This is a story my sister wrote for me, that made me smile. I didn't edit most of it, because some of the mistakes were quite sweet – and one in particular made me laugh a lot.

My sister is only 10, and I have included the note she sent me :D (BTW Any scary stalkers out there: That address is not mine. Gutted at you.)

Dear Danni,

I know that you love Doctor Who and won't be happy until you are his assistant, so… I wrote you a story! Love you loads and loads.



Doctor who specially written for Danni Drew.

The girl

Things in the TARDIS were live wire, the control panel was controlling it self, and the police phone box was, well, ringing.

"That's not even a real phone!" said the doctor, and smiled his wonderful smile at himself. Suddenly there was a loud clunk as the control panel registered it self to go to 73 Pine Close.

The doctor stepped out of the TARDIS the year was 2000, and they were in a little girl's bedroom. It had a four poster bed, hot pink walls, and a fireplace.

"Huh?" the girl woke up.

"Don't worry" soothed the doctor. "We are not going to hurt you… so what's your name?"

"Danni." the girl replied

"So anything weird been happening recently?" asked the doctor

"No why do you ask?" Danni answered

"Just wondering." Well, he was telling the truth.

"What's your name?" the girl wondered out loud

"I'm the Doctor" he said truthfully.

Suddenly the girl's eyes rolled in to the back of her head, and she wore a blank expression.

"So we meet again." said a very deep and grumpy voice, obviously not Danni's.

"Who are you?" he questioned

"Why do you ask such difficult questions?" The voice said.

Then an alien type monster stepped out of Danni's body.

"She is incomplete!" the mans voice answered "and he has seen too much, kill him!"

The thing stepped back in to Danni's body, and the girls eyes came back, she grabbed a knife, which he swore wasn't there before, and lunched at the doctor. The doctor grabbed her arm, stopping the knife, then rubbed her temples. The deep voice was back.

"Why take another an innocent girls body?" the doctor asked "why aren't you in your own world?!"

"I need a child to keep my world alive!" it explained

"Not her though - not her!" The doctor screamed, he had a feeling this girl was special, after the misfortune of Rose's departure, no girl was special, but he had a feeling, and his feelings were never wrong. The alien thing stepped out; he grabbed Danni and ran, for miles and miles. Finally he was safe.

"Danni, I had this feeling… would you like to travel with me? You will see strange things, nothing will be normal, and you will always be in danger… what do you say?"

"Yes!!!!!!" was her reply…

please let me know what you all thought – she'd love to know!