Okay this is a SakuraXGaaraXShukaku one-shot. Don't ask what gave me the idea for this . Warning there is some lemon. This is after the 2 ½ year skip but Gaara hasn't had the Shukaku taken out yet. Oh yah they may a little OoC

Italics means thoughts

Bold means flashbacks

' ' means speech

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Sakura stood in the house of her lover's. She was peeling potatoes for dinner. It was her last night in Suna and she wanted to thank the Sand Siblings for letting her stay for 2 months so she could visit. And the only way she could think of was making dinner.

Kankuro had gone out, 'probably in his shed tinkering with his creepy puppets' thought Sakura and Temari was out with Shikamaru.

Shikamaru was the one who travelled with her to Suna to visit. She asked him to because she didn't want to travel alone for 3 days and because she knew Shikamaru and Temari were lovers, so she knew Shikamaru would be ecstatic (in a lazy way?) to visit his girlfriend he hadn't seen in 5 months.

Sakura heard a door close and wondered who it could be.

'Hello? Who is it?'

No reply.

'Must have been the wind' Sakura thought.

She put the potatoes on boil on the hob of the cooker before she realised she sensed a presence standing behind her. There was only one person who would stand behind her and not say anything.

'Gaara?' Sakura said while smirking to herself knowing full well that Gaara was going to grab her waist. He had that weird habit of doing that to her everytime he stood behind her.

Sakura's voice rang gently through his ears.

Oh how he loved her voice. Her sweet serene voice.

FLASHBACK (Going back about a year)

'Gaara? What's your favourite thing about Sakura-san?' Kankuro asked curious to what caused his brother to be so attracted to the pink-haired kunoichi. Fair enough to Kankuro she was kind of hot if quick-tempered girls were your thing and she had quite nice breast size but apart from that there was nothing really special about her.


Just what Kankuro expected from his younger sibling.

Kankuro turn around to leave Gaara to his thoughts.

'Do you really want to know?'

'Er…sure' Kankuro stuttered frightened stiff thinking his brother was going to have a psychotic turn on him.

'Her eyes…'

'Her eyes…?' Kankuro asked now even more confused than he first started off with.

'Yes…and her voice'

'Ok…if you don't mind me asking why those to things'

More silence.

Kankuro sighed to himself and returned to his journey home.

'Her eyes…are…enchanting…in the fight I had against Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto, she jumped in front of the Uchiha with such determination to protect him and there was something else I saw…love…something that was so unknown to me until…'

Kankuro smiled to himself knowing Sakura was one of the main reasons Gaara was learning to love. She slowly taught him where there's hate, love follows.

'Until you made her yours' Kankuro mumbled finishing Gaara's sentence.

'…Hai…' muttered Gaara

'So what is er…so attractive about her voice?' Kankuro asked scratching the back of his head awkwardly.


'Okay next time I won't bother asking' Kankuro thought.

'Her voice reminds me of sand' Gaara replied.

'Sand? Gaara please try to make sense, you're just confusing me' Kankuro replied gently.

'It's gentle but can make a huge difference to the surroundings, in Sakura's case, her voice can be gently but can make a huge difference to the people surrounding her' Gaara almost whispered to himself. How he hated to express his feelings and thoughts of other people.

'Or like your sand, her voice can be rough and deadly when she stresses' Kankuro mumbled to himself.

Gaara shot him a deathly glare.

'J…jus…just k…k…kidding Gaara. You know me, always having my little joke' Kankuro stuttered frightened that tonight was the night he was going to die.


'Stupid Kankuro, what does he know' Gaara thought grabbing his girlfriend by the waist and twisting her round so he could gaze into her emerald eyes once more.

'Hello gorgeous' Sakura whispered into the young Kazekage's ear. 'And how are we today?'

'Fine' Gaara grunted. Short and sweet, how he liked his sentences.

'Can you actually pretend to be pleased to see me for once?' Sakura sarcastically snapped before pulling herself from Gaara's grip.

'What have I done now?!' Gaara muttered.

'You never talk to me properly, you always growling or grunting, you're a person not a damn dog' Sakura said through gritted teeth taking her anger out on chopping carrots.

'What makes you think I'm not glad to see you?' Gaara whispered while pulling her hair to the side and nipping at her neck and wrapping his arms round to her stomach.

'Will you just stop it and leave me alone!' Sakura yelled pushing him away.

Sakura saw a flash of hurt in his eyes as if they were asking, "what did I do?"

Gaara slowly walked back into the front room obviously upset by Sakura's sudden outburst of anger. Sakura immediately felt guilty, really guilty.

Gaa-chan?' Sakura called out to the redhead. Nothing. Not a word just a painful silence.

'Gaara-chan?' Sakura called out again to the silence hoping and almost begging for a reply.

'Please answer me babe' Sakura begged walking to the room. No Gaara.

'Where the fuck is he gone?' Sakura wondered, 'I didn't hear the door go nor I didn't hear him go upstairs'

'Gaara!' she shouted out once more '…please answer me…' she mumbled close to tears sitting on the floor. She gazed around the sitting room. A sofa in one corner, a coffee table on the middle on top of a blue rug on a wooden floor, in the other corner then was an armchair with a t.v. in the other.

'What are you crying for?'

'Sakura turned around saw Gaara standing behind her with an emotionless expression.

'Well are going to answer me or just sit there?'

Sakura jumped up and kissed Gaara square on the lips as she pushed him flying to the ground.


'What's wrong Gaa-chan?' Sakura asked looking up.

'Oh…gourd…Sorry' Sakura blushed realising Gaara had his gourd on.

Gaara let out a long sigh.

'It's fine but why were you shouting out for me?' Gaara requested.

'I thought you were mad at me for snapping at you' Sakura murmured.

'No, everything's fine I suppose' Gaara sighed.

'Just suppose…?' Sakura mumbled giving Gaara the biggest puppy eyes she could conjure.

'And what do you call that?' said Gaara.

'Call what'

'The "innocent" eyes'

'Kawaii no Jutsu…why…did it work?' Sakura asked giggling.

'Maybe…if you give me a kiss' Gaara teased lightly.

'Sakura leaned over gently and kissed Gaara deeply for a few seconds before letting back. Everytime Gaara kissed her like that Sakura felt like she was floating in mid-air and sometimes it left her dizzy.

'They're burning…' Gaara whispered not wanting to ruin the moment.

'What your lips…? I didn't realise everytime you kissed me it felt like poison or something…I suppose that's kinda romantic considering it's rare to hear a compliment from you' Sakura said leaning back in to kiss him.

'No not my mouth, the potatoes or whatever else you're cooking' Gaara spoke while lifting Sakura off him with the sand.

'WHAT?!?! Ohmigawd! Ohmigawd! Ohmigawd! Ohmigawd!' Sakura screeched as the sand let her go she raced to the now burnt food.


Gaara sighed to himself. He was going to have a headache later because of Sakura's ranting and complaining.

'Best go comfort her now than have Kankuro whining later because of her complaining' Gaara thought of the shrewd idea and he'd rather have Sakura complaining than Kankuro because with Kankuro he'd have a headache and earache. He sighed that got off the floor and flung his gourd on the sofa.

'Sakura…I'm guessing the potatoes burnt' Gaara called out.

'Yes…now what am I going to do about dinner' Sakura whined.

Gaara walked to the depressed cherry blossom and wrapped his arms around her.

'Shh…' he soothed 'everything's going to be okay I'm sure you can come up with something different.' Gaara looked at a clock on the wall, it had a sunflower in the middle and Temari thought it would 'brighten' up the kitchen even though the kitchen was already lemony yellow. 'Look it's only 3:30 you have plenty of time to cook something new by tonight' he whispered softly in her ear making her giggle.

'I suppose so' she purred into his ear 'do you wanna go up stairs for a little while Gaara-sama'. She only ever calls him this when she felt like having sex.

'Love to, but I've got a meeting with the Superiors this afternoon so I can't' he spoke with disappointment in his voice. 'Gomen nasai Sakura'

'Forget about it…I understand you being Kazekage makes you really busy and everything' she replied quickly wanting to change the subject.


'Look forget it!' she interrupted him. 'It's fine, it's my fault for being such a cluts for not thinking before I spoke…anyway…do you know what shop I can get more potatoes from?' she asked with colour returning to cheeks.

'Tesco…um…Asda?' he said trying thinking of anywhere else. (A/N okay I'm British so American peeps may not of heard of these places so um…think of your local Wal-Mart, I think that's what its called not sure soz T-T)

'Okay, do you have time to show me where they are?' Sakura asked hopefully wanting to spend as much time as she could with her boyfriend due to the limited time they have left together.

'Iie' Gaara growled, returning to his normal mood, 'I don't have time to being doing errands, gomen Sakura, I have to go, find Kankuro and he'll probably take you'

'Sure…Arigato anyway' she whispered to herself. I hate when he has these mood-swings but if suppose if he changed I'd never forgive him…there's no way on this earth I'm asking Kankuro…the damn pervert keeps staring at my boobs and talks to my chest and not my face…' Sakura sighed 'I guess I'll have to go look myself and ask for directions.

And with those thoughts in her mind, she walked out through the front door, leaving the kitchen in such a state.

Okies this is kinda like a two part one-shot. I came up with this idea when I was just sitting there eating chocolate spread (don't ask I get a lot of random ideas when I eat chocolate spread) gtg mom is killing me coz of the time.

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