Chapter Six

They left Draco's former prison cell behind and returned to the corridor. A single door stood at the end and Harry opened it with a spell. It revealed a small room, sparsely furnished with a large bed, a table, desk, and several comfortable-looking chairs. A bound figure sat in a chair in one corner and the occupant burst into tears when she saw them.

Draco hurried forwards and released her. Harry barely recognized Pansy Parkinson. Her black hair, worn short at Hogwarts, was waist-length now and hung in dull, tangled strands from her head. She had always had something of an angular, hard face, but now she looked almost skeletal. Her cheeks were sunken and her dark eyes looked huge in their deep sockets.

She was wretchedly thin. Draco threw her bonds aside and she clung to him, sobbing brokenly.

"I'm so sorry," she repeated over and over. Draco held her until she cried herself out and went quiet. Harry had spent so long hating her that he was almost surprised at his lack of emotion at seeing her in Draco's arms. Perhaps it was her pathetic state, or possibly the memory of Draco's voice murmuring words of love into his ear, but he no longer had any doubts about Draco's affection.

Harry examined the room. On the large table sat a huge crystal ball that afforded a view of the room with the empty cask—so that was how Mulciber had been watching them. A chest sat at the end of the bed; Harry opened it to find a large number of potions, amulets, scrolls, and assorted other items amidst clothing and books.

Harry absently levitated Mulciber into the room and a muffled sound drew his attention. Mulciber was beginning to stir.

Pansy got to her feet and wiped her face with one arm as she stepped away from Draco. Draco met Harry's gaze apologetically and Harry smiled and shook his head. Pansy walked to a small desk in one corner and snatched open a drawer so vehemently that the contents rattled and several small objects flew out.

She snatched up a wand—hers, no doubt—and leveled it at Muliciber without hesitation. Before Harry could move, she screamed, "Avada Kedavra!" Her features twisted in rage. "Avada Kedavra! Avada Kedavra!" Several green bolts shot out and hammered into Mulciber's body before Harry could cast a Disarming Charm.

Pansy's wand flew out of her hand and she collapsed weakly on the floor. "Die, you fucking prick," she whispered. A spell shot from Draco's wand and caught Pansy, who toppled over and sprawled limply on the floor. Harry blinked at him in surprise.

"It's only a Sleep Spell. I suppose I should have foreseen that. Whatever he did to me… Well, he had to have done worse to her."

Harry looked at Mulciber's corpse with distaste and quickly relocated it down the hall into Draco's former cell. When he returned, Pansy lay on the bed and Draco was sat next to her.

"I woke her and gave her a potion. She should rest quietly until we can get her to St Mungo's tomorrow. God knows what the freak forced her to do, other than luring me here. He tried to use her against me several times… although I can't recall clearly. She fought him. To no avail." Draco grimaced.

"How do we get out of here?" Harry asked. "I need some fresh air."

Draco took him back to the room where they had nearly died and they both looked at the empty cask. It occurred to Harry that they must have stopped the killing spell, otherwise Draco's first spell with Mulciber's wand would have destroyed him—not the test Harry would have chosen.

A quick Wingardium Leviosa took them up through the darkness of the ceiling, where a trap door let them out into the ruined chapel once more. Harry had never been so glad to see the night sky. His eyes immediately sought for the constellation Draco, as they did each time he looked at the stars. He found it with a familiar sense of reassurance and then looked at the embodiment of the name, who stood next to him. Draco smiled gently.

"I still look for Leo," Draco admitted and Harry stepped easily into his arms. The kiss they shared was as sweet as their first. Harry felt like he had come home after a long, arduous journey.

Draco broke the kiss and took his hand to lead him out onto the thick grass. The night was beautiful. Draco Summoned his cloak and spread it over the grass. Then he turned to Harry and fingered the buttons of Harry's shirt. He slowly began to unfasten each of them in turn.

Harry grinned. "Did you forget how to tear them off?" Draco had destroyed hundreds of his shirts. It had taken him months to locate all of the buttons, although each one had been a bittersweet memory at the time.

"Not this time. I plan to savor every moment."

Harry swallowed hard. When his shirt was open, Draco's hand touched his skin, sliding gently over his torso and ribs, collarbone and abdomen. Harry reached out to unbutton Draco's shirt in the same fashion, feeling the breath catch in his throat at the long-denied touch of Draco's hands.

His own fingers and palms moved over Draco's skin, recalling the silken feel of it, remembering the sensitive places Draco loved so well. His fingertips teased the Sectumsempra scars, silently begging forgiveness for the hundredth time, and Draco's lips were on his again—sweet, so sweet.

Harry's tongue twisted with Draco's, tasting him eagerly, caressing and teasing, and felt his senses reawakening with every stroke that Draco returned. The kisses grew hard and bruising as the depths of their need quickened their movements. Harry's hands removed Draco's shirt with a sharp wrench; Harry's was already gone.

Draco dragged him down onto the makeshift bed and pulled Harry atop him. His hands were hot on Harry's back. Draco was hard beneath him and suddenly there were still too many clothes between them.

Harry detached his lips and slid down to remove Draco's boots and then made short work of his own. Next he tore off his jeans and briefs before slowly unfastening Draco's belt. Draco lay still, watching him. His pale body and platinum hair gleamed in the moonlight like a priceless work of art. Harry thought he'd never seen anything quite so beautiful, and more precious now than he'd ever been before.

Harry carefully slipped off the last of Draco's clothing and paused for one final appreciative glance before dropping to his hands and knees to crawl between Draco's legs. Harry lowered himself until his chest pressed against Draco's erection. He slid upwards, trailing his body over Draco's hot shaft in a languid movement, relishing the velvet feel of it against his skin. Draco groaned and tucked his hands into Harry's hair.

Draco pulled him up for a hungry kiss and Harry's hands moved to caress his gorgeous body. He caught Draco's tongue with his teeth and then sucked on it for a moment. He felt Draco's cock twitch against his own as he inhaled in evident surprise. Harry's mouth left mis and moved down to press against Draco's slim neck. Draco's hands were still tangled in his hair and Harry felt strong fingers brush the curls at the back of his neck.

"I love your hair," Draco said thickly. "I love your lips. I love your body. God, I love you, Harry."

Harry felt six months of pain, loneliness and fear melt away at Draco's words, replaced with a radiant warmth and blissful contentment. He buried his face in Draco's neck and drank in the clean scent of his hair.

"I love you," he breathed. "I missed you so much." His tongue flicked out and touched the warm skin. "You taste good enough to eat, Draco. I think I will."

He licked a path down Draco's chest until he reached his beautiful cock. His tongue flicked out and teased the head several times until Draco hissed at him.

"Bloody tease!" Draco's fingers had moved to Harry's temples and then halted there, feather-light. Harry chuckled and quickly took in the length of Draco's shaft, nearly swallowing it before sliding his way back to the top to lick his way around the head again.

Harry continued the pattern until Draco's hot gasps of pleasure made him reach for his own hard erection, but Draco's hands tightened in his hair and dragged him upwards. Harry winced, but kissed Draco hard on the lips before Draco murmured, "Fuck me, Harry."

Harry smiled, but he had something else planned. He conjured a handful of lubricant—a spell stolen from Draco—and reached back to slather it over Draco's slick cock. He grinned at Draco's raised brow and then levered himself up and slowly worked himself onto the head of Draco's cock. He clenched his teeth and fought through the familiar sensation of hot and cold at once—God, it had been so long! And then he pushed himself upright and impaled himself completely with a sharp cry that mingled with Draco's gasp.

Harry froze for a moment, panting, and felt Draco's hands gripping his thighs. Harry took a deep breath and began to move, lifting himself and dropping back, burying Draco deeper and deeper with every stroke as he watched Draco's gleaming body beneath him.


Draco could not take his eyes off of Harry. Bloody hell, but he was beautiful, especially with his muscles flexing as he rode Draco in sensual abandon. Draco decided he liked Potter's hair the way it was now, just long enough to curl around the edges of his shoulders and mostly cover his smoldering green eyes. It made him look dangerous. Harry's lips were parted to reveal his perfect white teeth and his tongue flicked out to touch a bead of sweat on his upper lip.

The sight nearly caused Draco's heart to explode, as well as his body, but he wasn't quite ready for it to end. He put his hands on Harry's hips to still his motion and pulled him down for a kiss. He loved Harry's utter lack of resistance to his kisses.

Draco rolled sideways and trapped Harry beneath him without breaking the kiss. How many times had he dreamed about Harry while trapped in that hell below? Sometimes the memories had been the only things keeping him alive. Draco rubbed his hands over Harry's skin and started to move, rocking in and out of Harry's tight opening and making sure to hit that one particular spot that made Harry writhe… just like that. Harry made a guttural mewling sound and his short nails dragged over Draco's back.

"Harry," Draco moaned, turning his name into a declaration of ecstasy. He closed a hand over Harry's cock, hard and eager between them.

"Oh, God, Draco, you feel so… fuck."

Draco lost all control and his movements became frenzied and primal. His hand stroked Harry's cock in the same pattern as his thrusts. Draco devoured Harry's mouth and drowned his gasping moans in near-brutal kisses. Harry's hips rose to meet his thrusts and his hands twisted in Draco's hair as he met each kiss with eager passion. Draco was afraid he might be hurting Harry, but if so, Harry did not seem to care.

He screamed into Draco's mouth as he arched violently and hot fluid spilled between them. The feel of Harry's spasms triggered Draco's release and his hands tightened on Harry's body as a thousand shards of euphoria exploded through him. He pounded into Harry until the last tremour ceased, and then he collapsed on Harry's chest, heaving with exertion.

Harry's arms wrapped around him tightly and his breath panted into Draco's ear. Draco's hands dragged over Harry's sweat-slicked form.

"I think I'll stay right here forever," Draco murmured.

"You might get hungry."

"I'll just eat you."

Harry chuckled and gave him a squeeze. "You'll get wet, then. It's bound to rain sometime."

"I don't care."

"And the Muggle tourists. They would be quite shocked."

"They would be jealous."

"What about sunburn? Think of your flawless skin."

Draco groaned. "Damn it, you would find something I cannot refute."

"It was a nice thought, though."


They rose before dawn and packed everything of import before returning to the underground warren to collect Pansy. Harry wasn't certain what to do with Mulciber's body. He certainly did not want to drag it back to London.

"Leave it," Draco said pragmatically. "We'll send someone from the Ministry of Magic here to retrieve it." He watched as Draco sorted through Mulciber's chest and pilfered everything he thought might be useful. The Ministry could have the rest. Draco made certain Pansy was sedated before they took her above, and she seemed perfectly fine with that arrangement. She would ride with Draco and they would drop her off at St Mungo's. Harry wondered if they could help her forget the ordeal.

Draco packed the last of his gear and prepared to mount his broom. Harry slung on his cape and heard something rustle as he fastened it around his throat. He reached into a pocket and pulled out the note Draco had sent him, so long ago. Harry opened it, intending to skim it once more and then be rid of it forever.

He froze when saw the words. Draco's flowing script had been modified. The words now read, Harry, stop looking for me. I'll always be right here with you.

Harry raised his eye to find Draco's silver eyes shining at him above a sardonic grin. He grinned and refolded the note before tucking it back into his pocket. Then he mounted his broom and followed Draco into the dawn of a new day.

~End of Part Five! More to come!~