Dedicated to Christine who #1 - Got me writing again (even though it's short, still, more than a drabble!) and #2 - Inspired me with her Nightwing DOH picture! If anyone wants to see the pic, just email me!

Title: Delicious Surprise

"I believe I won't sleep til I've had enough...Delicious surprise...I do believe..." - Jo Dee Messina

"Hey, Bruce!" Tim shouted as he raced up the stairway, a fresh batch of pancakes plated and neatly stacked on the tray that he was currently trying to balance on his fingertips as he narrowly averted the carpet runner lining the stairs and threatening his tenuous position.

From behind him, Dick laughed as he watched Tim race down the hallway towards Bruce's bedroom, his footsteps about as light as an elephant's. He wouldn't be surprised to see the pancakes, maple syrup and all, go flying into wall before the kid made it another step or two.

But, to his surprise, Tim narrowly averted disaster and, carrying the breakfast tray the two boys had made together that morning for Bruce's birthday without Alfred's help (but that was a disaster that would have to be cleaned up later), he pushed open Bruce's door without another word.

Hot on his heels, Dick didn't notice the abrupt stop that Tim made about two steps into the door and plowed into him, sending pancakes and syrup soaring, finally landing on the wall above the brass headboard that adorned Bruce's bed.

"Tim, what the...?" Dick started angrily before Tim interrupted, "Uh, sorry, Bruce."

And at those words, Dick finally took another look around the room and more particularly at the familiar blue eyes of the woman who was next to Bruce in bed, her hair in flowing waves, oozing laughter and a simple sensuality that all three men in the room knew was simply part of her, part of her charm and her heart.

And as Bruce's glare bounced off them from across the room, Tim, red-faced, mumbled a shy, "Hi, Diana," before streaking out the door, leaving Dick standing there in the doorway, frozen and staring at the occupants of the bed. And all Dick could say, his hands coming up to cover his face to hide the laughter and embarrassment that were threatening to overwhelm him, was, "Doh!"

I hope you enjoyed it! I'm hoping to get back into my much more, um, constant writing soon and thanks to all of you who have told me that you've been missing my work (and sometimes even me!) Soon, I promise! I'm still trying to catch up on my fic reading and moving and ARGH! Must stop thinking about it...