Chapter 25.

Comes the new Dawn

Sarah awoke, and sighed, thinking she'd had an amazing dream. Rolling to her side she reached out to grab her alarm clock and check the time. When her hands connected with only air, she opened her eyes and realized she was not in her room. She blinked, trying to clear her vision. The bed was not her bed, and she was suddenly aware she was not alone. Moving carefully she sat up and moaned, "Oh no!" she looked down at her nakedness and at the shape lying beside her, hearing the soft sounds of the man sleeping. "Dear God, no! Jareth you son of a bitch! You did it to me again… you pig!"

"Oink." He said before turning over to look at her with a lazy satisfaction. "My god you're wonderful to bed. I can't wait until we wed and I can have you any time I want." He leaned up on one elbow.

"Seems to me you're doing that now!" she fussed.

Jareth, amused, Pulled the bedding around her off, she hurried off the bed. "How can you deny me?"

"Fae pig!" she shouted as she stormed into the bath and locked herself in.

"Sarah," He called softly. "You don't really thing a locked door will keep me from you, do you?" He sat up in the bed, raised his knees and rested his elbows on them, amused as he waited for an answer.

"Go suck a…rock from the bog…" she shouted.

Snickering he lowered his head to his knees. "Cookie, I love you."

"Don't call me Cookie!" she moaned.

Jareth calmly pushed off the blankets, and walked, naked as a jaybird over to the bathroom door. "Open the door, Sarah." He jiggled the handle lightly.

"No." she pouted on the other side.

He jiggled the handle harder. "Sarah, I'm warning you… don't try my patients… now open this door."

"Go huff and puff somewhere else… you jerk."

He head her kick the bottom of the door, and winced, thinking she was going to hurt herself one of these days. "Cookie," he took on the tones used by his other self. "Cookie, open the door… please."

Sarah, leaning on the door, looked over her shoulder. Had Jareth, the Goblin King, really just asked her politely to open the door? Had he really said please? She turned, unlocked the latch and opened the door a crack, "What?"

He leaned on the wall and looked in at her, "Come out here," he gazed at her with half closed eyes, beckoning her to join him. Sarah opened the door, stepped out and was swept up into the arms of her Goblin King. She looked at him, wanting to fight, and wanting to surrender. The battle she fought within herself was evident. He walked to the bed, sat down and settled her in his lap. "We belong to each other…" He said as she began her protest. "We fit… in and out of bed, Cookie."

Sarah looked miserable. "Jareth… you keep using tricks on me…"

"Do I?" he asked softly. "Or do I use…the means at hand… I'm a Fae Sarah, I can't and I won't change that… the part that you call Garrett…is part of me…. And all the parts are yours for the taking… you took my heart and soul so long ago…. And I can't and won't live without you. Sarah Williams, you are going to be my wife… you are already my lover… my soul mate….be my wife."

Sarah blinked, "Okay."

He smiled, "Now was that so hard?"

"Yes," she placed her head on his shoulder, "you've no idea how hard."

The Goblin King smiled at her. "Anything you wish for I shall try to give you, my dear. What would you like first? A shining new palace? Beautiful gowns? Servants? Make a wish Sarah… make a wish."

"Mornings of gold and Valentine evenings." She murmured softly.

Embracing her with loving arms, Jareth chuckled softly; "As you wish."


Oberon sat in his garden drinking a cup of tea, sitting in the garden was his wife the High Queen. She looked over at him and wondered how it was he could be so calm and even tempered. Rising she wandered to his side, "My lord, a question."

"Ask." He commanded.

"How is it you were not… affected by the spell cast by the Goblin King's beloved?" Tatiana chose her words carefully.

"My dear, I was outside the stream of time…" He held a hand out to her. "As was Jareth, William and Mora…none of us was affected by the spell…Miles on the other hand was with Sarah when she cast her spell."

"Where did the girl get the Ardduc?" the Queen accepted the generous offer by her husband. "Did you give it to her? Did Jareth?"

"No… my dear… neither of us gave her that Ardduc that she used in the Pendragon Cavern… she wished it into her own pocket… You see my Queen… Jareth gave her certain powers… one of which was the power of a wish…"

"She will prove to be a most powerful Queen someday." Tatiana mused.

"Indeed, one who knows the value of mercy…as well as the importance of being firm… she's a good match for Jareth." Oberon cupped his hand to his wife's chin. "Just as you are a good match for me…even when you've been faithless… I would wish for no other to be my wife."

"Not even Jareth's mother…or Miles?" The High Queen asked ashamed of her behavior.

"Not even them." He rose to his feet, "Walk the gardens with me, wife…"

Puck and the elementals how served as the Queen's court watched from a safe distance as the High King and his Queen made peace. Puck smiled, "Soon… we will be going to a wedding…." He promised the maids.

Peasblossom giggled. "Won't we look strange, elementals and hobgoblins…not to mention goblins and dwarfs and what nots?"

Puck nodded, "Strange and wonder."


Eyes opened in the crystal cavern, eyes that had been long closed. The crack in the crystal was yet open, not having sealed. The one nearest it moved closer, feeling freedom near at hand. Just a few inches more he told himself… just a bit more…

As the crack started to move closer together and heal, the being slipped out of the crystal prison and sank to the floor of the cavern. He looked up and took a deep breath. His first breath of air in almost a dozen years, he savored it. He had seen it all, and now marveled…He had seen the girl, valiant and true best not only the Fae who had taken her prisoner, but had seen her best the evil Faun. He leaned on the wall of glass, sad that he could not help more of the prisoners out of the crystal nightmare they had lived though together. But for Robin Zaker, the Crystal Nightmare was over… thanks to a girl he'd only seen once before. Sarah Williams, daughter of his old friend, Linda Williams. He wondered softly if anyone would even remember him. Rising to his feet he made his way though the cavern, following some instinct. He exited the cavern, and found himself standing in the light of day so bright he had to shield his eyes. Light, soft and warm shone on his face. For Robin the Crystal Nightmare was over. And he thanked the Gods as he made his way down a path that led him back into the world.


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The Crystal Truth

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