Awwwww, thanks Sokka! You're so sweet!" Suki said also having a blush on her face. "Well, now I'm going to take off the dress and buy it see you later!" Suki said.

"Okay, can you come to our room later?" Sokka asked.

"Yeah see you later!" Suki said and left to the changing hut.

"See you later!" Sokka called back, and then whispered to himself, "Girlfriend."

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